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Wedding Preparation

What Does Spring Bring? Off the Shoulder Gowns!

Mar 15, 2012

Shoulder-bearing styles are back and better than ever! Off the shoulder wedding gowns can be deemed classic or modern and designers are rapidly choosing to resurrect this chic style that was made popular in the 1950s.

Benefits of the shoulder-bearing option:

Hide trouble spots: This type of gown is ideal for the bride who is self conscience of her upper arm. This hides the trouble area, yet keeps the shoulder exposed.

Accentuates the collar bone: Women love to accentuate their collar bone, which is simple with alluring off the shoulder wedding gowns.

Choose your length: With this style you can choose what length is best for you. Maybe you want floor length, tea length, or a short dress; whichever you prefer, you can still show off your shoulders you worked hard to tone!

Flattering to most figures: It’s often hard to find a neckline that flatters a thin or a fuller figured bride. This neckline falls right below the shoulders, flattering either a small or large bust.

Elegant ff the shoulder gown.

You want to be comfortable on your wedding day. Off the shoulder gowns are a perfect choice for brides who don’t want to worry about their dress sliding down or who know they are going to do a lot of dancing! This elegant style will have your man swooning and your guests gazing at your stunning silhouette.


We Love Diva Gone Domestic!

Feb 10, 2012

All wedding planners are not created equal! It’s extremely hard to find a wedding planner that won’t treat you like “just another bride” or force his or her ideas onto you. This is not what you want on your wedding day! You want someone who takes the time to get to know all about you. Not just about your budget or your color scheme, but about your dream San Patrick wedding dress, your vision, personality, passions, and the formality of your event. You can find all of these fabulous traits in our featured wedding planner Tara, also known as the “Diva Gone Domestic.”

When Tara meets with a bride, she knows what they’re going through. She had a romantic engagement and married her high school sweetheart, yet had a hard time trying to find a wedding planner who would take the time to make her wedding special. Tara decided to work with other brides to create her dream wedding, and now she wants her customers to have theirs! She will work together with you until it is just as you envisioned it – and in most cases it blossoms into more than you could have imagined!

Tara is a designer and crater at heart. Her blog contains awesome samples from her designs that range from invites, to fabulously unique table cards. We love her twist on the library/book wedding theme! She enjoys spending her free time discovering unique ideas to try, DIY projects and meeting other handmade artists. She also loves blogging about other small businesses and believes in helping smaller businesses grow. Tara truly believes that this is where you get the best quality and service since small businesses, such as hers, thrive on making customers happy!

Take a look at her gorgeous wedding inspirations on the Diva Gone Domestic Shoppe and pass her name along to your fellow brides!


How to Get Long Distance Wedding Dress Advice from Bridesmaids

Oct 20, 2011

When you can’t be with the ones that you love, well it doesn’t mean they can’t still be your bridesmaids! While many best friends move apart, emotionally you’ll always remain just as close of friends as ever. All of the bridesmaid’s duties such as providing hands on advice on the wedding dress, helping with decorations and making favors seem like impossible tasks once you realize the time and distance separating your bridesmaids!

So how can you still get that old school connection with your bridesmaids?
- Set up regular Skype or Oovoo dates to see each other online. You’ll be able to stay on the line, without having that cramp in your neck that comes from holding a phone under shoulder the whole time. Also, you’ll be able to show her your wedding dress from all angles and have her help accessorize all over the video chat!
- Use texting to your benefit. Have a question, text your friends! Many brides admit to texting photos of the many wedding dresses they try on to friends in order to get their opinion.
- Create a Facebook group for all of your bridesmaids, and make polls so they can all vote letting you know their favorite picks!

Bridesmaids are going to be there for you during the entire wedding planning process, no matter what! How do you plan on getting your bridesmaids help?

DIY vs. Buy: Our Guide to Wedding Decisions from Wedding Dresses to Deserts

Oct 14, 2011

Hand stitched every gift, made her own hair pieces, and baked all the deserts; sure some brides have the talent, time, and resources to do it all. To be the ultimate DIY bride though, you need all three of those things. Missing just one and you’re going to need to say no to the flower arrangement classes and just order them! Some things are just easier, and done better, when bought. Here’s our advice for when to buy and when to D.I.Y.

Talent & Time to Spare
If you have a special talent, in as baking, decorating, music, etc. then embrace it for your wedding. Just remember that there are time constraints. Sure, you’d rather be arranging your own music to walk down the aisle to – but this means sacrificing your wedding planning time for something else. While you may be an excellent seamstress, picking out your dream wedding dress and then making your own alterations can be great alternative to crafting your own dress by hand. You don’t have to cater your entire wedding, but can cook the rehearsal dinner, just the cake for the reception, or just make your favorite desert as wedding favors.

You don’t have to go above and beyond everybody’s expectations – your wedding it about meeting your own expectations and having the dream day of your life! Have a wedding that you’ll be gushing about for years to come!

5 Pinked Out Wedding Ideas

Oct 7, 2011

Just like you can’t ignore your yearly check up, we would never want to ignore the fact that this October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. While it’s not something every bride has to worry about, it is something she should be knowledgeable about. One of the easiest ways to spread awareness is by getting pinked out.

Here are five of our favorite ways, both bold and traditional, that you can pink out your wedding for breast cancer awareness cause.

  1. Dye your hair and your bridesmaids pink! Sure it’s bold, but for a bride who’s lost her mother or mother-in-law to be to breast cancer, what better way to remember her in an uplifting mood.
  2. Create pink runners and pink seat coverings. Color really makes a church wedding pop, rather than the typical pew colors.
  3. Pick a popping hot pink boutonniere for the groomsmen and matching pink flowers in your own bouquet among a mix of reds, violets, and white flowers.
  4. For the wedding reception, feel free to pull on a pair of hot pink flip flops to dance the night away in.
  5. Tie a big pink sash around your dress. You’ll still be rocking the traditional white wedding dress, but embracing your flirty side with the pink waistband.

How will you be pinking out for October?

Make Memories Last with a Love Time Capsule

Sep 30, 2011

Weddings are a day that lasts forever in your memories. As you’ve grown as a couple, you may have wondered how your love has grown or changed. In creating a time capsule on your wedding day you can look back and see just what your love was like at the start.

What you need:
• A keepsake box to hold the wedding memories in.

• Memories to put inside. These can be various things:
o Before the wedding day, write letters to each other and place them in the box without letting the other see them.
o Pick several flowers from the arrangements or your bouquet to preserve in the box.
• Promise to not open the box until your anniversary. A significant date like the five year anniversary is far enough away to make it a really special reflection.

• Find a special place to keep your time capsule. Rather than burying it, you can simply tuck it with your wedding dress so you know where to find it and know it’ll stay safe.
Look back at the letters on your anniversary and see how your love has matured over the years. What else would you put in your love time capsule?

Share the Love With Your Guy on More than the Holidays

Aug 29, 2011

Weddings are a day of love, joy, and immense happiness. In the rush of planning, you can easily forget the other big half of the picture, your groom- to-be! Even if you missed the opportunity to share in Kiss and Make up Day on the 25th, this entire month is celebration of Romance Awareness – so it’s not too late to show how much the romance is still alive.

Some ways to keep romance strong throughout the entire wedding planning process:
- Just seeing each other all day while picking out items for the registry or flower arrangements isn’t the same as a night out. Surprise him by ending a long day with a reservation at your favorite restaurant!
- After the initial wedding dress search, invite your groom-to-be to be the final judge on both the wedding dress and the honeymoon outfits for a little pre-show!
- Be untraditional and get him a pre-wedding gift. Some couples will actually trade gifts the day of the wedding, but the biggest gift that day is really each other!

Between the wedding dress shopping, tuxedo fittings, and finding a reception hall, it’s easy to let the romance get pushed down in the shuffle. Make it obvious throughout the whole wedding planning process that the love is very much alive. How do you spend your “couple’s time” during the pre-wedding phase?

How to Cover Your Details on Your Wedding Day

Aug 19, 2011

You’re running around, putting on your wedding dress for the last time, and then finally ready to walk down the aisle, but where is the photographer? Imagine how far your jaw will drop when you realize the photographer was missing all because your groom to be told him the wrong date. Think it’s farfetched? Not at all! It isn’t just the photographer, but guests and other important people who can miss out by getting the wrong date. Brides, make sure this isn’t you on your wedding day by taking a few precautionary steps.

wedding details

•   Make sure that everyone signs a contract. It may seem silly, even if it’s someone you know personally and they aren’t charging. A contract will make sure everyone knows exactly when the ceremony is and what exactly is required of them.
•  Don’t let your groom handle things solo. Let’s face it ladies, he’s probably out of his element. Make sure that even when he’s handling things on his own – he’s got back up making sure he’s on top of his game.
•   Send out save the date reminders to the help as well. Sure, it may seem silly, but what’s a few more going to hurt? The formal invitation ensures no confusions – no mix ups!
•   Create a site online that everyone can easily check the date on. There are lots of free listing sites that are available to use!

There’s no such thing as being too prepared. It is your wedding day after all, and everything from your wedding dress to your wedding photos will be perfect!

Create Your Dream Wedding Video

Aug 5, 2011

Your wedding, your memories, the perfect video!Don’t leave anything to chance. When it comes to your wedding video, you should have everything just as perfect as your wedding photos. Before the wedding, sit down with your groom-to-be to decide what there must be shots of, and what doesn’t matter.

You have to decide if you want shots of:

-  Any pre-wedding day events, like the rehearsal dinner.
-  Wedding preparations like getting your hair done and putting on the wedding dress for the first time.
-  The whole ceremony – complete with the family and wedding party arriving – or just the beginning and end.
-  Speeches at the reception.
-  Your wedding dress from all angles – hey you worked so hard to fit in it, you’re a masterpiece as much as the cake!
-  All of the reception festivities; cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, etc.
-  Any additional traditions that you might be special to you.

Once you have this list together, take it to your wedding videographer. Let them know if there’s anything you want to be shot close up in particular, like a shot of just the rings being placed on your hands.

When talking with your wedding videographer, decide how long of a finished video you want. If you plan to have your entire reception shot, do you want to rewatch the entire night? Or just a few minutes of a highlight reel?

Wedding Perfection with Fondant Designs

Jul 27, 2011

wedding cake detailsThere is nearly every type, style, build and flavor of cake to choose from for your wedding. While a classic tiered cake is still the choice for many different brides, regardless of style, you might want a particular image or shape. These big bride dreams can now become reality with fondant cake designs.
- Write it big!! Use fondant to create your initials in larger than life lettering on top of the cake.
- Picture perfect shapes can be created using the sturdy, thick fondant.
- Get the richest, most vibrant colors with fondant. Fondant colors and toppings are so much brighter than your regular icing tops.
- Create details on the cake to match your wedding dress and boutonnieres. Fondant makes getting the exact details so much easier.


Want a smooth finish for your cake? Try out fondant topping for your cake, so you have everything picture perfect! What plans do you have for your wedding cake?