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New Year, New Look!

Dec 31, 2009

The New Year is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to revamp your style so that you’ll be looking even better throughout all of 2010! Will you get a hair cut? Change your hair color? Start working out? Change up your wardrobe? The possibilities are endless!

Just remember that when you redo your style, keep in mind that there are going to be some very memorable occasions in the upcoming year and you’re going to need the right ensemble to celebrate. Whether you’re heading to prom, a semi formal, a dance, or a gala, you need to have the right dresses and gowns to suit the occasion while still complimenting your new look. Don’t worry – when the time comes, will be there to help with a stunning selection of prom dresses, semi formal dresses, short and flirty dresses, and so much more! Plus, with our selection, you should have no problem finding the perfect dress to compliment your new look or sense of style.

This year, update your style and be daring! will be there to back you up when you need to find the perfect dress for your big occasion. Have a very Happy New Year!

Have a Snow Ball Coming Up?

Dec 18, 2009


When you’re dressing to impress for your Snow Ball, you’ve got to have confidence and style. You’ve got to choose a dress that compliments the tones and textures of the season in soft blues, icy whites, and sparkling silvers. You need to have an ensemble that’ll make you look absolutely breathtaking.

Winter formals can always be a ton of fun, and if you’re looking for the perfect look for the evening, we’ve got everything you need! At, we’ve got the gowns, the shoes, the accessories, and the sense of style needed to pull off the perfect look. Let’s put it all together.

First off, sparkle like a beautiful snowflake in this gown by Riva in a soft blue. This formal dress features a sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps on a sequined and jewel encrusted bodice that has just the right amount of glam. As for the back, it’s sleek and sexy with corset-style lacingSnowBallShoe that compliments the full skirt. Simply stunning. To accessorize, slip on a simple pair of diamond or rhinestone studs. Your dress is going to do all the talking.

For shoes, go with this beautiful pair of heels from Harmony. Since the gown is all about glitter, you want to keep your shoes simple, but not too plain. These prom shoes offer just the right amount of sparkle with rhinestone detailing and a shimmering silver make.

Now it’s time for hair. Winter hairstyles are all about being sleek and stylish, so think about fashioning your locks into an elegant chignon complimented with a sparkling hair clip.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Just put together all of these pieces and you’ve got a look that’s sure to stun at your Snow Ball!

Do You Have an All-Night Prom?

Dec 11, 2009

For some students, the prom is more than just an evening of dancing and dining. Sometimes, it’s an all-out affair that lasts well into the next morning! However, these all-night proms aren’t about partying – they’re actually about keeping kids entertained – and safe from parties – on prom night.

Much like a lock-in event, students who participate in all-night proms will get to have the traditional festivities of dancing, royalty, and some good eats, however, with these occasions, attendees can also enjoy games, concerts, sports, activities, or other forms of entertainment after the prom has ended at the reception hall. These types of proms aren’t boring either – many students and parents alike appreciate a fun, safe, alcohol- and drug-free environment for students to have the time of their lives.

Do you have an all-night prom? Tell us about it! We want to hear about what your school does to keep things going all night long.

Financing Your Formals

Dec 4, 2009

Believe it or not, with how crazy the economy is, the cost of throwing a formal event, like a prom or a homecoming dance, is going up and up. No matter how parents, teachers, and party planners try, prom just seems to be recession-proof. Not to worry though. You can still look fabulous on the big day without having to spend a ton of your hard-earned cash. Here’s a few tips for financing your formals without costing you or your parents a ton:

  1. Instead of choosing to get your hair and nails done professionally at a salon for the event, have someone who is good at both do it at home. You’ll save time and money – guaranteed. Plus, you’ll still look fabulous.

  2. Set a budget. This is the first thing you should do when thinking about attending an event. Start out by taking into account what funds you have already and what you’ll have to purchase. For example, if you have shoes or accessories that can work for the occasion, then just focus in on the dress.

  3. Buy your dress second hand, or look to find prom dresses under your price range. has a great selection of prom dresses under 300 dollars.

  4. Don’t rent the limo. Instead, drive or carpool with friends. It’s more eco-friendly and affordable.

  5. Have a birthday or a holiday coming up before your prom? Try asking for gift certificates or cash that you can use toward financing all of you