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Roz la Kelin Glamour Plus Wedding Gowns

Apr 14, 2014

As any plus size woman understands very well, there are ultimately two types of plus size clothing. First, you have plus size clothes that were made specifically for a fuller figure. Every angle is considered and fits and flatters your curves beautifully. Then, there are the plus size clothes that seem as though they were simply sized up from a smaller size. If it’s a top, the overall length and sleeves are too short. If it’s a pair of pants, they usually don’t have enough room in the hips or rear. And if it’s a dress, everything can be completely out of whack! Luckily, Roz la Kelin Glamour Plus size wedding dresses are part of the first type of plus size clothing, with each dress impeccably designed for a fuller figure. The result is nothing short of spectacular, making this deserving designer a top selection for many plus size brides.

When you browse our collection of Roz la Kelin Glamour Plus size wedding dresses, you’ll quickly notice that getting the right fit wasn’t the only task in the designer’s mind. Roz la Kelin dresses are truly breathtaking in their beauty; unique without straying too far from classic style, and of an obviously high quality in every way. There isn’t a single gown in her collection that I wouldn’t be more than happy to wear myself, and I’m confident you’ll agree!

These designs are at once classic and modern; fiercely feminine with a grown-up grandeur. They combine many elements while looking chic, pretty and polished – never the least bit over-the-top or ‘busy’. Many designs also have elements that can be tricky to find, including lace sleeves. Rather than looking like an addition to the dress, Roz la Kelin makes the sleeves an integral aspect of the design, giving your arms coverage that is light, ladylike, and fuss-free, unlike a shawl, jacket or bolero can be. Browse our collection today and see for yourself! We hope you love them as much as we do.

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