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10 Prom Photos You Need to Take

Dec 20, 2015

The big day is coming, and all you can think about is getting ready for the prom. Make time to plan for these 10 must-take photos, too.

1. The Try-On Shot

Tell a story with your prom photos, beginning with trying on dresses. Plus, this is a smart way to capture a photo in that dress you liked before you chose the one you will wear to the prom. Now you have photos of you in both dresses.

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2. The BFF Shot

Take that best friend photo before the prom, when you are both relaxed and have practiced your favorite poses. Take several to allow each of you to pick a favorite.

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3. The Accessories Photo

Get close-ups of those special shoes, handbag and prom jewelry. You want to remember every detail of your prom.

4. The ‘Before’ Shot

Take a photo of yourself and your date before the day of the prom. It will be fun to compare casual pictures to your dress-up photos. Plus, this is your opportunity to practice poses for the prom day pictures.

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5. Relatively Speaking

Don’t forget those all-important pictures with mom, dad, siblings and even grandparents, favorite aunts, uncles and cousins. This is a big event for them, too.

6. Just For You

Traditional prom photos include dates or whoever else is escorting you. Also have photos taken of just you for your keepsake book and social media. You can show off the full effect of your dress and experiment with sitting or standing in front of pretty backdrops inside or outside.

7. That Sunset Shot

Often, people think prom photos during the day or at night. The light just before sunset offers the kind of soft lighting that creates attractive photos. Time an outside photo session just before you leave for the night’s prom activities or just before dusk a day or two before.

8. Entrance Photos

Remember: you’re telling a story. Pose for a picture at the entrance of the prom’s location to tell the story of your arrival. Plus, you’ll look fresh and excited, having just arrived.

9. Lights. Camera. Action.

Don’t just rely on that formal pose for prom photos inside the door. Look for places in the room with soft lighting and a pretty backdrop for a planned action photo.

10. About That Posed Photo

What looks corny to you now will be enjoyed later as a memorable photo in front of the set-up prom staging area where everyone gets a prom picture taken. Plus, it will be fun to later compare your photos to photos of your friends taken at the same spot.

Why You Shouldn’t Rent Your Prom Dress

Dec 16, 2015

Renting a dress for the prom is a fad that is fading fast in the wake of disaster prom dress rental stories. The best advice: Don’t do it.

Five Reasons to Buy Instead of Renting that Special Dress:

1. Fewer Choices

Prom rental companies online and offline don’t have the inventory of popular online retailers like The dresses they choose to rent tend to be last season’s picks or dresses from several seasons ago. Rental companies also tend to steer toward sturdy (read: dowdy) dresses so they can rent them again and again.

2. Wrong Size Disasters

Picture yourself posing for a prom photo in a dress that’s too baggy, too tight or too short. Altering your dress for that perfect fit is just fine with retailers but not allowed by prom dress rental companies.

3. Hidden Costs

While renting a prom dress can seem like a bargain, consider the true costs. If someone spills a drink on your dress, or if you stumble and rip the hem, you can become responsible for the full price of the prom dress. You can also run into super high late fees.

4. Snowball Effect

Retailers call the cost of accessories the snowball effect when it comes to making up for an ill-fitting rented prom dress by spending too much money on shoes and other accessories. There goes your savings. No amount of accessories will make up for a dress that’s out of style and doesn’t fit. Buy.

5. Better Options

Today, online retailers like offer hundreds of the latest styles, colors and sizes. They also have the power to negotiate the biggest discounts on every dress. Plus, retailers like now have 90-day prom dress layaway programs for young women on a tight budget.

Tips to Avoid Awkward Prom Photos

Dec 14, 2015

Don’t let your keepsake prom photographs become pictures best forgotten. Follow these five tips from prom photography experts.

1. Prepare for the Pose

You can start practicing your perfect pose even before you buy the dress. As you practice, take photographs to compare your poses. Look at professional prom dress photos at respected online sites like for ideas.

2. Stand at an Angle

Practice standing at an angle from the photographer, since straight-on photos can make people look (egad!) wider. Practice posing 90 degrees away from the camera and then turning your upper body about 45 degrees back toward the camera. Turn just your face directly toward the camera. Also hold your neck high to avoid looking like you have a double chin.

3. Smile, Smile, Smile

Smiling photos are more attractive than stiff or pouty pictures. If you feel tense, go to the restroom and subtly shake your face and stretch your neck for a few seconds. Take a cue from fashion models by applying a tiny, tiny dab of Vaseline between your upper teeth and gums to avoid your lips getting stuck together when you smile.

4. Make It, or Fake It

Even if you suddenly sour on your prom date, fake it for the photographer. Go for the affectionate pix of you two standing close and smiling at each other. Or, grab your BFF and hit the photo booth!

5. Remember Touch-Ups

Even if your makeup won’t fit into a tiny handbag, bring an extra handbag with all your essentials, and stash it somewhere safe. Visit the restroom often for touch-ups to be ready for candid and posed photos.

What’s the Traditional Color for a Quinceañera Dress?

Dec 10, 2015

Picking the Right Color for a Quinceañera Dress

While white or pink are the traditional colors for a quinceañera dress at the coming-out party celebrating your 15th birthday and your entry into womanhood, today’s young women are breaking with tradition. Go traditional, or show your individuality by choosing the color that best flatters you and most reflects your personality. Just remember that this is an important occasion in a young woman’s life requiring a very special dress.

The classic white dress dates back to hundreds of years ago in Mexico, when a quinceañera was about announcing a very young woman’s availability for marriage. White evolved to pink to show innocence. However, some young women prefer to reserve white for their wedding day, which in today’s era is years away from their 15th birthday. Choose pink if that’s your favorite color.

A best-selling quinceañera dress at is a stunning design in an organza dress with sweetheart neckline and beaded bodice that’s available in fuchsia or purple. The ball gown skirt on this dress with rosettes and cascading ruffles will make you look like a princess. Plus, the design will flatter most figures for those keepsake quinceañera photographs.

Short Prom Dresses for 2016

Dec 6, 2015

When it comes to prom dresses, long or short is often debated. As prom season 2016 nears, the annual question comes up again. Should girls consider a short prom dress?

If you ask a mom, the immediate answer is often no since many parents fear that a shorter hemline means showing more. However, that’s not necessarily the case because many long designs don’t often leave much to the imagination.

Yet, the most important point for ladies to remember when dress shopping for prom is to keep it classy. Whether you opt for long or short, it should be flattering and make you look and feel fabulous. Skin-tight and too short will get you remembered for all the wrong reasons.

While every young lady may have her own opinion, a short dress really is a better option for a prom. Why? Well, the answer is simple really. You are not a bridesmaid in a wedding and while a prom is a fancy event, it’s still a school function. A prom is not a black-tie event if it feels like it. You don’t need to show up in a full-length ball gown like an attendant at the royal wedding.

Short dresses are also easier to manage especially if you are someone that favors a more casual look. It can be nerve-racking to spend an evening in a full-length dress and heels if your usual attire is a pair of jeans and boots.

Short dresses really do give you a lot of options to choose from. Sure, you can go for a form-fitting, straight cut. Another choice would be a baby doll style with a flair skirt like the ones you used to love when you were a little girl. You can also choose a tea-length which is the best of both worlds. Many also like the short front with a longer back. has an amazing selection of short prom dresses for 2016 that will have you looking like the belle of the ball. You will most certainly find a short dress that suits your style.

Prom Nail Art Trends

Nov 30, 2015

As every girl knows, the perfect outfit only begins with the dress. Your hair and nails are an extension of your clothing and everything has to match. With prom season on the horizon, just what are the hottest prom nail art trends?

Today, 3D embellishments are a major must-do for nails. If you want to glam up your nails for prom, think about adding gemstones or rhinestones. You can use a metallic base color or a neutral hue that mirrors your dress, then you glam it up by adding 3D embellishments.

Gone are your mom’s nails where they were all done in the exact same color as your dress. Most nail styles today are an eclectic mix of 3-D embellishments and designs that look far from uniform. However, one thing that contemporary nails have in common with throwback styles is that they still reflect the style and feel of your dress.

You can certainly look to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. There won’t be a shortage of ideas. If you’re not sure how to do it, there’s always YouTube, where you can watch a video that shows you, step by step, how to do it yourself.

However, getting your hair and nails done really is a whole part of the prom experience. If you can, sit back and let a professional do your nails. If that isn’t something that’s in your budget, make sure that you practice doing your nails in the style that you want in the weeks leading up to the prom. You can also try nail wraps to punch up the style.

Don’t wait until the last minute if you are going to try something fancy with your nails. Practice really does make perfect even when it comes to doing your nails. Yet, if all else fails old-school always works in a pinch, but add an upgrade. Change up the style by adding a touch a sparkle.

Kardashian-Inspired Prom Dresses

Nov 23, 2015

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, there are two things that you have to admit. They certainly know how to dress and how to get attention. When prom night rolls around, let’s face it. Everyone wants to be wearing the dress that stops traffic. Okay, so maybe not everyone can make a sheer top work like Kim Kardashian, but some of the styles at will make you feel and look like you are ready to own the red carpet. has a fabulous selection of Kardashian-inspired prom dresses that are amongst the hottest trends in fashion today. Let’s take for example our collection of two-piece dresses. This is by far one of the freshest takes on formal wear in ages. It’s a marriage of the traditional and contemporary that will definitely get you noticed. Imagine a classic flowing skirt topped with a lace crop top, or a more structured set that imitates the shape of a mermaid gown.

Tony Bowls Two-Piece Prom Dress in Pink Two Piece Mac Duggal Prom Dress in Ivory/Royal

Walk down the stairs wearing one of our sheer designs and watch your date’s jaw drop. Now, this is another too-hot-to-handle style that is always stunning on the red carpet circuit (remember Kim’s white sheer embellished gown at the 2015 Met Gala?) It’s a blending of sheer fabric with other materials like sequins and lace. Try a sheer-skirted dress with a built-in slip in a pretty pastel, or a bold gown with illusion mesh panels.

sheer-lace-madison-james-prom-gown-15-127-45 cap-sleeve-beaded-top-formal-prom-dress-mac-duggal-82019m-27

A cut-out style dress can showcase whatever area you are looking to highlight. We have an amazing selection of sheer designs that would even make a Kardashian sit up and take notice!

The final Kardashian style we love is the all-white look. They’re not afraid to step out in a form-fitting white dress for errands or the red carpet. If you’re afraid of this look being too bridal, try a gown with colored embellishments, or choose a dress that is above floor-length.

sweetheart-sequin-bodice-formal-prom-gown-night-moves-by-allure one-shoulder-faviana-prom-dress-7398-19

Shop by style at and you will find all the hottest looks.

Trending Wedding Glam: Pageant Dresses Can Turn a Bridesmaids Dress Into a Glamorous Look

Jul 14, 2015

Many women admire the glamorous look of metallic or sequined pageant dresses, but this glitzy style isn’t reserved for just pageants. In recent years, creative brides are taking a tip from the pageant circuit and turning pageant-style dresses into bridesmaids dresses with a bit of added flair. It may seem intimidating, but by keeping the rest of your wedding simple and opting for gold or silver sparkling gowns, you can make your bridesmaids dresses really shine.

Start by taking into consideration your own wedding dress. Your ‘maids dresses should coordinate with yours, not the other way around, so choose a sparkling bridesmaids dress based on how decorated your dress is. If your dress is fairly simple but you still want to add a burst of sparkle and glamour, something elegant like a white dress with gold accents at the bodice makes a great choice for your bridesmaids. If your dress is more extravagant, you can choose something with all-over sparkles without distracting from yourself. Vienna has a great selection of dresses in classic shapes with modern embellishments your bridesmaids are sure to love.

When choosing bridesmaids dresses, you should also take into consideration that not every woman has the same body type. Pick something universally flattering, like a dress with a cinched waist and slightly flared skirt to create an hourglass figure. Mac Duggal Royalty has some great options in this style. The simple shape will also make glitzy sequins even more noticeable.

If you want to create a truly unique or bohemian look at your wedding, you can also let your bridesmaids choose dresses that are coordinating, but not exactly the same. Give them instructions to pick gowns in the same shade of cream or with silver accents against a neutral background to make sure that the dresses don’t clash. If you want your girls wearing color, choosing dresses from a single designer can ensure the colors are similar shades. Pair options like a long-sleeved dress, high-necked dress and sleeveless dress together to create a look that makes each bridesmaid stands out, but still looks perfectly put together. By choosing dresses that all have decorative sequins or beading, you can also commit to the glamorous look in a refined, understated way.

A Pageant Queen’s Preparation Checklist

Jul 8, 2015

Whether it’s your first pageant or your hundredth time competing, there are always new things to learn about making pageant day go off without a hitch. A big part about feeling prepared for your pageant is having all of the essential items, but most competitors find that no matter how prepared they think that they are, they are missing something once the big day rolls around. Ensure that you can handle anything that comes your way on pageant day with this preparation checklist that covers every possible pageant-day crisis – and keeps you feeling ready for anything.

  • Clothing
    • A smart yet casual outfit for arriving at the pageant, complete with matching jewelry
    • A formal gown with matching shoes and jewelry
    • A business-like interview outfit with tasteful yet noticeable jewelry
    • Other types of competition outfits, such as a talent outfit (check with your specific pageant to see if you need this)
    • A comfortable and sporty outfit for rehearsals and down-time
    • Swimwear, if necessary
    • Proper undergarments for each outfit
    • Garment bags to keep it all together
  • Beauty
    • Hairspray (and lots of it!)
    • Bobby pins
    • Hair elastics
    • Brushes and combs
    • A curling iron and/or hair rollers
    • A shower cap to keep your style in place
    • Makeup
    • Makeup remover
    • Q-tips and applicators
    • False eyelashes
    • Setting spray
    • Nail polish
  • Toiletries
    • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash
    • Deodorant (preferably clear to avoid stains)
    • Razors and shaving cream
    • Lotions
    • Sunscreen
    • Tweezers
    • Toothbrush and floss
    • Feminine hygiene products
  • Maintenance Items
    • An all-inclusive sewing kit
    • Clothes hangers
    • Scissors
    • Snacks
    • An iron or steamer
    • Travel-sized stain remover
    • Lint roller
    • Safety pins
    • Extension cord
    • Double-sided tape
    • Nail polish remover
    • Cell phone and laptop chargers
    • Cash for emergencies

Undergarment Must-Haves for Pageants

Jun 30, 2015

You want to look flawless from your head to your toes on pageant day, and that entails perfectly styled hair, a well-fitting dress and even the proper undergarments underneath it all. You can’t just wear your typical bra and underwear under your gown, but you also want to look confident and feel comfortable while you’re on stage. Here are a few of the must-have undergarment products that will help any pageant competitor create a smooth and seamless finish on the big day.

First, a body shaper in a style that suits your formal dress is an essential for any woman. These undergarments help create a fluid look and create a flattering base beneath even the most form-fitting dresses. Items like our Boxer Body Shaper or our two-piece Boxer Panty Shaper are just two great types of undergarments that come in various styles to suit your specific needs.

Next, ensure an equally flawless look during the swimsuit competition by wearing undergarments to help cover your most sensitive areas and keep everything securely in place while on stage. Undergarment Pads for Swimsuits can be tucked discreetly into your bathing suit bottoms to prevent the crowd from seeing too much, while Self-Adhesive Invisible Silicone Nipple Covers keep your top portion looking smooth and totally covered. You’ll be able to prevent an embarrassing slip-up – or an embarrassing nip-slip – with these essential undergarment items.

For younger girls, there is a whole different set of undergarment must-haves. Children’s pageant competitors should be concerned with adding volume to formal gowns and keeping their skirts looking full. Our Children’s Hoop Slip and Regular Children’s Long Slip come in two lengths depending on her style of dress, and they’re comfortable enough that your little beauty queen won’t feel itchy or stifled on stage.

With the proper undergarments, you’ll feel ready to take on even the most competitive pageant with confidence and style.