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Be Confident and Wear That Daring Dress

Sep 29, 2009

I recently bought this dress that I absolutely adored – it was an A-line dress with a leopard print heart-shaped neckline, a satin deep pink bow on the side, and a black floaty bottom. The leopard print was a bit daring for my style, but the dress just looked so adorable.

But! About a week before the event, I started to have some doubts – what if the dress was a little too daring for my style, and was more of a miss than a hit? I kept questioning the dress, and nearly returned it for another. I then realized that a personal style isn’t meant to be stationary, and it’s fun to mix up my style and try different clothing personalities. Sure, there’s those famous figures who have such iconic style, but could you imagine dressing in the basically the same type of shirt and jewelry every day? Not for me.

If you’re on the fence between choosing the funky dress or going with a safer style, I urge you to be daring and go for that dashing dress! Sure, you’ll need to muster up some courage, but have confidence that it’ll look great and even if all eyes are on you, they’ll be saying how great you look. Make a splash and have confidence knowing that you’re embracing your adventurous side, and likely encouraging other girls to do the same!

Shimmer In Satin At Your Homecoming

Sep 16, 2009

*Sigh* The luxury of satin dresses. They’re instantly charming, and add sophistication to the most simple dress. This beautiful and so soft fabric is a homecoming dress favorite, and helps add the glamour of prom to your homecoming dress! Of course, this isn’t your Grandma’s satin dress – we’re all about highlighting cute and trendy dress styles in satin that will have you shimmering on homecoming night. We’re fans of these superbly stylish numbers:

Shimmery satin will have you looking absolutely gorgeous at your homecoming! We suggest pairing your pretty satin homecoming dress with sparkly earrings and a fun updo. After all, if you’re going to go for an exquisite satin dress, why not go all out and have all eyes on you?

Announcing 2010 Prom Dress Styles!

Sep 8, 2009

Hi there! Isn’t it fun to know all about the new styles before they’re even officially announced? You can choose a dress style that’s going to be “in” before everyone else at your prom does, and be the 2010 prom dress style expert among your friends! We’ve just debuted a little peek into 2010 Prom Dresses Preview on our site, and we’re here to give you some inside info on popular 2010 prom dress styles we’re seeing:

1. Color – Gone are the days of black and white prom dresses. 2010 prom dress styles are all about expressing your vivid personality and choosing a dress that makes a statement. After all, with the nightly news reporting on the recession and natural disasters, we all need to inject some color into our lives. Go for it. You only live once!

2. Halter-Style Dresses – We’ve seen halter-style prom dresses surge in popularity over the last few years, and this trend is definitely sticking around. We’re seeing more dresses this year that have rhinestones at the base of the dress or adorning the top, halter portion of the dress.

3. Sweetheart Neckline – Why choose a regular strapless gown when you can choose a sweetheart neckline prom dress? This popular 2010 prom dress style accentuates the bust line and enhances your curves. It makes for such a pretty looking dress, with maybe a hint of spice ;-)

4. Knee-Length Dresses - Prom dresses have historically been long, elaborate dresses, but that’s all changing. After all, a knee-length prom dress can be just as elegant as a long dress. Knee-length dresses often look best on taller girls, and are another great option for a unique dress.

5. Front Slit Prom Dresses- What’s wrong with showing a bit of those toned legs? Show off your hard work in the gym with a front slit prom dresses. Many of the major prom dress designers are debuting these types of dresses, ensuring they show a little peekaboo of your leg while also being a classy, elegant dress.

We know you’ll look great in any 2010 prom dress, but we hope these tips help you during your prom dress shopping. Have you been noticing other 2010 prom dress styles? Let us know by commenting below!

For The Girls: How To Choose A (Fun) Homecoming Date

Sep 2, 2009

The homecoming dance, or “homecoming” as it’s simply referred to at most schools, is a slightly less-formal-than-prom event, but still gives students the chance to dress up in their most stylish formal wear and enjoy an evening of dancing and socializing with friends. Here’s the hard part: choosing your date. You want to choose a date that you’re going to have a great time with. Here’s our tried-and-true tips for choosing a homecoming date you’ll actually have fun with:

1. Comfortable – Sure, the quarterback of the football team may be good-looking, but do you only have the jitters and are a little tongue-tied around him? Homecoming is meant for fun, so look for a guy that you are comfortable talking to and joking around with, even if it means choosing a guy-friend over a crush.

2. Camera-Friendly – Does he like being in photos? Photos are a homecoming-must, and perfect for adding some life to your Facebook wall! Choosing a guy who isn’t camera-shy can make those photos much more fun, and help you look more relaxed and even more pretty in them, too.

3. Reliable – We’ve all heard the homecoming horror stories, where the date decides last minute that he can’t go, forgot to buy the tickets, or had something else scheduled for that day. Let’s face it, both guys and girls can be flakey sometimes, so be sure you choose a guy who’s known to be reliable and will show up at your doorstep on time.

4. Gels With Your Friends – You’ll remember your homecoming dance for years to come, and will likely share stories with your friends for just as long! Choose a date that gets along with your friends so that you’ll be able to enjoy everyone’s company and have a great time as a group!

Don’t stress over choosing the perfect date, choose a fun date! Your slightly geeky guy-pal will likely be much more fun at homecoming than the guy you’ve ogled at but haven’t actually spoken to. Enjoy your homecoming, and be sure to tell us all at DressProm how it went!