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Lovely, Ladylike, Lace Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mar 31, 2014

Montage by Mon Cheri 113919Caterina by Jordan 9005We’ve dedicated all our blog posts this month to mother of the bride dresses, starting with a spotlight on modern, moving next to plus size, and being sure to take a stop at sexy. There is a natural overlap for all of these categories and more, but as each is a popular criteria unto itself we wanted to give them all their due attention. As for which mother of the bride dresses to focus on in this final post for March, we tossed around a few ideas before the light bulb over ‘lace’ lit up!

We’ve highlighted a few lace mother of the bride dresses already, but there are many more that are also worthy of your consideration. And here are two of them…

Caterina by Jordan 9005: This showstopping gown is simply stunning in every of many available colors. Elegant, refined, grand glamour – this is the lace dress others are measured against! Available in sizes 0 – 34, this trumpet skirt gown is a flattering choice for many figures. Femininity is key from the sweetheart neckline to the removable lace wrap. In fact, it’s the wrap that many women cite as their primary reason for choosing this dress. While it looks flawless without the wrap, it looks just as flawless with it. You would never guess it wasn’t a permanent detail of the dress unless you saw someone take it off!

Montage by Mon Cheri 113919: Sometimes when you’re looking for unique beauty, you just have to take things in from a new angle! Asymmetrical tiers of beautiful blue lace are dramatically defined against a nude underlay. The enchanting effect of the angles is enhanced even further with a single cap sleeve. Romantic, fashionable, and far from the ordinary, this vintage-inspired mother of the bride dress is a perfect 10, like you!

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