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Homecoming Makeup Trends You’ve Just Gotta Have!

Nov 6, 2009

You may have the dress, the shoes, and the accessories – but have you thought about your makeup for the big event? If you’re preparing to grab your date and head to Homecoming, be sure that you make a stop at the mirror to check to see if your look has any of these hot makeup trends for fall and winter 2009:

Bold Lips

Pair your brightest fuchsia or hottest red shade of lipstick with soft eyes and blush to complete this look that’s very dramatic yet incredibly stylish. Remember, if you choose this trend, make your lips the focus. Avoid overdoing the rest of your makeup and go for a natural look for the rest of your face.

Dramatic Eyes

Get creative with liners and shadows to make your eyes look fantastic! Feel free to go crazy with color or really make those eyes pop with a bold liner – however, just make sure that the rest of your face goes nude with little or no blush and a clear gloss or nude lipstick. The eyes should be the only focus.

Matte Skin

Make sure that your skin looks like a work of art by avoiding shine. Find a great foundation and powder that can work with your skin tone and type and feel free to create a look that’s totally natural, totally beautiful, and totally you.

Blue Eye Shadow

Bold and beautiful blues are taking over eye shadow palettes and making eyes really pop. Go with a shade that compliments your skin tone and the color of your dress to pull the look all together.

Smoky Eyes

This trend is purely hot and is super easy to get. Use greys and blacks to create a smokey, smudgey look around your eyes, taking care to use different shades and intensities of grey on your lids. Pair with a nude lipstick and little blush and you’ve got a look that’s both edgy and stunning.

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