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Dressing for Winter Formal

Nov 27, 2009

Winter formals, Queen of Hearts dances, or holiday balls – they’re all the same. Wintertime celebrations are often one of the best ways for you to experience that same magic of prom night, even before you’re eligible to attend your own high school’s celebration. Made to be nights of magic and wonder, winter formals can be a lot of fun to attend – but even more fun to dress for.

If you’re planning on attending a winter formal, it’s important to keep in mind the weather and the setting of the dance. These two factors, coupled with your own exceptional taste and style, will help you find the perfect dress for the occasion. First of all, consider the climate you live in. Will there be snow or sunshine? Dress for your climate first so that you can remain comfortable, however, also consider the setting. If your dance is going to be a drafty gym, you may want to consider adding a wrap, sweater, or shawl to your ensemble so that you won’t be cold. If your dance is being held in a warm hotel lobby or lodge, then a coat may be great for just getting you into the door.

Once you’ve sorted out these two details, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect dress! Winter formals are going to be all about luxurious fabrics and details so don’t be afraid to be daring. Now is the time to get bold. Check out the selection of Winter Formal Dresses at to find the dress that’s going to make your night unforgettable.

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