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Tattoo Cover Up Kit: Look the Way You Want to Look On Your Wedding Day

May 27, 2014

Chances are good that at least part of the reason you got a tattoo was because you were exercising control over your look. Whether it was a tattoo to honor someone else, honor something about yourself, pay tribute to a favorite band or movie, or any of another million things, by getting the tattoo you were changing something about your body’s appearance. And unless someone forced you to do it, you were getting that tattoo because you wanted to. And that freedom right there is an awesome thing! Just don’t forget that you also have the freedom to cover your tattoo on your wedding day. That too is up to you!

Now, we know there are many reasons for wanting a tattoo cover up kit that have nothing to do with what you want. Perhaps your mom doesn’t want your grandma to see your tattoo, or your soon-to-be-spouse’s family won’t approve. If those are the scenarios, and you wish you could show your tattoo, we’re sorry you’re in such a predicament. But of all the brides to whom we sell tattoo cover up kits, the majority of them are doing it because they want to. 99% of the time they are happy with their tattoo. It is an important part of them, was a choice they’re glad they’re made, and in many cases, they wouldn’t trade it for just about anything. And all that considered, on this day – their wedding day – they want to keep it under cover. It might be that the cut of their dress doesn’t work well with its placement, or that it’s usually covered and it won’t be. There are countless reasons brides want to cover their tattoos for their wedding day, and whatever they are, we have the tattoo cover up kit to help them do so.

If a bride-to-be in your life wants to cover her tattoo, and you know it’s her decision and hers alone, we hope you’ll honor that choice she has made. I knew a lovely young woman whose friends challenged her decision right up until her wedding day and it made her unnecessarily second guess herself more than once. You were able to get a tattoo in the first place because you and you alone control your body. And if you want to cover that tattoo for your wedding, or any number of reasons or occasions, we encourage you to do what makes you happy. After all, the pursuit of happiness is why you’re getting married, right? :)

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