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The Top 5 Often Forgotten Homecoming Essentials

Oct 27, 2009

The day of your homecoming dance is going to be a busy one. You’ll be so excited for the dance, need to get your hair done, your makeup on, and dressed in that beautiful homecoming dress. Not to mention you’ll be coordinating with friends all day on what time you’re arriving at the dance, who’s going with who, and chatting about how pretty your hair and makeup looks. You’re bound to forget one of those homecoming “must-have’s”, and based on our own homecoming dance experience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most often forgotten essentials. Read on to make sure you don’t forget about any of these on your homecoming!

  • Dinner Plans – Some homecoming dances include dinner, others are just the dance. Find out if yours includes dinner, and if not, make plans to get your friends together and go out for dinner before the dance or after. A hungry homecoming dance go-er is not a happy one!
  • Shawl – It’s chilly out there! Once you’ve selected your homecoming dress, choose a coordinating shawl or wrap to ensure you’re warm and toasty (well, kinda…) on homecoming night.
  • Tickets - You arrive at your homecoming dance only to find…you forgot the tickets! This is very common, so make sure they’re snug in your purse before you walk out the door.
  • Flowers – Is your date picking up the flowers, or are you? Make sure you have this worked out in advance, as even the best-intentioned dates can forget this crucial detail.
  • Camera – Taking photos is a must at your homecoming dance! You and your friends will all look so beautiful and be having so much fun that you absolutely must capture all the fun moments in snapshots. Slip your digital camera or a small disposable camera in your bag, too!

All of us at have forgotten one of the above, so learn from us so you’ll have all the homecoming essentials ready on the big day! Have fun!

Sweet 16 Parties: Because You Only Turn 16 Once!

Oct 20, 2009

A 16th birthday is a milestone. It celebrates growing up, while still being able to enjoy the fun days of high school. Sweet 16 birthday parties are growing in popularity, especially with MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16″. Your party budget may not be as elaborate as some of the girls on the show, but your party can be just as fun, with hopefully a lot less drama! Here’s some ways to make your Sweet 16 party an exciting time:

1. Theme It - Having a theme for your Sweet 16 party transforms a party from ordinary into AWESOME! Popular themes include tea parties, glamour and glitz, 80’s parties, spa party, and basically any theme you can think of!

2. Mini Cupcakes are a Must – Have you seen those tiny, pretty gourmet cupcakes? So cute, right? You can find tons of recipes for making your own, and you may even want to have the party go-ers decorate their cupcakes themselves for some extra fun!

3. It’s Fun To Dress Up – Like dressing up? Your Sweet 16 happens only once in your life, so look your best! Check out our Moonlight Homecoming Dresses for dresses that will have you looking so pretty at your Sweet 16.

4. The Invitations - Invitations are your guest’s first impression of the theme and style of your party, so choose with care. Choose invitations that reflect what the actual mood and tone of your party will be like, and of course make sure they have your great personality shining through.

5. Good Music, Great Night – If you’re known for having a great taste in music or have a friend who knows what a good party mix is, create a mix for the night of the party.  This way, you can just play the mix and won’t need to keep going over to your music player. Just be sure to choose songs that reflect the tone and mood of the party.

As long as you plan to have fun at your Sweet 16 party, we know you’ll have a great time. Happy Sweet 16, have an excellent party, and make a wish!

Brr, It’s Cold! Staying Warm In Your Homecoming Dress

Oct 12, 2009

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a year-round warm climate, you’re probably going to be a little chilly walking to and from your vehicle to your homecoming dance. There’s no need to wear a long-sleeve, floor-length homecoming dress – you can still look lovely in that strapless dress at your homecoming without shivering!

> Shalls and shrugs are your best friend this homecoming. You can find pretty, sparkly shalls and shrugs to compliment your dress, and we promise they’ll only add to how glam you look! Consult your local department store, they usually have a nice selection of shalls to wrap yourself in!

> Tights are another homecoming must. Now, we normally “just say no” to wearing tights with open-toe shoes, but if it’s chilly out, you can bet that everyone will be wearing tights and they’re completely acceptable in this situation. Skin-toned tights can really keep you warm at your homecoming dance, and no one will even know you’re wearing them.

> Save the photos for inside! Taking photos outside your home or the limousine may be tempting, but we urge you to make a hasty exit and entrance to warmer inside temperatures. Stick to indoor photo-taking, and save the outdoor scenes for prom night in the spring!

> Take your vitamins. I know, I sound like your Mom, but it’s true, especially since so many people get a cold a few days after homecoming. Start adding Vitamin C and Zinc in recommended dosages to your daily vitamin regimen about a month before homecoming to start building up your immune system. You’ll lessen the likelihood that you’ll have a cold during your homecoming or be one of the many who are sick after homecoming.

> Borrow his jacket. Guys luck out on homecoming, being able to wear long pants, socks, a long-sleeve dress shirt, and a suit jacket. After the dance, politely ask him to borrow his suit jacket for the walk to your vehicle and your after-homecoming festivities.

If the snowflakes are falling outside and it’s very cold, feel free to wear a jacket over your dress! After all, you want to be happy at your homecoming and look great, and shivering is never fun. Feel warm, cozy, and pretty this homecoming!

The Dress Detail: Purple Homecoming Dresses

Oct 6, 2009

Purple homecoming dresses are such a fun color for your homecoming dress – they’re just as sophisticated as a little black dress, but have a vivid dash of color, too! Here’s a collage of ideas for wearing a pretty purple dress to your homecoming, and the shoes and jewelry to transform your dress from beautiful to a one-of-a-kind look!

Our Purple Dress Picks:

The Must-Have Shoes:

The Oh-So-Exquisite Jewelry:

We hope you’ll make your purple homecoming dress as unique as you are, with just a little help from us! Show off your vivacious self at your homecoming in that amazing dress!