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Bridesmaid Dresses

The Right Way to Treat Your Bridesmaids

Sep 23, 2011

Some brides may view their bridesmaids as their little army of helpers. It’s best to remember, especially under stress that they are, first and foremost, your friends.
Good friends understand that as a bride you are under an enormous amount of pressure it – even when you turn into the dreaded bridezilla. However, you can hurt your friends’ feelings and possibly damage your relationship with them.
Here are some tips on the right way to treat your bridesmaids:
- When picking out dresses for your bridesmaids be sure to keep each person in mind. Not all styles and colors are flattering on everyone.
- Pick a color for the bridal shoes you would want them to wear and let the bridesmaids pick out their own style of shoes. After all they are the ones who have to wear them all day and possibly all night.
- Give them flip flips or slippers for the big day. This way if they do have shoes that are uncomfortable they can take them off for the rest of the evening.
- When choosing gifts for a gift bag, choose items they will like, not just you.
- Don’t overwhelm them with too many “to do’s”.
- Invite them along when going to dress shop.
- Purchase one or all accessories to match the bridesmaids dresses, like the earrings or purses, for your bridesmaids
- Pay to get their hair or make up done for the wedding day.
- Treat them to a night out or a night in with some wine and fun!
Most importantly remember to tell them “thank you” for being there for you during an important time in your life. By keeping these tips in mind your wedding will be a joyous event for both you and your bridesmaids!

Peridot for August Weddings

Aug 12, 2011

bridesmaid dressesSelecting bridesmaids dresses can be a stressful task. You want to be happy all while keeping your sisters, family, and best friends looking great!

If you are getting married in August, consider a Peridot colored sash or maybe Peridot gems in the bouquets. Adding the month’s birthstone is a creative and unique way to add some color to those beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

Some brides are getting away from matching all of the bridal party’s attire and accessories. Why not shake things up?

- Pick a dress that is suitable for the individual bridesmaid with your birthstone color of choice.
- Why stop at the dress? Give your girls the color and allow them to select their own jewelry to complement their dresses.
- Shoes? Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Allow for some mixing and matching.
- Don’t stop there! Their bouquets can also be made with different blooms in a coordinating theme.
- What about wedding hairstyles? Your bridal party will be more than pleased with you if you allow them to wear their hair in a style that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful.

Tips like these can have your bridesmaids feel like they really are a part of your wedding. Who wouldn’t want a happy bridal party?

Rosy Red Wedding Inspirations

Jun 13, 2011

Roses are love. Roses are forever. Roses are many splendid things, which makes them the most perfect of all flowers for a wedding. There are plenty of traditional wedding ideas, such as carrying a full bouquet of roses, using rose boutonnieres or decorating with rose arrangements for the ceremony and reception.  In honor of June being National Rose Month, we thought we’d come up with some untraditional ways to incorporate roses into your wedding.


Here are a few unique rose inspirations to try for your wedding day:

  • Wear a rose red sash and ask your brides to all dress in a rose red bridesmaid dress to match!
  • Place a rose in your hair or use a rose pin to fix your veil to your head.
  • Give out glasses as wedding favors, and fill them with either real or fake rose petals.
  • Make a point to give a rose to the older generations who attended to give thanks for being at your special day.


What other flowers do you enjoy? Are you planning any untraditional wedding flower arrangements?

Wedding Trend to Watch: Think Pink!

Jan 10, 2011

Think Pink in Pink Bridesmaid Dresses!

Think Pink in Pink Bridesmaid Dresses!

Pink is going to be big this spring, in both wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. There’s just something so cheery and bright about this color and we know that you’ll love incorporating it into your wedding plans. So, if you’re ready to think pink and want to add touches of it to your wedding ensemble, here are some easy ways to do it:

  1. Sashes or belts. These are a bride’s best friend when it comes to adding a pop of color, so feel free to jazz things up with a pink belt in your favorite shade, pattern, or fabric.
  2. Brightly colored shoes are also a great wedding trend and we know that you’ll love wearing a pair of bright pink shoes with your white dress. So fun! Pick a bold shade and just go with it. You’ll look like a vision!
  3. Pink jewels can also be a great way to add color to your wedding look. Try wearing pink pearls, pink rhinestone jewelry, or pink costume jewelry.
  4. Your bridesmaids will look as sunny as a spring day in pink bridesmaid dresses. Go for something that suits your wedding theme or sense of style. Like classic? Go for strapless a-line bridesmaid dresses in a shade of pale pink. Want drama? Look for a pink (maybe with some black) dress that offers unexpected detailing. Pure romance more your speed? Ruffles and rosettes in pink are a girl’s best friend.
  5. Have your guys wear pink vests or pink ties along with their suits. We’d say go for the pink tux, but we’re not sure that all of the groomsmen will be that brave :)

Have tips for thinking pink in your wedding ensemble? Share them with us!

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Attending a Wedding? Try These Tips for Saving!

Dec 20, 2010

cocktail dressIf you’ve been invited to a wedding (or several!) this coming spring or summer, it’s important to remember that you have to reign in those expenses, especially if you were planning on taking a vacation! Here are some ways that you can save on being a bridesmaid or guest at a wedding this spring and summer:

    1. Choose a cocktail dress or bridesmaid dress that can be worn over and over again. Classic little black dresses are always a favorite, but you can also go for a simple eyelet or pretty cotton dress that can be worn throughout the summer months. Look for something that can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories.
    2. Don’t go crazy with accommodations. Stay with a friend or family member if you can. If you can’t, go for a cheap but clean hotel room. Remember – you’ll only be there for a night or two.
    3. Don’t charge all of your wedding-related expenses on a credit card. It’ll rack up some unnecessary debt that can get you in trouble later.
    4. Don’t be afraid to stay no. If your friend has invited you to a destination wedding where you’ll need to pay for food, hotels, airfare, and something to wear, it’s OK to say that you can’t afford it. Send her a nice gift once she gets back instead.

      What are some of your tips for saving on attending a wedding? We’d love to hear them!

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      A Bridesmaid’s Best Friend: A Little Black Dress

      Nov 30, 2010

      Little Black Bridesmaid Dress

      Little Black Bridesmaid Dress

      There’s nothing more classic or flattering than a little black dress. When shopping for the perfect dress or gown for your bridesmaids, keep this in mind. Remember – choosing a dress they will love will be so much better than choosing a dress that they can only wear once. If you’re planning a classic black tie wedding or even just a casual affair, consider letting your bridesmaids wear a little black bridesmaid dress. We know that they’ll be grateful!

      Able to be worn again and again for other occasions besides your special day, little black bridesmaid dresses are a versatile choice that will make your bridesmaids look and feel their best. Available in tons of flattering styles at, our little black bridesmaid dresses are something to see. Check out some of our favorites to see if they’re right for your bridal party (we know they’ll instantly fall in love with the elegant but sassy look!):

      Black Bridesmaid Dress by Jordan: This breezy and light black bridesmaid dress by Jordan comes made in elegant chiffon and is perfect for weddings that have a bit of whimsy or ballerina style to them. Flattering ruching at the bust adds definition and an a-line cut ensures a perfect fit.

      Black Bridesmaid Dress by DaVinci: Looking to dress your bridesmaids in something with drama? Then channel Marie Antoinette with this gorgeous strapless bridesmaid dress from DaVinci. Featuring iridescent taffeta fabric and a knee length hemline, this dress offers lots of pretty gathers and a flattering shape that’s perfect for a variety of body types. Definitely a statement-maker!

      Black Bridesmaid Dress by Enzoani: This gorgeous strapless black dress by Enzoani is ideal for any bridesmaid, no matter what the season. Made from a shimmering taffeta with ruffles and pleats on the bust, this bridesmaid dress is sure to turn heads. A flattering a-line skirt pulls the look all together.

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      Choosing A Second Wedding Dress

      Jun 28, 2010

      second wedding dresses at DimitraDesigns.comWe like to be optimistic here at, so we like to see all weddings lead to happy marriages.  But if you happen to be going into marriage for the second time, there’s no reason to hold yourself back.  In fact, choosing a second wedding dress can be just as much fun (or more!) than choosing the first.

      -Tradition held it that you really shouldn’t wear white if it’s your second wedding.  But that’s sort of fallen by the wayside.  You can go ahead and wear white if you want to!  We’ve got a great selection of white second wedding dresses to choose from.
      -If you don’t feel comfortable in white, though, you can go ahead and choose something in your favorite color.  You might find something in our collection of mother of the bride dresses or bridesmaid dresses.
      -If the dress from your first wedding is still in good shape, you might be able to trade it in as credit on a new one.  (Because you don’t want to wear the same dress twice— no matter how nice it looks!)
      -There’s also nothing saying that you can’t have a fairytale wedding the second time around.  Go ahead and glam it up in a couture wedding gown!

      Our Favorite Tips For Personalizing Your Wedding

      Apr 16, 2010

      761051_red_shoes_heels_3There really is no limit to what you can or can’t do on your wedding day. Outside of the actual legal and often religious requirements, how you celebrate this momentous occasion is entirely up to you! It’s become increasingly popular for brides and grooms to look for ways to make their wedding more personalized and unique. Adding some extra flair to the bridal party’s ensemble or some décor touches that mirror your personal taste is a great way to make even the largest wedding feel intimate.

      In the past, adding a monogram to wedding items, including the cake, invitations , programs and favors, was a popular way to add that personal touch to your wedding. This still holds true today, and makes for an elegant theme. However, there are a lot of other fun trends out there that we love just as much:

      • Colored Shoes – It’s so fun to see a pair of red (or blue, or purple, or green) shoes peeking out from under a wedding gown. It’s even better to showcase them with a tea length dress!
      • Photo Booths – These have quickly gained popularity and it’s easy to see why. Put up some fun backdrops and leave a bunch of props for your guests to have fun with. You can create a photo book of your favorites to share with everyone.
      • Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses – Most bridesmaids appreciate being able to pick out a dress that suits their body type, so giving them some flexibility is nice and lets them look and feel their best. You can assign them all a color, or give them a palette to choose from when finding their dress.
      • Homemade Favors – Maybe you’re a great cook, or you grow delicious fresh fruit in your garden. Why not give a little of yourself back to your guests by giving them a favor of your homemade jam or a pack of your freshly baked cookies?
      • Photo Guest Books – Rather than the standard old guest book that will get lost in a closet, why not  dress it up by putting your engagement photo in a frame with extra wide matting? Let everyone sign it and you can display it proudly in your home!

      What are your favorite wedding trends in 2010, and how are you going to personalize your wedding day?

      Spring Has Sprung – Fresh Trends for Spring Weddings

      Mar 19, 2010

      520We love spring – things are starting to warm up and dry out nicely all over South Carolina, and that means it’s time for spring weddings to start. Dresses are lighter, fresher, and much more fun in the spring.  Bridesmaid dresses all pop with vibrant colors, and your flower choices are almost never-ending. All of our spring weddings are full of color, life and vitality. If you’re still searching for a spring dress for your 2011 wedding or beyond, here are some of our favorite spring bridesmaid dress trends:

      One Shoulder – This dramatic look catches attention wherever it goes. If you want something different and fresh at your wedding, consider having your bridesmaids wear a one shoulder dress. It offers a little more support than strapless and will look glamorous.

      Tea Length – With the increasing popularity in short dress brides, it’s no surprise that short dress bridesmaids are also in vogue. Tea length dresses are comfortable and cool in warmer weather, and they have a classic, yet less formal feel to them.

      Criss Cross Necklines – This visually appealing dress style isn’t right for everyone, but if your girls can pull it off it can really look spectacular. We love these bridesmaid dresses at destination weddings and on the beach – really any wedding with a laid back vibe.

      What other trends are you seeing and loving at spring weddings?

      Dressing Up The Girls – Some Tips For Bridesmaids

      Nov 20, 2009

      7014Being a bridesmaid can feel like a blessing and a curse at times. Your sisters and friends are undoubtedly over the moon for you and are honored you asked them to stand by your side on the big day. The crafty girls are sure to pitch in when you need them, and they’re all excited to throw you a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. There’s probably one thing that they’re apprehensive about though: the bridesmaid dress.

      The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way! The old days of poofy, ugly bridesmaid dresses that don’t flatter any body type are long gone. There are a lot of things you can do to help your ‘maids find a dress you’ll all love!

      Go Shopping – Take as many of the girls as you can get together out for an afternoon and let them try on dresses. If you have a theme for the wedding, or colors in mind, give them some general direction and then let them go. They might be able to agree on a dress together once they start trying them on.

      Pick A Designer – If you love a particular bridesmaid dress designer’s style, like Alfred Angelo, give them some choices from that line. You can be sure that the colors will all match, even if you decide to let each girl pick a slightly different dress.

      Total Freedom – It’s hard to please everyone, as hard as you might try. One option is to pick a color scheme and send the girls some swatches, then let them buy any dress they want. This will ensure they find a style that flatters their figure. The mis-matched bridesmaids look is hot right now, so not only will your bridesmaids love you, but you’ll all be in style too!