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Do You Have an All-Night Prom?

Dec 11, 2009

For some students, the prom is more than just an evening of dancing and dining. Sometimes, it’s an all-out affair that lasts well into the next morning! However, these all-night proms aren’t about partying – they’re actually about keeping kids entertained – and safe from parties – on prom night.

Much like a lock-in event, students who participate in all-night proms will get to have the traditional festivities of dancing, royalty, and some good eats, however, with these occasions, attendees can also enjoy games, concerts, sports, activities, or other forms of entertainment after the prom has ended at the reception hall. These types of proms aren’t boring either – many students and parents alike appreciate a fun, safe, alcohol- and drug-free environment for students to have the time of their lives.

Do you have an all-night prom? Tell us about it! We want to hear about what your school does to keep things going all night long.

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