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Wedding Preparation

Wedding Decals Can Make Your Day Special

Feb 27, 2014

Wedding DecalsWhen you get married, you want to announce your happiness to the world. That’s why most couples include various types of table favors and mementos to give to their guests. You may want to keep something, however, for yourself. Wedding decals are the ideal way to tell the world about your love and your special day. These fun bits aren’t something that you may think of acquiring for your wedding, especially when you have so many other details that need attention. However, at Dimitra Designs, we have a few wedding decals for announcing your marriage that you can place on the rear window of your limo, on your own car, or anyplace with a smooth surface.

One of the great things about acquiring a wedding decal at Dimitra Designs is that we have these items right here on our website and at our Greenville, South Carolina location. With a great graphic, such as our “Just Married” decal, you can make the most of your special day without spending a lot of money or time. Our removable decals are great for placement on vehicles, as well as other clear surfaces where you may want to broadcast your event.


Celebrating a February Wedding with Amethyst Accents

Jan 24, 2014

February is the month of the Amethyst, a delicate purple semi-precious gemstone that has long been valued for its beauty and splendor, particularly among royalty. If you’re having a wedding this February and are looking for an appropriately stunning theme, you can’t go wrong with this regal color! Here are a few of the ways you can incorporate amethyst into your wedding. 


No wedding is complete without flowers, and there is a large array of choices for your amethyst-themed wedding. Lively asters, supple purple roses, succulent hyacinths, and luscious lilies are just a few of examples of these living gems. However, you don’t have to be restricted to just using them in your wedding ceremony or reception decor. Think outside of the box and consider using amethyst-colored flowers in your wedding bouquet, bridesmaid dresses and even in the petals that the flower girl will sprinkled upon the aisle.


Choosing the right dresses for yourself and your supporting cast can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. One selection that’s sure to turn heads is the exquisite Sophia Tolli Y2713 wedding gown! Of course, you can’t forget the accessories. A pair of long pear drop chandelier evening earrings will help accentuate the look, especially when paired with amethyst hair accessories. With everyone wearing their February best, your big day will look like an imperial affair.


Break the Mold with Creative Wedding Ideas

Jul 12, 2013

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going all out for your big day. In fact, we recommend breaking away from the mold and making every aspect of your wedding day something you will remember for the rest of your life! Here are some out of the box wedding ideas to help you get started.

1. Trying to stay within your budget and still be creative can be difficult. Spend the weekend scouring thrift stores with your significant other.  You may find the perfect centerpieces for your reception or even an antique hairpiece to complete your bridal look!

2. Steer away from the typical bridal look, and choose a unique wedding dress. For example, an off white wedding dress is a great way to stand out among a sea of brides.

3. Planning a summer wedding? Skip the tux and tie the knot wearing a pair of dark wash jeans. This look is especially wonderful if you’re having an outdoor country inspired wedding!

4. Play songs that aren’t often played. You can find some great wedding playlists in our Now That’s What I Call Marriage blog series.

What are some of your favorite off-beat wedding ideas? You can find many more unique ideas for your wedding at


Shape Up For a Bright Future: Bridal Fitness Tips

Jun 14, 2013

A flawless wedding day requires long-term focus and concentration. Your emotional and physical state, before and during the big day, plays a huge role. You may be trying to or thinking about getting in shape for your wedding day. Here are some tips on how you can start shaping up for a bright future!Bridal Fitness Tips

  1. Be realistic when you shop bridal dresses Greenville SC. Crash diets will only add to your stress and fatigue, which makes preparations that much more difficult.
  2. Start a daily walking, jogging or cycling routine with your fiancé or a friend.
  3. Weightlifting is a great way to get in shape. Focus on endurance, for a long-term energy boost.
  4. Plan exercises early in the morning, so you get the most out of your workout.
  5. Eat a breakfast high in protein for lasting fullness, and keep fruit around to snack on throughout the day.
  6. Meals from nutrient-dense foods are always preferable to calorie restrictions, fad dieting and processed foods.
  7. Meditate for about 20 minutes every day.  Research shows remarkable health benefits from this practice.
  8. Drink plenty of water. Not only can drinking water help you lose weight, it can also improve your skin, provide fuel for muscles and improve your overall mood.
  9. Read, meditate or enjoy another relaxing activity during the 30 minutes before bedtime. This will help you get a better night’s sleep, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day.
  10. Keep a journal of your life that includes letters to your beloved.

What are some of your favorite fitness tips? Check back with for more bridal fitness tips.


Guide for the Bride: The Dos & Don’ts of Bridal Gown Shopping – Part 1

Jan 18, 2013

Picture this. You’re standing at the back of the church, waiting until the music starts and it’s time to take the biggest steps of your life. The church is packed and every pew is filled with the familiar, smiling faces of your family and friends. Everyone stands and turns around as you begin a slow walk down the aisle towards the man you’re going to marry. With everyone watching you should be nervous, but in your couture wedding gown you know you look like a princess straight out of a Disney movie.

Every girl dreams about her wedding day, and if you want yours to be as perfect as the one we described there are a few things you have to remember when shopping for a bridal gown. In the first part of this two part blog series we’ll discuss some of the do’s of wedding gown shopping.

  • Make an appointment. An appointment will give your bridal gown shopping experience priority over the brides who did not make an appointment. At Dimitra Designs Bridal Emporium we have bridal consultants who specialize in making this important time a memorable one.
  • Bring pictures of styles you’ve seen online or in magazines. This will give the bridal consultant a better feel of what you want to look like on your wedding day.
  • Keep an open mind when you’re shopping. Your bridal consultant knows the inventory and has a great eye for what dresses would complement you, while keeping your unique style in mind.
  • Be upfront about the budget you have set for your wedding attire. One of the biggest mistakes that a bride-to-be can make is falling in love with a gown that is way out of your price range, which can make finding your dream dress a disappointment.
  • Enjoy yourself! All of the bridal consultants at Dimitra Designs Bridal Emporium want to help you find the perfect wedding dress, but most importantly want you to have a memorable experience.

To request an appointment with the bridal consultants at Dimitra Designs please fill out our request appointment form, or call us toll-free at 866-866-0968. Make sure you check back with us next week for part two of our guide to wedding dress shopping.


Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette Q & A

Apr 30, 2012

There are certain parts of a wedding that are traditional and expected, such as the wedding reception, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and the engagement party, but perhaps one of the least talked about events is the rehearsal dinner. is here to answer all of your rehearsal dinner questions from cocktail dresses to invite lists!

Q: When is the rehearsal dinner usually held?

A: The rehearsal dinner is typically held the night before the wedding ceremony. Although, it’s referred to as a dinner, you can choose to hold a lunch or even a brunch.

Q: Who hosts the rehearsal dinner?

A: It’s customary for the groom’s parents to host the rehearsal dinner.

Q: What should I wear to a rehearsal dinner?

A: Since the rehearsal dinner comes after the wedding ceremony rehearsal, the people who attend the rehearsal dinner usually dress up. Men should wear a suit and women should wear a rehearsal dinner cocktail dress.

Q: Who is invited to a rehearsal dinner?

A: The wedding party, the bride and groom’s parents, any people who are reading during the ceremony, and spouses or dates should be invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Q: Is the rehearsal dinner a full meal, or is it more of a snack?

A: The rehearsal dinner menu can be anything you’d like or anything that suits your budget. There’s no set menu.

Do you have a question about rehearsal dinner etiquette? Let us know with a comment. Whether it’s picking out the perfect rehearsal dinner dress or who to invite, Dimitra Designs will help you with all of your rehearsal dinner questions and problems.


Choose the Right Wedding Dress Style for Your Wedding

Apr 18, 2012

You’re about to take the most important step of your entire life, marriage. With your impending nuptials comes the most important fashion decision you will ever make, choosing a wedding dress. Be prepared, and make sure you choose the right wedding dress for you.

You'll feel like a princess on your wedding day, wearing a ball gown wedding dress.

When you’re shopping for a wedding dress you need to know what type of dress you’re looking for. There are a few style options – the A-line, empire, column, ball gown, and mermaid.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses: This type of dress hugs the body, and fans out at the bottom around the calves. Since it’s so slim-fitting we recommend this style wedding dress for slender brides.

A-Line Wedding Dresses: An A-line dress adds height to the person wearing it, and it will also make you look slimmer.

Empire Wedding Dresses: This style dress draws attention to the neckline, and works best for brides who want to distract attention from their bust.

Column Wedding Dresses: If you want a wedding dress that will hug your curves and make you look taller, then a column styled wedding dress is just the dress for you.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses: It’s your big day, and you’ll want to be the belle of the ball. What better way to do that then by wearing a ball gown wedding dress. This style dress usually has a full skirt and a slim fitting top.

When you shop Dimitra Designs you’ll find all of these wedding dress styles by popular designers, such as Alfred Angelo Bridal, Justin Alexander, and many more!


Love Is Blooming With 2012 Wedding Trends

Apr 6, 2012

Don’t you just love this time of year? The chill is slowly disappearing from the air, and the flowers are starting to blossom and bloom. Weddings are wonderful any time of year, but there’s something about a spring wedding that radiates romance. Maybe it’s the soft colors or maybe it’s the new flowers breathing life into the world. Whatever it is, you’ll be thrilled with this spring’s hottest wedding trends.

- As you plan your wedding think carefully about the colors you choose. Soft, romantic colors are so in this season. Think about using soft pinks, lavender, sea green, sky blue, etc.

- This spring’s wedding dress trends include fairytale type wedding dresses with layers of tulle, and sequin designs.

- Your love is in bloom, as it is in nature, so it’s perfectly understandable why this season’s wedding table fashions are all about decorating with beautiful flowers. For evening weddings and receptions, line tables with candles.

- As in the past, DIY wedding trends are big things spring. From favors to your wedding dress, there are many different DIY wedding ideas for your big day.

- Some of the flowers often used in spring weddings include, daisies, tulips, roses, and peonies.

What are some of your favorite spring wedding trends? Let us know with a comment, and check back with Dimitra Designs to keep up with the latest wedding news, trends, and information.


Walk Down the Aisle in Style!

Mar 29, 2012

There are so many different ways to express yourself on your wedding day; it’s fun to be creative! Besides jewelry, hair, and makeup there is one other accessory that is a must for brides: your shoes! We gathered together the most popular bridal shoe options for you!

Bling Heels: Crystals, rhinestones and diamonds are everywhere since 2012 is the year of bling! Maybe you’re looking for pumps, stilettos, or kitten heels? Well lucky you, bling is in on any type of couture bridal shoes!

Fabulous couture heels!

Neon Pumps: Yes we said it, neon! Neon accents are in this year; brides are choosing to wear a hot pink pump to present an edgy twist with a traditional white dress.

Flip Flops: This comfortable shoe choice is seen most on destination brides. There are solid options along with rhinestone flip flops which are much easier to navigate in sand than a heel!

Wedges: Heels can be difficult at outdoor weddings since the heel tends to poke into the grass and create an awkward walk down the aisle. Brides are turning to sassy wedges which make it easy to walk and now come in dressier styles.

Express your own individual style by choosing what shoe works best for you and looks fabulous with your dress! Forget the rules and wear what you want to wear; after all, it is your day!


What Are Your Bridesmaids Wearing?

Mar 22, 2012

Just as you want to wear the perfect dress as you profess your “I do’s,” you also want the ladies standing alongside you to look beautiful too. This year it’s all about bright colors, beads, and short bridesmaid dresses.

Black – You cannot go wrong with black. Brides are choosing black to flatter the many shapes and sizes of their bridesmaids and for the elegant look it brings to the altar.

White – Believe it or not, many brides love the all white look for their bridesmaids. Maid of Honor Pippa Middleton made this color famous again!

A coral, strapless dress is a chic bridesmaid option!

Bright Colors – It’s all about the rainbow. From coral to raspberry sorbet; teal to lime green, brides are going all out with their color palette when it comes to dresses.

Short – Straying away from the long dress, short bridesmaid dresses are picking shorter styles for the wedding party. The trend of spry tanning shows of toned legs and gives the party a less formal appearance.

Strapless – For all the spring and summer brides, strapless is in. Make sure your bridesmaids dresses fit properly so they do not need to keep pulling up!

Depending on the body structure of your bridesmaids, you may want to choose a safe and chic option. It is helpful to have an idea of what you’re looking for and in what color before you begin your dress shopping excursions with the group of woman!