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Dressing for Winter Formal

Nov 27, 2009

Winter formals, Queen of Hearts dances, or holiday balls – they’re all the same. Wintertime celebrations are often one of the best ways for you to experience that same magic of prom night, even before you’re eligible to attend your own high school’s celebration. Made to be nights of magic and wonder, winter formals can be a lot of fun to attend – but even more fun to dress for.

If you’re planning on attending a winter formal, it’s important to keep in mind the weather and the setting of the dance. These two factors, coupled with your own exceptional taste and style, will help you find the perfect dress for the occasion. First of all, consider the climate you live in. Will there be snow or sunshine? Dress for your climate first so that you can remain comfortable, however, also consider the setting. If your dance is going to be a drafty gym, you may want to consider adding a wrap, sweater, or shawl to your ensemble so that you won’t be cold. If your dance is being held in a warm hotel lobby or lodge, then a coat may be great for just getting you into the door.

Once you’ve sorted out these two details, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect dress! Winter formals are going to be all about luxurious fabrics and details so don’t be afraid to be daring. Now is the time to get bold. Check out the selection of Winter Formal Dresses at to find the dress that’s going to make your night unforgettable.

We’re Fans of Powder Puffs to Brushes!

Nov 25, 2009

Wouldn’t it be so nice to leave your prom makeup to the professionals, and simply relax while they add those expert makeup touches that really make you look breathtaking at prom? Make it a reality with Powder Puffs to Brushes! If you’re a South Carolina prom-goer, you can schedule an appointment with the very lovely professional makeup artist, Jacey Jean Cosentino, from Powder Puffs to Brushes, and you’ll be in for a relaxing makeup session where she creates your look to reflect your personality and enhance your natural beauty.

Jacey’s resume is quite impressive, filled with national recording artists, models, actors, film and tv stars, and more. You’ll be nervous enough about looking great for prom, so leave your makeup in Jacey’s hands, and you’ll have complete peace of mind you’ll look fabulous on prom night! Be sure to check out Powder Puffs to Brushes (p.s. they have such a pretty website, too!).

Just Ask Him Already!

Nov 23, 2009

We know you’ve been thinking about asking him to your semi-formal. You’ve been stressing over it for weeks! Don’t worry though – you won’t have to go it alone. With a little help from, we can work together to help you get a date so you both can have a better time at your school’s next event. After all, wouldn’t you want the hard part to be over now? Let’s take the first step in finding you a great date for your semi-formal.

First off, think about the guys that you’d love to go with. Are they best friends? Crushes? No matter who he is or what he’s like, think about what kind of a date he’ll be. Will he be fun? High maintenance? Take some time to prepare yourself for asking the right guy by considering the right guy for you! Next, think about thing you have in common. Will you both be able to dance? Does he hate dressing up? Think about these things before you ask, that way, you know whether or not you’re compatible.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of who you’d like to ask, consider a second choice just in case. That special guy that you’ve set your eye on may already have a date, or he may have plans that weekend. Also, if you get the chance, try to find out whether or not that special guy does have a date – it’ll be much less embarrassing! Next, give yourself a good glance in the mirror. Make sure you look and feel confident in your appearance before you take the plunge.

Finally, take a breath. You’re going to ask him. Just walk right up to him at his locker, his car, or wherever he may be – that’s not awkward of course – just put on your best smile and ask. Be yourself and feel confident. Remember, the worst thing he could say is “no” and all that means is that you’ll get to hang out with your best girl friends looking beautiful on the big night! Don’t worry – you’ll be fine. So just ask him already!

Do You Have a Platform?

Nov 13, 2009

Homecoming is an important moment in any girl’s life, especially if she wants to get her hands on the crown. But in order to actually become Homecoming royalty, you have to be sure that you’re prepared – and it’s not just about looking good. In fact, most schools now have requirements in order so that just about everyone can run for homecoming queen – but they have to present themselves in a way that makes themselves look and feel great while being great people. This is where the platform comes in. Homecoming platforms are great for campaigning if you’re looking to get a spot on the court and usually, they’re compact little representations of you and what you’re about. If you want to make a successful platform for Homecoming, here’s what you’ve got to know:

  1. First off, people have to know your name, so make sure that you include it somewhere on your flyer or poster. Also, a picture can help match a name to a face, so include a nice – tasteful- photo of you that can help people recognize you on the ballot.

  2. List off your accomplishments or leadership roles within your school. Show that you’re involved and that you care about your school community. Talk about how you volunteer or if you’re class president. These roles help to show that you’re well rounded and in the end, these details can help you win a crown.

  3. Be creative! Platforms, just like any other kind of flyer, can be fun and interesting, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Work with art supplies, unexpected materials, or even really cool accents to put together a poster that’ll really pop. Just don’t forget to include all of the information above!

Homecoming Makeup Trends You’ve Just Gotta Have!

Nov 6, 2009

You may have the dress, the shoes, and the accessories – but have you thought about your makeup for the big event? If you’re preparing to grab your date and head to Homecoming, be sure that you make a stop at the mirror to check to see if your look has any of these hot makeup trends for fall and winter 2009:

Bold Lips

Pair your brightest fuchsia or hottest red shade of lipstick with soft eyes and blush to complete this look that’s very dramatic yet incredibly stylish. Remember, if you choose this trend, make your lips the focus. Avoid overdoing the rest of your makeup and go for a natural look for the rest of your face.

Dramatic Eyes

Get creative with liners and shadows to make your eyes look fantastic! Feel free to go crazy with color or really make those eyes pop with a bold liner – however, just make sure that the rest of your face goes nude with little or no blush and a clear gloss or nude lipstick. The eyes should be the only focus.

Matte Skin

Make sure that your skin looks like a work of art by avoiding shine. Find a great foundation and powder that can work with your skin tone and type and feel free to create a look that’s totally natural, totally beautiful, and totally you.

Blue Eye Shadow

Bold and beautiful blues are taking over eye shadow palettes and making eyes really pop. Go with a shade that compliments your skin tone and the color of your dress to pull the look all together.

Smoky Eyes

This trend is purely hot and is super easy to get. Use greys and blacks to create a smokey, smudgey look around your eyes, taking care to use different shades and intensities of grey on your lids. Pair with a nude lipstick and little blush and you’ve got a look that’s both edgy and stunning.