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The Little Black Homecoming Dress

Aug 26, 2009

Little black dresses, or the “LBD” for short, flatter nearly every figure and look so elegant and refined. For your homecoming, why not celebrate the little black dress? The shorter length of LBD’s is perfect for homecoming, and you can glam it up with sparkly jewels. When shopping for homecoming black dresses, look for a cut that will flatter your body type, and don’t worry if the dress looks relatively understated. That’s the beauty of an LBD – you dress it up beautifully with your accessories!

The Little Black Dress Collection (there’s tons more on the site, but here’s our fav’s!)

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Adding Sparkle To Your Homecoming Ensemble

Aug 21, 2009

Everyone needs a little bit of shine every once in awhile and on homecoming night, it’s your time to show everyone how much you can sparkle. While wearing a full on sequined dress with bright accessories may not be the best option, you can still dress for the occasion while adding just enough sparkle by trying out some of these great fashion tips from

First off, ditch an entirely bedazzled ensemble. You want sparkle – but in moderation. Start out by choosing only one bold piece that shines. Is it your homecoming dress? If so, then accessorize with stylish, yet much more subtle accessories, like a pair of simple black pumps or a pair of matte earrings. If it’s your shoes, feel free to go with a simple and elegant piece, like this homecoming dress from Or, if its your accessories, keep the rest of your look simple. Let the accessories “do all the talking.”

The rest of the ensemble is up to you! Walk in with a confident look, a bright smile, and a feeling that your homecoming is going to rock. That’s all it takes to really sparkle at your homecoming.

Holly Hardwick Presents The Beauty of Pageants

Aug 20, 2009

Pageants are exquisite events – from the great talent to the beautiful dresses, they showcase the beauty of one’s mind, dedication to honing their talents, and commitment to being their best, inside and out. Holly Hardwick, and her Beauty Pageant Blog, provide us with a glimpse into pageant life and the accessories to celebrate the excellence of pageants.

Holly’s Beauty Pageant Blog is a must for keeping tabs on the pageant world – the posts are always interesting, and we look forward to her coverage of these great events!

Be sure to visit her Royal Indulgences by Holly Hardwick store – you’ll surely be impressed by the beautiful tiaras and her crown accessories! We especially love her Crown Earrings – so pretty! Hey, if you want to be a winner, why not accessorize like one? Enjoy!

Tips for Finding the Best Homecoming Dress

Aug 7, 2009

Moonlight Homecoming Dress

Moonlight Homecoming Dress

August is here and it’s time to start thinking about what homecoming fashions you’ll bring to the dance floor. As you prepare for the search for the perfect dress, remember to keep in mind some of these great tips for choosing the best homecoming dress for you:

  1. Listen to your classmates and find out what they’re wearing. See which styles are going to be hot the seasons and which ones are not.

  2. Find out your dress code. Is it formal or semi-formal?

  3. Give yourself plenty of options by choosing a dress that can’t be found at the local mall. Look to dress shops or online retailers like to find the perfect homecoming dress.

  4. Pass on full length dresses and instead look for short, flirty dresses that hit at, just above, or just below the knee.

  5. If you’re going to a more formal occasion, choose homecoming dresses made from satin, velvet, or sequined knit.

  6. Consider the temperature. If your homecoming is bound to be held when it’s cool, try accessorizing your homecoming dress with a cut little jacket, shawl, or bolero.

  7. If you’re going with a bold print or design, choose a dress that has a simple shape. Let the pattern do all the talking and accessorize lightly.

  8. Choose a great pair of shoes or accessories in a bold color to jazz up the basic little black dress.

  9. Dress for your body type. Once you know your shape, look for details and cuts that play up your best features and help to balance out your body.

  10. Be yourself!