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Bridal Accessories

Walk Down the Aisle in Style!

Mar 29, 2012

There are so many different ways to express yourself on your wedding day; it’s fun to be creative! Besides jewelry, hair, and makeup there is one other accessory that is a must for brides: your shoes! We gathered together the most popular bridal shoe options for you!

Bling Heels: Crystals, rhinestones and diamonds are everywhere since 2012 is the year of bling! Maybe you’re looking for pumps, stilettos, or kitten heels? Well lucky you, bling is in on any type of couture bridal shoes!

Fabulous couture heels!

Neon Pumps: Yes we said it, neon! Neon accents are in this year; brides are choosing to wear a hot pink pump to present an edgy twist with a traditional white dress.

Flip Flops: This comfortable shoe choice is seen most on destination brides. There are solid options along with rhinestone flip flops which are much easier to navigate in sand than a heel!

Wedges: Heels can be difficult at outdoor weddings since the heel tends to poke into the grass and create an awkward walk down the aisle. Brides are turning to sassy wedges which make it easy to walk and now come in dressier styles.

Express your own individual style by choosing what shoe works best for you and looks fabulous with your dress! Forget the rules and wear what you want to wear; after all, it is your day!


Have you heard the word on Benjamin Adams Bridal Shoes?

Oct 28, 2011

Bridal dresses, bridesmaids gowns, flower girl dresses, we place so much emphasis on the dress, it’s time to address the most essential part of every bride’s outfit – her shoes. The bridal shoes you choose are a part of your dream coming true! Benjamin Adams bridal shoes are just the kind to make all your dreams come true.

Here’s what you need to know about Benjamin Adams Bridal Shoes to match them to your bridal dress.

-  A sparkling sandal shoe is perfect for a beach wedding. The slim heel makes it a perfect fit for an indoor wedding.
-  Demure enough to not distract from the gown trim, a formal flat bridal shoe hides under a big extravagant dress. Still, it’s fabulous enough to keep wearing during the reception if you change into a shorter reception dress.
-  Working with a shorter hemline? You’ll love one of our vintage or high heel bridal shoes. These shoes have a lot to say, from tip to toe!

You know that perfect shoe you’ve always want to wear but never had a change to? Your wedding is the day to wear them! In fact, get two pair! One for the wedding ceremony and one for the reception – making you and your heels happy!

Tip your Wedding Veils to Fall Hat Month

Sep 15, 2011

Grooms, tip your hats. Brides, tip those veils. In honor of your September wedding, we’re giving you another reason to celebrate. On top of the bridal parties, showers, and dinners, hat enthusiasts are going to love that September is also Fall Hat Month! It’s a great reason to start looking at bridal headpieces for both bride and groom.studded bridal tiara

The bride has many options to choose from such as:

• A dazzling mini comb featuring mesh petals and cream rose pearls with spiraling side sprays made of pearls and crystals. Perfect for tucking back strands of hair or fastening your veil!
•  Feathers are stylish wedding headpieces on their own, like our fine feather comb made of delicate organza petals and Swarovski crystals sprays.
• Keeping with the flattering feathers look, this stunning tiara features feathers and crystals throughout. If you are looking for something exquisite to accent your dress this bridal tiara will do the job!
• The traditional tiara is a classic choice for a bridal headpieces. Pair a crystal, pearl bridal tiara with a veil or emphasize an up-do with a tall bridal tiara.

As for the groom he can choose from:
• Fedoras, which are very much in fashion now!
• Top hats, for a formal or classic wedding touch!
• Even a cowboy hat for a themed wedding!

The style doesn’t end with your choice in shoes. Celebrate your September wedding in style from head to toe with hats and headpieces for extra flair!

Matching the Flowers to the Dress: A Fashion Do or Don’t?

Jun 20, 2011

Choose your favorite flowers

No bride wants to commit the ultimate “fashion don’t” on her wedding day. There’s a tradition for nearly everything in a wedding – but not many let you know how to match your flowers. Is it the dress, the arrangements, or the color of your eyes?!


Fashion Do – Try one of our favorite bridal bouquet ideas:

Personality – If you’re a traditionalist, try simple roses. You can also make the bouquet your ‘something blue!’ For a bold bride, a vibrant blue bouquet will stand out against a traditional wedding dress. For a subtler look, mix blue and white flowers in your bouquet and have the bridesmaids all hold alternating bouquets of individual colors to match!


Dress color – For a colored dress, choose either matching colors or complimentary colors for your bouquet. For a white traditional wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with white roses.


Wedding theme – A traditional bouquet of roses, lilies or orchids look lovely for a formal church wedding. Untraditional summer wedding themes let you get a little loose with your floral arrangements. Try an all baby’s breath arrangement, or a mix of wildflowers and colors for your outdoor wedding!


There’s really no such thing as a wrong choice for your wedding bouquet. An arrangement of your signature flowers can be the perfect choice! Just remember you’ll be tossing that bouquet at the end of the night!

Rosy Red Wedding Inspirations

Jun 13, 2011

Roses are love. Roses are forever. Roses are many splendid things, which makes them the most perfect of all flowers for a wedding. There are plenty of traditional wedding ideas, such as carrying a full bouquet of roses, using rose boutonnieres or decorating with rose arrangements for the ceremony and reception.  In honor of June being National Rose Month, we thought we’d come up with some untraditional ways to incorporate roses into your wedding.


Here are a few unique rose inspirations to try for your wedding day:

  • Wear a rose red sash and ask your brides to all dress in a rose red bridesmaid dress to match!
  • Place a rose in your hair or use a rose pin to fix your veil to your head.
  • Give out glasses as wedding favors, and fill them with either real or fake rose petals.
  • Make a point to give a rose to the older generations who attended to give thanks for being at your special day.


What other flowers do you enjoy? Are you planning any untraditional wedding flower arrangements?

How to Have your Own Royal Wedding

Apr 28, 2011

Be your own princess!

Be your own princess!

What did she wear? How did she do her hair? The wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is going to be the talk in wedding circles for years to come – making it the standard for years of royal wedding styles.

Make your wedding a royal event with these suggestions:

  • Treat yourself like a princess for one afternoon. Take a day off from preparations for a little “me time” and pamper yourself unlike you feel like royalty.
  • Dazzle with a bridal tiara, rather than a traditional veil. Make a royal entrance in a carriage! Arrive to the reception in true royal fashion in a horse drawn carriage.
  • Plan a royal honeymoon, with your Prince Charming. If exotic locations aren’t your thing, why not visit site of the royal wedding in Westminster Abbey in London?

It’s a fact; every bride is considered royalty when it comes to her prince. How did your Prince Charming sweep you off your feet?

Accessories for a Summer Wedding Dress

Apr 8, 2011

Love lace? Make sure your accessories match!

Love lace? Make sure your accessories match!

So many brides come in with accessorizing questions. Recently, a bride came in who asked, “What type of gloves and jackets are appropriate for a summer wedding dress?”

What a great question!  If you plan on having a formal wedding, a long sleeve or glove always looks gorgeous, but only for an indoor, air conditioned summer wedding where the temperature can be controlled.

For an outdoor wedding, try to think of your comfort before looks in the humid or hot weather. Remember that part of looking great on your wedding day is to feel great! You might want to go without the sleeves or the gloves completely. Or look for a fingerless or sheer glove that gives room to breathe.

For any type of accessory, whether sleeves, jacket, shoes or a headpiece, use your dress as a guide. If your dress has lace, look for lace gloves, if it has a particular beading you enjoy, find a headpiece with that beading. It’s the small things that complete the outfit and make your day perfect!

What accessories do you plan on wearing with your wedding dress?

On Top of Things: Headpieces and Tiaras

Jul 29, 2010

You want to look perfect on your wedding day.  (That goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway.)  The crowning glory of your wedding look has to be your headpiece or tiara.  (Pardon the pun.)  Take your time when you’re picking headpieces and tiaras dimitra designsout this important accessory.  It’s going to be something that you’ll remember forever.

Before you go shopping, do your hair in the style that you will be using for the wedding.  It doesn’t make sense to try in headpieces and tiaras when your hair is down if you’ll be wearing it up on your big day.  This will also help you determine whether a tiara, headband, or other headpiece will be the way to go.  Arrange everything the way you want it to look on your wedding day.  If you want the veil over your face, figure out how that looks with the headband or tiara.  Take a look at how it falls, too.  You want to make sure you look right from every angle.

Have a friend take pictures of your hair, the veil, headband, tiara, etc. once you get it exactly the way you want it.  Take pictures from every angle possible— front, back, side, close up, and far away.  These will serve as a reference when you try to recreate the look on the big day.

Staying Covered in a Strapless Wedding Dress

Jul 16, 2010

At Dimitra Designs, we have a great selection of strapless wedding dresses.  Strapless dresses walk that fine line between being revealing and being elegant— and we think they do it beautifully.  We want to make sure you stay elegant on your wedding day.  Be confident in your strapless wedding dress!

Dimitra Designs strapless dress tips-First of all, the proper fit is very important.  You don’t want your strapless wedding dress to be so loose that you keep pulling it up all night.  But you also don’t want it to be too tight, either.  That will just look tacky.  Like the strapless dress walks the line between revealing and elegant, you need to walk the line between loose and tight.  A properly fitted strapless wedding dress should firmly grip the top of your bust without revealing too much cleavage.

-All of the strapless wedding dresses at Dimitra Designs are masterfully crafted.  You’ll notice that they retain their hourglass shape even when they’re on the hanger.  This is important when you’re shopping for a strapless dress.  Your natural body shape should simply reinforce the hourglass shape of the dress.  It makes it more stable.

-Always wear a bra with a strapless dress.  You want to avoid any Janet Jackson-like wardrobe malfunctions.  In the rare event that your dress falls down, you’ll have the bra to keep you covered.  (Hey, we don’t know how crazy your wedding reception will be!)

Most importantly, make sure you feel beautiful!

Short Bridal Dresses and the Big Shoe Question

Jun 16, 2010 has a great selection of short bridal dresses, but there are a few things you need to think about before you decide to go that route.  First of all, is a shorter dress appropriate for your wedding venue?  If you’re getting married in a more religious ceremony, then it might not be appropriate to show too much leg.  Secondly, what is the weather going to be?  If you’re getting married in the middle of winter, you might want to go with something longer— just to keep you warm!  The third (and arguably most important) thing is… short bridal dresses and shoesTHE SHOES.

What color shoes do you wear with a short bridal dress?  Frankly, the jury’s still out on that one.  It all depends on how far you want to push the envelope, really.  Some people out there have the opinion that you should probably stick with white or silver shoes.  The argument for that, of course, is that you want people to look at your dress— not your shoes.  And if the shoes are too loud, the dress might get overshadowed.
But the flip side of the coin makes a pretty good argument for those colorful shoes.  Pick something that matches your bridal party.  Are you going with red?  Wear red shoes, have a red rose bouquet, and accent the dress with some ruby jewelry.  It’ll tie the whole thing together.

It’s all up to you.  How funky do you want to be?