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Wedding Decals Can Make Your Day Special

Feb 27, 2014

Wedding DecalsWhen you get married, you want to announce your happiness to the world. That’s why most couples include various types of table favors and mementos to give to their guests. You may want to keep something, however, for yourself. Wedding decals are the ideal way to tell the world about your love and your special day. These fun bits aren’t something that you may think of acquiring for your wedding, especially when you have so many other details that need attention. However, at Dimitra Designs, we have a few wedding decals for announcing your marriage that you can place on the rear window of your limo, on your own car, or anyplace with a smooth surface.

One of the great things about acquiring a wedding decal at Dimitra Designs is that we have these items right here on our website and at our Greenville, South Carolina location. With a great graphic, such as our “Just Married” decal, you can make the most of your special day without spending a lot of money or time. Our removable decals are great for placement on vehicles, as well as other clear surfaces where you may want to broadcast your event.


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