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What Prom Dress Color is Perfect for You

Jan 31, 2017

After you’ve identified the prom dress style that you want to wear, the next big question is the color. Now, color is key because picking the wrong hue can actually leave you looking washed out. It’s not your imagination that some colors are more flattering than others on you, which is why it’s vital to target a color that brings out all of your best assets. So, how do you decide on the perfect prom dress color for you? Well, the secret is actually in the undertones.

Red Long Prom Dress 2017 by Sherri Hill

First off, don’t confuse surface tone with undertone. Surface tone is what’s on top and what you pay attention to when it comes to makeup. However, undertone is what lies underneath your skin. Undertone is broken into three categories; cool, warm and neutral. Cool means you have pink, red or blue undertones while warm describes yellow or golden undertones. Ladies that are neutral have a combo of both. Don’t stress. It only takes a minute to decide which undertone best describes you.

  • Look at your veins – Check out the veins by your wrist. If they’re bluish, then you have cool undertones. Green means that you have warm.
  • Silver or gold – If silver jewelry looks better on you than you have cool undertones. Gold tends to flatter warm toned ladies.
  • Natural hair and eye color – If the previous tricks didn’t help, then consider the hair and eye color that nature gave you. Gals with blue, green or gray eyes and blonde, brown or black hair have cool undertones while ladies with brown, hazel or amber eyes along with red, brown, black or strawberry blonde hair have warm undertones.
  • Fun in the sun – Another way to find your undertone is to take a look at your skin after a day spent in the sun. Girls that tan easily have warm undertones while gals that burn quickly have cool.

Open Back Yellow Prom Gown 2017 by Jovani

Okay, so now that you’ve identified your undertone. Target a prom dress color that flatters your undertone and you have the ideal prom dress color for you. Fabulous colors for warm undertones are yellow, richer hues of red, shades of brown, creamy colors as well as lighter greens that have a yellow mix. Cool undertones will rock blue, purple, pink, darker greens, reds that boast a bluish base and cyan.

Happy shopping!

2017 Hot Prom Style: Florals

Jan 23, 2017

Florals have always been a fashion statement. While many gals may shy away from wearing a floral print for a formal event like a prom, the truth is florals may actually help you stand out from the pack. There isn’t anything worse than walking into a room and see someone else wearing the same dress. How about a room full of classmates all decked out in the same color? Not only is it boring, it will definitely make everyone feel a bit uncomfortable.

Organza Off-White Floral Dress by Blush PromPrinted Mikado High Low Floral Prom Dress 2017 by Blush Prom

There is a lot to be said for stepping out of the mainstream when it comes to prom picks for 2017. Florals have been all over the runways and for good reason. They are elegant. Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking big girls don’t wear florals. That just simply isn’t true. With the right floral pattern to suit your personal style, you can be turning heads on prom night for the right reason. You’ll look totally amazing in your floral dress and it will certainly stand out from the masses.

Take a peek at the floral prints available at and you will be pleasantly surprised. These aren’t wannabe bridesmaid dresses or throwbacks from your little girl days. Florals for 2017 are elegant, chic and yes, sexy. From long to short to strapless to two-piece to mermaid, floral print prom dresses are stunning. You can go completely floral or choose either a floral top and solid skirt or vice versa. Either is an excitingly stylish choice that will make your dress pop and have all eyes on you, especially his.

2017 Trendy Prom Style: Rompers

Jan 18, 2017

So, you’ve been asked to the prom. Of course, you said yes. You’re excited, but there’s one major fly in the ointment. You hate dresses. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Plenty of gals shutter at the thought of putting on a ball gown all layered up with tulle or lace. If that’s your style, wear it well. However, for many gals, dresses just aren’t all that alluring, especially fancy ones. Well, for ladies that dare to be different and say no to the dress, here is the hottest prom trend for 2017; the romper.

Royal Blue Prom Romper 2017 by Rachel Allan

Yes, you’ve seen it on the runway. You already own a couple of comfy, casual rompers. Celebs are wearing them to major red carpet events. It’s not surprising that the romper will be a popular pick for the upcoming prom season. Of course, it is prom, so prom rompers will offer an elegant style and glam that is all their own, giving you a lot of options when it comes to your prom outfit.

When picking a romper to wear to a prom, you can go a couple of different ways. First off, pick a romper with sequins, beads or another type of sophisticated accent that takes the romper style to the next level. Another choice is a romper with a chiffon overlay. The draping long skirt over the romper brings the two styles together and is a nice compromise if mom insists on the dress. Going with a pretty floral pattern is also a top pick for formal rompers that will rock. Metallic is another way to go. If you’re going with a simple black romper, then amp it up with your accessories.

Black Floral Prom Romper 2017 from Rachel Allan

If you are dead set against wearing a fancy dress, then don’t. You will feel more confident and comfortable if you are wearing an outfit that expresses your personal style. Don’t be pushed into the dress if you prefer going for formal wear that is off the beaten path. Thankfully, styles change with the times and you will have a lot of options outside of the traditional for 2017. Just take a peek at the hottest prom rompers for 2017. You will be pleasantly surprised and mom might be too though it might take her a while to warm to the romper.

Prom Dress Fabric Guide 2017

Jan 12, 2017

Shopping for a prom dress is confusing enough what with all of the different styles and colors. Factor in the material and the stress starts to set in. So, don’t stress. Take a look at’s fabric guide to get a handle on the types of fabrics available in today’s most popular prom dress styles. Let the guide help take the confusion out of your search, leaving you with the important stuff like finding the perfect prom dress.

  • Tulle is typically made from silk, rayon, nylon or cotton. It is what gives prom styles like ball gowns and mermaid dresses their pouf.
  • Silk is a naturally fiber that is as luscious as it sounds. You’ll find that many of the more elegant prom designs are fashioned from silk.
  • Satin is an extremely popular material for prom dresses. A satin weave has a shiny and a matte side.
  • Velvet has that warm and fuzzy feel. It can be made from silk, cotton or synthetics. While velvet is not your typical prom dress fabric, it is a sophisticated choice that stands out.
  • Lace can come in many different weaves, patterns and weight. Some prom dresses may feature lace accents or be designed entirely of lace. While lace is stunning remember it is a delicate material that does have a tendency to snag.
  • Sequin fabrics are the choice when you want something with a bit more glitz and glam. Sequined materials typically have a mesh or organza backing.
  • Chiffon is made from silk or polyester. Its simple allure and delicate shimmer make chiffon an appealing pick for prom dresses. Chiffon is also a lightweight fabric that’s sheer, which is why dresses using it have layers.
  • Taffeta makes that great rustling sound when you sashay down the red carpet. It can be fashioned from silk or synthetic fiber. Taffeta is often used in mermaid or trumpet gowns because it’s stiffer.
  • Organza offers a smooth, lightweight fabric that’s sheer. However, organza can also be stiff, which makes it a great choice for silhouette prom dresses.
Taffeta Prom Dress

Taffeta Prom Dress 2017 from Jovani

Tulle Prom Dress 2017 from Panoply

Tulle Prom Dress 2017 from Panoply

Sequin Prom Dress 2017 from Riva

Sequin Prom Dress 2017 from Riva

Check Out The New DressProm Guide to Everything Prom

Dec 15, 2016

Prom is one of the most important milestones in your life—or at least it certainly feels that way. DressProm has done all of the research for your reading pleasure. Here’s a look at all of the prom guides you need to know about before your prom:

Prom Guide: Talking About the Hottest Trends

In our prom guide we cover all of the latest trends taking over the prom cycle for the upcoming season. See, it’s never too early to start thinking about the prints, cuts and colors you should consider for your prom. Learn about styles that are still going strong, like the two-piece dress, and get a crash course in how rompers and jumpsuits have become the edgy style choice for daring fashionistas.

Prom Guide - Floral Dress

A Guide to Hair and Makeup

To contour or not to contour? Do you know what hair and makeup dos and don’ts you need to know about for prom. Prom is your chance to get glammed up, but it’s also important not to overdo it or settle for a look that clashes with your dress. Don’t worry, our hair and makeup guide will set you straight!

Prom Guide - Purple and Green Floral Gowns

How to Budget for Prom

Even if mom and dad are pitching in for your prom dress, it’s important to build a budget that you can stick to. When the perfect dress catches your eye, you don’t want to be stuck a few dollars short. Our budget guide will help you through creating a realistic budget that still ensures your prom is as magical as you dreamed it would be.

Prom Guide - Black and Purple Dresses

Planning for Prom: Making Sure You Don’t Miss Anything!

Plan, plan, plan! A strong game plan for prom is essential to making the night as enjoyable as possible. Leave yourself enough time to add anything you forget to your plan. If you’re planning to do to prom with your squad, make sure you check in with each other to ensure everyone is on the same page. For the rest, check our guide to planning your prom night!

Prom Guide - Navy Floral Sleeveless Gown

How Should My Prom Dress Fit

Dec 5, 2016

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to prom, but priority number one is choosing your prom dress. To ensure you get the perfect fit on prom night, keep these tips mind:

Dress for Your Body Type

Everyone fits into a certain body type category, which means not all dresses and cuts are going to fit your body correctly. To dress for your body, you’ll first need to determine what type of body you have. Apple shapes carry most of their weight in the mid-section, pear shapes carry their weight in the bottom half of their bodies and hourglass shapes curve in and out like an hourglass. Other types include straight and petite. Research dress styles that suit your body type before you even begin to look at dresses. Also, check out the Dressprom Fashion Guide to see the most popular dresses from great designers to help you chose the perfect fit for prom.

november - blog - 5

Take Accurate Measurements

When you’re buying your dress online you won’t have the opportunity to try the dress on before you order. The best way to make sure the dress your order will fit you correctly is to have accurate measurements of your body. Have someone take your measurements and keep them handy while you browse. You can take your measurements yourself, but having someone else do it for you will yield more accurate results. Use a tailor’s measuring tape for this (the soft, fabric kind). Dressprom offers a great prom dress measuring video that will help you take the perfect measurements every time!

november - blog - 3

Bigger Is Better

When in doubt, always size up. Taking a dress in is always much easier than adding fabric to a dress. On that note, avoid buying a smaller dress with the intention of losing weight in time for prom. You can’t predicted how quickly you’ll lose weight, or even if you’ll lose any weight at all. If you do shed a few pounds, the dress can always be taken in.

november - blog - 4

Creating a Smooth Profile

Depending on the fabrics used to make your dress and the silhouette it creates, you may be left with a few bumps and creases in your profile that don’t look quite right. Shapewear can be an excellent tool for smoothing out these bumps and creating a much nicer silhouette.

Every Girl’s top 5 #PromGoals

Nov 17, 2016

Every Girl’s Top 5 #PromGoals


  1. Matching Squad Dresses — #SquadGoals, #PromGoals: what’s the difference, really? Get all the points when you coordinate matching prom dresses for the girls. We love this trend in shades that flatter all figures, especially black and silver! It’s especially perfect if you decide to go stag with your besties.
  2. Runway-Inspired Gowns — Get inspired by some of your fave celebrity red carpet looks. If you loved Taylor’s two-piece front-slit Grammys gown, you’ll absolutely adore Blush’s version featuring the same colors but an off-the-shoulder top.
  3. Figure-Flattery — Every girl’s #PromGoals list includes the perfect dress, and it’s only perfect if it fits like a glove! With hot-right-now prom trends like painted-on fabrics — hello, curve-hugging jersey material! — this one’ll be easy to nail.
  4. Themed Couples’ Prom Looks — Superheroes, camouflage, glitz-and-glam: whatever you’re into, you can make a splash when you coordinate a fun, out-of-the-box themed look for prom.
  5. The Perfect Date — Whether he’s your #MCM or your oldest pal, every girl should have the right date. Pick a date who’s as fun as you, and one who’s not afraid to cut loose on the dancefloor!

Dressprom is here to help you and your friends accomplish all of your #PromGoals! If you have questions or feedback for us send us a tweet @dresspromdotnet with the #PromGoals.


Planning the Perfect Prom

Nov 8, 2016

Planning the Prom: Your Guide to Prom Planning

So you’re part of the prom-planning committee, and now it’s time to start making decisions. is on hand to help you plan your perfect prom — from unique prom themes for 2017 to knockout prom decorations your class will remember forever. As a member of the prom committee, you’ll be responsible for contributing to the following:


  • Budgeting
  • Picking a theme
  • Choosing and booking a venue
  • Choosing and booking entertainment
  • Ordering food and drinks
  • Choosing a hashtag
  • Designing, purchasing and sending invitations
  • Setting ticket prices
  • Designing the décor
  • Decorating

The Most Important Prom-Planning Points


  • Pick a Theme! — OK, this is the fun part! The theme you choose totally determines all of your other prom-planning essentials, so you’ve got to pick your theme early. We love classic themes like Hollywood (because who doesn’t want a real red carpet at prom?) and Paris, but you can get creative with out-of-the-box 2017 prom themes like neon, carnival or candyland. Bonus: you can shop for your prom dress by theme for the perfect wardrobe.
  • Pick a Venue — Your venue should be guided by your theme, not the other way around. Early on in the prom-planning process, you need to establish a venue budget. Once you’ve got that squared away, you should start scouting venues. Make sure to have your venue booked at least six months in advance.
  • Nail Down Décor — Tip No. 1 for prom decorations: get cozy with the theater department. If you’re going for a place theme (like Paris, New York or Hollywood), then your school probably has some useful set decorations from plays past. You can also plan décor parties and make your own decorations at home.
  • Book Entertainment — Make sure to properly vet your DJ or live band, because there’s no prom disaster quite like having lame music! Book your entertainment at least three months in advance, and start researching at least six months in advance to make sure that your top choices aren’t booked on prom night.

2017 Prom Trends and the Latest in Dresses #Prom2k17

Oct 11, 2016

In 2017 the dance floors of proms everywhere will be covered in these dazzling styles. Breaking down all of the hottest trends for evening wear and prom dresses in 2017 is this #prom2k17 quick guide:


Rhinestones Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Rhinestones and beading are reaching a whole new level with intricate designs featuring geometric patterns. Clear and colored gem stones off all sizes will come into play creating colorful beaded gowns with a fresh new take on bejeweling.

Highs and Lows

The high low skirt is making its mark on gowns too. This unique dress style has been seen all over the red carpet worn by Hollywood’s elite. Now it is your turn to slip into a high low cut-out dress with an ombre tone that gives you a chance to proudly strut those legs!

Crop Tops and Floor Length Skirts

This is hands down the “it” style of prom season. There are an endless array of styles to choose from so every girl can have her own unique take on the crop top gown. The little bit of midriff that peaks out hits right at the most flattering part of the natural waist creating that beautiful hourglass effect.

Cocktail Hour

The shorter the hem, the easier it is to dance the night. At least, that seems to be the idea behind wearing an ultra-glam cocktail dress to prom. Lace, rhinestones, A-line skirts, tulle—you name it, any style can be cocktail-ified.


With a sheer mesh panel that covers up a plunging neckline you have the illusion of baring it all with a more modest approach. Whether it is complemented by intricately placed beading or strategically cut jersey fabric in a floor length cut, the illusion dress is sexy and sleek.

Sleek and Simple

Keep things simple and elegant with fitted styles that have minimal beadwork or gemstones, if any. These gowns bring focus to the body’s shape and curves.

Prom 2017 Color Trends

When you have settled on a style, it’s time to choose the perfect color. This season the hottest colors are Red Emerald, Black, Royal Blue and Silver or Platinum.

See a style you love on our site? Share it and remember to tweet @dresspromdotnet and use #prom2k17!


Bright Floral Prints for Prom

Oct 4, 2016

Floral Prints for Prom

Floral prints are a timeless design that will not disappoint. Now, there is a difference between timeless and dated. Timeless is forever. Years from now when you are looking through all your prom pics there is one thing that will standout: your dress. When you go with a stunning floral print, you will never have to worry about cringing with embarrassment when it is time to reminisce.

Push aside thoughts of Grandma’s curtains and imagine gorgeous floral prints and appliques in vibrant colors and luxurious fabrics. Yes, that’s fabrics, as in more than one. Satin, tulles, jersey, lace, and neoprene are a few of the fabrics floral dresses are crafted from.

With floral prints there are a few different categories these dresses fall into. Each one has its own special allure that will appeal to different personality types. You will get everything from strong and statuesque to sweet and feminine. Here are few styles to consider:


Dramatic and Dark

Glide onto the dance floor drenched in mystery with dark floral prints. Dark floral prints over a deep red is one way to go—especially if becoming one with the night is on your mind.

The classic black and white combo is another fantastic dramatically dark option. A tulle overlay and the plunging sweetheart neckline softens the whole look.

Short and Sweet

Short floral printed dresses and short floral rhinestone dresses are the fun and flirty option. They have a higher hem that is perfect for dancing and showing off cute shoes. Going with floral gems, you have the extra fun of sparkling with every twirl.

Roses Are Forever

Roses are a classic symbol of beauty and elegance. Be a beacon for romance in a red rose floral print or brighten things up with the essence of spring with light pink roses and sweet meadow flowers.

Floral Appliques and Embellishment

Maybe prints aren’t bold enough for your evening look. Floral appliques add texture to a two dimensional design. For a softer, pretty in pink look, tulle flowers with gem stone centers will do the trick. For beauty queens in the making a lemon and ivory gown with yellow gem stones and black lace flower appliques should peak your interest.