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Just Ask Him Already!

Nov 23, 2009

We know you’ve been thinking about asking him to your semi-formal. You’ve been stressing over it for weeks! Don’t worry though – you won’t have to go it alone. With a little help from, we can work together to help you get a date so you both can have a better time at your school’s next event. After all, wouldn’t you want the hard part to be over now? Let’s take the first step in finding you a great date for your semi-formal.

First off, think about the guys that you’d love to go with. Are they best friends? Crushes? No matter who he is or what he’s like, think about what kind of a date he’ll be. Will he be fun? High maintenance? Take some time to prepare yourself for asking the right guy by considering the right guy for you! Next, think about thing you have in common. Will you both be able to dance? Does he hate dressing up? Think about these things before you ask, that way, you know whether or not you’re compatible.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of who you’d like to ask, consider a second choice just in case. That special guy that you’ve set your eye on may already have a date, or he may have plans that weekend. Also, if you get the chance, try to find out whether or not that special guy does have a date – it’ll be much less embarrassing! Next, give yourself a good glance in the mirror. Make sure you look and feel confident in your appearance before you take the plunge.

Finally, take a breath. You’re going to ask him. Just walk right up to him at his locker, his car, or wherever he may be – that’s not awkward of course – just put on your best smile and ask. Be yourself and feel confident. Remember, the worst thing he could say is “no” and all that means is that you’ll get to hang out with your best girl friends looking beautiful on the big night! Don’t worry – you’ll be fine. So just ask him already!

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