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Mother of the Bride Inspiration

Lovely, Ladylike, Lace Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mar 31, 2014

Montage by Mon Cheri 113919Caterina by Jordan 9005We’ve dedicated all our blog posts this month to mother of the bride dresses, starting with a spotlight on modern, moving next to plus size, and being sure to take a stop at sexy. There is a natural overlap for all of these categories and more, but as each is a popular criteria unto itself we wanted to give them all their due attention. As for which mother of the bride dresses to focus on in this final post for March, we tossed around a few ideas before the light bulb over ‘lace’ lit up!

We’ve highlighted a few lace mother of the bride dresses already, but there are many more that are also worthy of your consideration. And here are two of them…

Caterina by Jordan 9005: This showstopping gown is simply stunning in every of many available colors. Elegant, refined, grand glamour – this is the lace dress others are measured against! Available in sizes 0 – 34, this trumpet skirt gown is a flattering choice for many figures. Femininity is key from the sweetheart neckline to the removable lace wrap. In fact, it’s the wrap that many women cite as their primary reason for choosing this dress. While it looks flawless without the wrap, it looks just as flawless with it. You would never guess it wasn’t a permanent detail of the dress unless you saw someone take it off!

Montage by Mon Cheri 113919: Sometimes when you’re looking for unique beauty, you just have to take things in from a new angle! Asymmetrical tiers of beautiful blue lace are dramatically defined against a nude underlay. The enchanting effect of the angles is enhanced even further with a single cap sleeve. Romantic, fashionable, and far from the ordinary, this vintage-inspired mother of the bride dress is a perfect 10, like you!

Sexy Mother of the Bride Dresses are Here at Dimitra!

Mar 28, 2014

Looking for sexy mother of the bride dresses that are anything but your mother’s dress? We offer the best selection! Gone are the days of hiding beneath baggy clothes just because our age doesn’t start with a ‘2’ anymore. Age is nothing but a number, and beauty doesn’t go away when our birthday cake hits a certain number of candles. Showcase those curves and your modern style with sexy mother of the bride dresses that are both eye-catching and appropriate for the special occasion. Here are two of our top picks…

High Slit Mori Lee Dress (70924): What do you get when you combine floral black lace, sparkling sequins, sheer sleeves, and a slit to showcase legs that don’t quit? You get one of our sexiest mother of the bride dresses from the VM Mori Lee collection! This slim fit gown is unstoppably gorgeous, and something you’ll actually be able to wear again. In fact, you might want to book that cruise right now or make dinner reservations at the restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out for years, because you’re going to want to wear this again, and soon!

Enzoani Mother of the Bride Dress MA6: Available in an array of stunning colors, including this beautiful ivory, Enzoani has designed one of the most chic, stylish, and sexy dresses we’ve seen – and we’ve seen a lot of dresses! This cocktail mother of the bride dress is at once elegant and eye-catching, following your every curve while being polished and tasteful. A scalloped lace embroidered floral detailing adds a timeless femininity, while the overall look is decidedly for the modern woman.

Pretty, Polished, Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mar 20, 2014

This month on the blog we’re placing a special focus on our extensive collection of mother of the bride dresses. We have quite a smashing selection, and we don’t always give them the attention they deserve! In our first post, Marvelous, Magnificently Modern Mother of the Bride Dresses, we highlighted two of our favorite statement dresses, one with oversized ruffles, the other a siren red. In this post we’ll be touching on two of our favorite plus size mother of the bride dresses. But for the record, both of those featured in the previous post are available in plus sizes as well! So if you have your heart set on one of the dresses from last week’s post, they are available in sizes 2 – 26 and 4 – 26. Liked those but looking for something different? How about one of these fashionable designs…

All Wrapped Up with a Bow: Among the most popular trends today in everyday fashion and formal fashion is bows. This Alyce mother of the bride dress showcases the bow trend in a very sophisticated, ladylike way. It’s easy for bows to look a bit too casual, but Alyce elevates the bow to a gorgeous grown-up level with the perfect size, placement, and unexpected angle. The sheer sleeves are ideal for women who want some cover for their arms, but not the heaviness in feel and appearance that an opaque sleeve brings. Stylish and refined, this affordable mother of the bride dress is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes, and is available in sizes 4 – 32.

Lovely in Lace: The lace trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we couldn’t be happier! Lace provides the ultimate in feminine elegance, keeping you covered but allowing your skin to shine through. For those of us that like to keep our arms covered, but don’t want to fuss with a jacket or wear a heavy sleeve, lace meets us in the middle keeping us and our look breathable and beautiful. I can’t express enough how much I love this lace mother of the bride dress by VM Mori Lee. On one hand, there is a lot going on here, with a v-neck front and v-back, a wide ruched waistband, a layered skirt, a lace top and sleeves, and a beaded brooch. On the other hand, it couldn’t come together more elegantly or flawlessly. When the design is right, you can have it all, in sizes 2 – 26.

Marvelous, Magnificently Modern Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mar 13, 2014

Many mothers spend so much time helping their daughters find their dream wedding dress that they forget they too will need something special for the occasion! Unfortunately, many bridal shops who offer mother of the bride dresses bring the same tired styles year after year. The bride should always take center stage at her wedding, and there’s no question that her gown is the most important of the day, but that doesn’t mean that the most special woman in her life shouldn’t look her beautiful best as well.

At Dimitra Designs, we offer mother of the bride dresses that are elegant, flattering, and fitting of such a momentous occasion. Unlike many of the dated designs you’ll find elsewhere, ours are fashionably modern and ready to shine in photographs and on the dance floor! This month we will be bringing the spotlight to some of our favorite mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses, starting with these two…

Lady in Red: This stunning dress from Montage by Mon Cheri is for lovely ladies who aren’t afraid to shine! The removable bolero jacket is perfect for slipping on when the wind or air conditioning kicks up, and also adds a level of modesty that doesn’t interfere with the flattering, feminine lines. A two-piece fashioned from silk shantung, the brooch adds a touch of sparkle that draws the eye in at the gathered waist. Slimming and sophisticated, this mother of the bride dress is one to say ‘yes’ to!

Radiant in Ruffles: Allover ruching makes this VM Mori Lee mother of the bride dress sensationally flattering, but the true star of the show is the elaborate, artistic, oversized ruffles. A chic mermaid style that is fitted to follow your every curve, this grand gown is bursting with a bold and beautiful ruffle detail front and back. Elegant and enchanting was never so exciting!

How to Plan a Dream Day With Mom and her Pick of Mother of the Bride Gowns

Nov 30, 2011

What can you get the mother who has everything? The tender, unparalelled pleasure at seeing you married could be all she’s ever asked for, so finding the perfect gift can be oh-so-difficult.  So how can you find a gift that surprises and cheers her up? Plan a special day to let Mom have her pick of mother of the bride gowns for your dream day. It’s the day all her dreams come true as well – seeing her girl get married – so let her dress the way she wants and be a part of this process by picking together.

What to plan for this dream day:

  • A trip to the spa.
  • Get your colors done by a specialist.
  • A trip to boutiques far out of your price range and then ones that are, like Dimitra Designs!

Then in the weeks right before the wedding, you can have your Maid of Honor and Mother come along for your prep day for a trip to get your hair recolored, nails done, facials and practice make up to test your colors. A bond with your mom is a special thing that can’t be replaced. Make your day with your mom last forever.

Celebrate the Joining of Your Two Families!

Sep 8, 2011

Marriage is about more than just you and your soul mate creating a new life together. You’re also creating a new family between the two you come from! It’s important to recognize both – and show how you love each one equally!

mother of the bride dresses

Quality Time
Bring both moms out for dress shopping. Sure… you’ll get lots of time together if your moms are helping with the wedding – but those are stressful times. Together the three of you can bond over a fun day of shopping for mother of the bride dresses – getting to know each other better in a stress-free environment.

Ceremonial Celebrations
Incorporate both of sets of parents into the wedding ceremony. While a traditional wedding only has the father of the bride involved by giving away the bride – you can recognize your parents in many ways. One way to do that is symbolically show the joining of your two families. During the ceremony you can call up all of your parents and spill different colored sand into a jar, creating one whole beautiful sand jar that represents your new family. Make it even more personal by choosing something more individualized to you to make your jar, like spices for a cooking family or beads for an artsy family.

Join hands and families on your wedding day! How do you plan on blending your two families for the wedding?

Mother’s of the Bride, Sing a Little Song to Me

Jul 8, 2011

mother of the bride dress

Mom loves the spotlight too!

Mom is more than just another part of the ceremony, she’s also your role model, best friend and guiding light. What better way to include the Mother of the Bride in your wedding ceremony than by giving her a little spotlight? If your mom is the musical type, offer her more than a gorgeous mother of the bride dress. Give her a microphone and a little spotlight to share on your special day.

Something for Dad, Something for Mom. While Dad gets his Father/Daughter, ask Mom to sing a song at the reception.

A Duet of Love. A lot of couples were joined by a love of music, and the wedding is a perfect time to share that duel love in a romantic duet. We’re not talking about you and your groom, but Mom and Dad. Who better to send off a new couple in wedded bliss than the couple that has it all going right!

Mom and Me Song. Find a really sweet song to perform at the reception with your Mom, like “Every Mother’s Dream” by Teresa James or “Love Can Build a Bridge” by The Judds.

A song from Mom will make your wedding day even more special. Make your wedding even more memorable with music!

Choosing A Second Wedding Dress

Jun 28, 2010

second wedding dresses at DimitraDesigns.comWe like to be optimistic here at, so we like to see all weddings lead to happy marriages.  But if you happen to be going into marriage for the second time, there’s no reason to hold yourself back.  In fact, choosing a second wedding dress can be just as much fun (or more!) than choosing the first.

-Tradition held it that you really shouldn’t wear white if it’s your second wedding.  But that’s sort of fallen by the wayside.  You can go ahead and wear white if you want to!  We’ve got a great selection of white second wedding dresses to choose from.
-If you don’t feel comfortable in white, though, you can go ahead and choose something in your favorite color.  You might find something in our collection of mother of the bride dresses or bridesmaid dresses.
-If the dress from your first wedding is still in good shape, you might be able to trade it in as credit on a new one.  (Because you don’t want to wear the same dress twice— no matter how nice it looks!)
-There’s also nothing saying that you can’t have a fairytale wedding the second time around.  Go ahead and glam it up in a couture wedding gown!

Helping Mom Find The Perfect Dress

Nov 6, 2009


An elegant pewter mother of the bride dress

While you’re in the middle of searching for the perfect wedding gown and dresses for your bridesmaids, it’s important to take a moment to help another very special woman with her dress: you mom. Even though the focus is on you during your wedding, you want mom to feel comfortable and chic during the ceremony and in pictures.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses have come a long way over the years. There are options that will fit every woman’s style. Before you and your mom go dress shopping, take a moment to review her style and your shopping trip will be a breeze.

  • How formal is your wedding? You don’t want to dress mom in a sun dress for a black tie event. You also don’t want her stuck in a floor length gown if your wedding is more of an English garden party than a formal event. Make sure she’s aware of your overall theme.
  • What’s her body type? Just like the bride and bridesmaids, mom probably has some pain points she’d like to hide. Decide on her best features and look for dresses that highlight those and disguise problem spots.

  • What’s your color scheme? This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but you might want to color coordinate both mothers on the big day. If your color scheme is brown and pink, she might want to pick a different color to stand out from the bridal party, like tan, purple, or blue. Conversely, you don’t want her standing out in electric green if your colors are yellow and purple.

In the end, you want your mother to be comfortable and happy on your wedding day. With a little direction from you, she’ll be sure to find a dress that she loves!

Welcome to the Blog!

Jul 23, 2009

Hello there and welcome to the blog! At, we’re committed to providing beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and more! We have a brick and mortar store in Greenville, SC, led by the talent and expertise of Dimitra Mandela. Dimitra has over 30 years of dressmaking experience, and has worked with fashion notables including Nolan Miller and Bob Mackie. After being recruited by and working with Stephen Yearick, a famous pageant designer, Dimitra eventually opened up her own salon and operates Dimitra Designs with an extensive array of bridal attire and prom and pageant dresses, as well as the successful prom dress site,

We’ll be posting regularly on wedding-related topics, our favorite wedding dresses, and more. Be sure to keep reading!