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Pageant Theme Ideas

Jul 26, 2017

Competing in pageants is a great way to learn confidence and poise, and it makes a wonderful way to show off your own personal style. Whether you’re competing in your first pageant or your hundredth, you may want to go for a themed outfit for your formalwear portion to keep things fun and exciting. It doesn’t matter if you’re competing in a glitz or a natural pageant, theme-wear is appropriate for all pageants!

Here are some fun and creative theme-wear ideas for your upcoming pageants.

  • Academy Awards. Slip into a long, sparkling dress in a bright, bold color, do your hair in some Old Hollywood waves and even carry a homemade Oscar along with your outfit to complete this starlet theme.
  • Rock Star. Wear a short, black dress covered in sequins and sheer panels, rock your highest spike heels and maybe even carry a guitar for this rockin’ look.
  • Winter Wonderland. If the pageant is in the winter, go all out for the season with a snowy white dress covered in crystals, then complete the look with some furry earmuffs and matching mittens.
  • Paris. For a Parisian theme, don your best French look with a Little Black Dress, some oversized sunglasses and a beret perched on top of your head.
  • Great Gatsby. There are few time periods more romantic or iconic than the Roaring ‘20s, so channel the look of Daisy Buchanan with a flapper-style frock and some perfectly coiffed finger waves.
  • Egyptian. You’ll look just like an Egyptian queen when you step out onto the stage in a glittering white dress accented with gold details. Complete this look with a gold headband wrapped around your forehead, some cat eye eyeliner and long, sleek black hair.
  • Alice in Wonderland. Go down the rabbit hole into Wonderland with a short baby blue dress , a stuffed rabbit and a white apron on top.

Where to Wear Short Dresses

Jul 16, 2017

While you love wearing short dresses on casual days, you may not be quite sure how to wear a short dress to a formal occasion like prom or homecoming. Luckily, dresses are our expertise here at, and we have you covered with a variety of designer short dresses to wear for just about any occasion. Here’s exactly where (and how!) you can wear our short cocktail dresses.


  • Homecoming. Because most schools think of homecoming as a less formal dance, it’s super fun and easy to wear a short, sassy dress to this type of dance. You’ll still want to keep things chic and elegant, however, so choose a two-piece tiered dress that’s totally ahead of the trends, ( or a form-fitting cocktail dress covered in ornate beading (
  • Prom. Who says you can’t wear a short dress to the prom? If you’re the kind of girl who loves standing out in a crowd, show off your legs in a flirty dress with a shorter hemline. To avoid looking too casual or too plain, you’ll want to choose a dress with lots of details, like a bodycon short gown with sheer illusion panels and glittering gold embroidery ( Pair it with the perfect sky high heels, a fabulous hairstyle and even a floor-length coat for a glam look.
  • A wedding. If you’re going to be dancing all night at a wedding, you’ll want to have a dress that allows you to really move. carries all kinds of short, formal dresses that are ideal for any wedding guest. Choose a chiffon cocktail dress with a sweet halter top that’s pretty and versatile, (, or go for something like a sweetheart A-line frock with some serious retro vibes (
  • A date. Going on a date somewhere a bit fancier? Dress to impress in a short dress from A flirty V-neck cocktail dress in a basic black ( is the perfect Little Black Dress for dinner, dancing or even a night at a concert.
  • How to Plan a Sweet 16

    Jul 6, 2017

    A girl only turns 16 once in her life, so whether you’re planning a party for your daughter or a friend, you’ll want to make her big day as special as can be. You don’t have to spend a lot to make this type of Sweet 16 bash a night to remember — all you need is a bit of creativity and her very best friends!

    Here are some helpful tips for planning a Sweet 16 party.


    1. Pick a theme. Whether you go all out with an elaborate Mardi Gras or 1950s theme, or just stick to something simple, like a barbecue or Halloween theme, you’ll want to choose a theme that make things feel a bit more festive. This will also help you to choose all of the decorations, foods and other important details.
    2. Pick a venue. For larger parties, renting a room at a local restaurant or club is a great option. If you’re operating on a smaller budget, you can also host a party outdoors in a local park or at your home.
    3. Plan the guest list. First, think of how many people you can comfortably host, and then go from there. Once you have a general number, you can browse the guest of honor’s Facebook page or even her cell phone to find out whom to invite.
    4. Decide on refreshments. Will you serve snacks and drinks, or go for a more formal feel with a sit-down dinner? Whatever you decide on, make sure there’s plenty of refreshments for everyone invited.
    5. Plan an outfit. The best part of a party is the dressing up, so pick your perfect short cocktail dress or festive, themed frock! (
    6. Decide on the surprise. Some people like to make a Sweet 16 party a surprise, but you’ll want to consider the guest of honor’s personality first. If she’s more of a shy or laid-back type, you might want to keep her in the loop during all of the planning.
    7. Send out invitations. You’ll want to send out invites with all of the essential information about the party, but there’s no need for invitations in the mail; simply send out a mass message on social media or an email invitation with all of the details.
    8. Make it fun. Create a dance-worthy playlist, add some festive decorations and keep the mood light to encourage guests to have a good time!

    Hot Dresses for your 2017 Quincenera

    Jun 21, 2017

    If you are about to turn 15 and looking for a Quinceañera dress, then there are so many choices for you. With new trends in these confection dresses, there are more choices, but also more help finding one you really like.

    Big Skirt Gets Cute

    Quinceañera dresses are big, with full skirts of ruffles and fabric. The gown makes a beautiful entrance, but later in the evening it starts to get in the way of dancing. Dresses with removable ball gown skirts are very popular. The large skirt and petticoats come off to reveal a knee-length skirt like a ballerina tutu, or a sophisticated pencil skirt, among other styles. The trend has been well received. The dress is more comfortable as the evening goes on, and can possibly be worn for other occasions.


    Colorful Ruffles

    Traditionally, Quinceañera dresses were more often white, sometimes with color accents, but not heavily used. The Quinceañera gown is now available in just about every color from white to pastels, to vivid brights, and even some dark blue and burgundy hues. This is now your chance to choose your favorite color and own it. Are you a purple queen? Pick a lavender gown with a beaded bodice and purple ruffled skirt. Is turquoise your hue? You can pull that shade off, too. Even if you choose white, your options are more natural and softer than traditional Quinceañera designs.


    Mixed Media

    Gown trends for prom and other formal occasions are making their way into the Quinceañera circuit. Two piece dresses mean you can get a beaded top with a matching skirt, and show off your midriff. High-low skirts that are shorter in the front with a train in the back are also popular. Or there are dresses that keep the full skirt, but hold the ruffles in the back to play with textures.

    This is your day to be a princess. Pick the dress that you love, and wear it in happiness and celebrate in style.

    Quinceañera Planning Timeline

    Jun 16, 2017

    The Quinceañera is the first of many big days in any girl’s life, and the celebration is a big one. Events take time to plan, and it is important to start early so that all the details fall into place for the big day. Start planning up to one or two years before your daughter’s 15th birthday.

    Start with a Budget

    Determine how much you want, and can afford, to spend on a Quinceañera. How many guests do you plan to invite? Where do you plan to have the event? Start to think about the church and priest or minister, where to host the reception and start booking other people and companies such as caterers, DJs and photographers. This is also the time to start appointing the damas and chambelanes to make up the Quinceañera court.


    Just Under a Year Away

    This is when you should start thinking about a dress and all the accessories that go with it. Start shopping for a Quinceañera dress a few months before the big day. Waiting until inside a year means that your daughter will probably be about the same size, unless she has a growth spurt. So you can feel comfortable in starting the fitting process. Finalize your daughter’s escort and court of honor for the festivities. You also need to find formalwear for the chambelanes and dresses and accessories for the damas. Work with the court and a choreographer or dance instructor to help everyone get in step with the Quinceañera waltz, and a few other moves.

    Six Months and Counting

    Finalize your guest list and order your invitations. Start purchasing decorations and party favors, and draft out any part of the ceremony and reception that you want to happen.


    The Day of the Event

    There are so many details that you have worked hard on. Now it is the day of the Quinceañera, and time to celebrate. You want to enjoy the festivities, but there are still a few more details. Make sure all the hair, makeup and nail appointments are booked, and everyone gets to all their appointments. Make sure decorations, floral arrangements and party favors are in place. Appoint someone to handle emergencies that might spring up; keep this person armed with an arsenal of equipment such as a first aid kit, mini-sewing kit, makeup and an extra pair of pantyhose. By handing this responsibility off to a family member or good friend, you can now enjoy the celebration.

    Choose a Special Dress for Graduation

    Jun 12, 2017

    Graduation is a formal occasion and calls for a fancy dress to walk down the aisle, even if it is covered by a cap and gown. That gown might be somewhat shapeless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear something special underneath, to reveal after the ceremony.

    This is your opportunity to go as simple or as fancy as you want. You might not decide on something quite as formal as a prom gown, but this is still a celebration worth dressing up for. First, determine a few factors such as whether the graduation takes place during the day or in the evening, and what dinners or parties will you attend after graduation?


    Going to a formal event? Dress up in a sweet little number that will stun the whole class when you take off the wraps – the cap and gown. Choose a color that flatters you, but also one that coordinates with your school colors if your gown is not your basic black. This helps so if the dress peaks through, there is no garish clash. Also keep in mind that if you choose a full skirt or maxi skirt, it will show below the gown. If you plan to go to a party afterwards, choose a dress or gown that fits the party more than the graduation. This is when your dress will get the most visibility, and you will enjoy showing off your ensemble.

    Accessorize your graduation dress as you would any other dress. Choose shoes and jewelry to match the dress. Don’t forget to think about your hair. Do you want to pin it up so the graduation cap doesn’t ruin your hair style? Look for hair accessories that will give you the look you want. Buy a small purse or evening bag to tote along with all your belongings, so you can freshen up your makeup, and pull out your phone to take a selfie of the occasion.may-7

    Unique Dresses Great for Graduation Parties

    Jun 7, 2017

    Graduation is a big event. It’s very often marked by party after party. You might have a party for your family and friends. And your friends might do the same. You got your prom dress covered by, so why not also get a dress, or dresses, for all of your graduation parties from us as well?

    Ask yourself a few questions. What kind of party are you going to? Is it right after the graduation ceremony? Or is it a few days later? Does the event take place in the evening? Or outside? These factors can help you find a dress that’s right for the occasion.


    If you are attending a party right after the graduation ceremony, think about the dress you want to wear under your cap and gown. If the event takes place at a later date, then you don’t have to worry about what dress will peak through the graduation gown. Outdoor parties are a great place for rompers that come with or without an overskirt. Warmer temperatures make two-piece dresses ideal. An evening reception means you can pull off a classy look in a cocktail dress or something more sophisticated. You just graduated! You can pull off adult looks that show off your figure and show you are an adult. Enjoy the summer. In the fall you will start thinking about school formals at college.


    Accessorize your dress as you would any other outfit. Pick out the perfect shoes, jewelry and hair accessories for your knockout dress. Add a small purse or evening bag to carry your phone and makeup so that you can freshen up and take selfies with your friends, and enjoy the party.

    How to pick the Perfect Color Dress for Me

    Jun 2, 2017

    Choosing the perfect prom dress is about more than just choosing the color and shape you like best, but also choosing the color and shape that looks best on you. You always want to look good, so you probably think about how an outfit makes you look. Gift the same criteria to your prom dress selection and planning, and you’ll look great for the big night.

    Those with olive skin, dark hair and brown eyes typically have warm undertones. Warm undertones tend to look good with bold tomato reds, golden yellows and browns, olive greens and orange colors. You can get away with bright, bold colors, or go for darker dresses.


    Cool complexions are common in people with light colored hair, green and blue eyes and pale skin. With cool tones, you can wear bright cherry reds, pinks, blues and silvers. You can play with jewel tones such as teal, turquoise, mint green and purple. Pick some bright, spring like dresses in jewel tones, candy colors or sultry silvers.


    The best colors for your skin go for your accessories, too. Warm toned skin looks good with gold, while cooler complexions look good with silver.

    You may start to think about these colors when you are selecting a prom dress. But this is knowledge that you can use in all aspects of your wardrobe. You may already find you gravitate toward the colors that look best on you, so you don’t even need to make big adjustments in your wardrobe, or your personal tastes. It helps to know your whole color range, and also how you can combine colors you like with those that look good on you – by adding those extra colors in as accessories or small touches. You can wear the colors you like that don’t always make you look your best, if they are not right up near your face. Think about accessorizing in those colors, and rely on the colors that compliment your skin.

    Prom Dress Size Measuring Tips

    May 29, 2017

    When ordering your prom dress online from, it is incredibly important to get your measurements right to ensure that you order your dress in the correct size. Don’t assume that your prom dress will be the size that you normally wear as these evening gowns typically run smaller than other clothing. This is especially true of tight-fitting dresses such as mermaid gowns.

    Mermaid Mori Lee Prom Gown 99073

    The best way to get your most accurate measurements is to enlist the help of a friend or family member and follow these steps:

    1. Use a flexible ribbon measuring tape.
    2. Make sure that you’re standing comfortably with even weight on both feet. Keep your body relaxed and don’t try to suck in your stomach unless you’re prepared to keep it sucked in for hours on prom night while you struggle around in your ill-fitting dress.
    3. Measure your bust first around the largest part. Make sure to get an accurate measurement.
    4. Then, measure your natural waistline. This is usually about an inch and a half above your belly button. Make this measurement tight as this is usually the tightest part of a prom dress.
    5. Finally, measure the widest and fullest part of your hips.

    As long as you accurately take these three measurements, your dress should fit just fine. To be absolutely certain, you should make sure to order your dress with plenty of time to exchange sizes should a problem arise. For more information on taking your measurements and a quick video tutorial, check out the measurement guide.

    Dressprom Measurement Guide

    Voluptuous Red Prom Dress Ideas

    May 24, 2017

    There is almost nothing sexier than a curve-hugging red dress that fits perfectly. A girl in a red dress comes off as daring and bold with a well-developed sense of adventure. This classic and stunning color works especially well in a more voluptuous fit such as a mermaid silhouette or a classic form-fitting sheath dress. Shop by color to see the complete collection of red prom dresses offered by

    You can’t go wrong with a classic. This Form Fitting Prom Gown by Rachel Allan is a gorgeous dress that fits simply in order to let the beautiful color shine. It begins with a high-neck bodice that moves down into a simple skirt that hugs your hips and gently flares out at the knee. Well-placed cut outs at the waist and back give a little bit of interesting detail. This dress shows off your hourglass shape without being overwhelmed by embellishments. The color itself is simply stunning and this dress will let your best features take the spotlight.

    Form Fitting Prom Gown by Rachel Allan 7675

    For a more elaborate take on a classic shape in a gorgeous crimson color, this Mermaid Prom Dress by Panoply is a great option. This dress features an off the shoulder sweetheart neckline that is embellished with intricate bead work. The tight, form-fitting bodice is made with a nude fabric background that is overlaid with bright red floral embroidery. At about the knee, a glamorous red tulle mermaid skirt flares out to create an incredible silhouette. As soon as you slip this dress on you’ll feel sexy and vivacious. It’s sure to help your prom night be a night to remember.

    Mermaid Prom Dress by Panoply 14752

    Shop these dresses and many more at There are many different prom dresses that come in a beautiful red color. From more classic fits like the ones pictured here to more modern styles such as skirts with shorts underneath and crop top dresses. There are also more toned down darker shades of red if you’d like to be a little less bold but no less beautiful.