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Save on Prom

Mar 26, 2010

We all know that prom can be expensive, but there are also ways that you can still look fantastic and have a good time on a budget. Don’t fret if you’ve been saving all of your pennies from your part time job! Here are some ways that you can save money on prom while still having the time of your life:

1.) Instead of going to a florist for corsages and boutonnieres, check out the grocery store floral shop and see what they have to offer.

2.) Don’t have shoes? Try borrowing some from a friend, or check out discount shoes stores to find some great deals. Thrift stores and consignments shops are also a great place to hunt for shoes and accessories.

3.) If your prom isn’t serving food, think about having a few friends over for dinner before your prom so that you’re all well-fed and ready to go once it’s time to leave. Opt to all bring a dish or join in to cook together before you get ready as a fun and inexpensive alternative to eating out.

4.) Hair, nails, and makeup can all be done at home – all it takes is a little practice. Instead of throwing tons of cash into your look, try practicing different hair, nail, and makeup looks prior to the event. You can do it at home for a fraction of the cost and still look prom perfect. Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family members to help!

5.) Don’t go for the limo unless you’re splitting the cost amongst a bunch of friends. If you’re looking to arrive in style, try going with a luxury rented car (it’s cheaper than a limo), detailing your own ride, or just see if you can borrow a family member’s car for the evening.

Short Dresses are Making a Splash!

Mar 19, 2010

Prom season is already in full swing and that means that there are tons of girls out there looking to find the perfect gown – or not.

In 2009, print dresses and long, full ball gowns were all the rage. Now, hemlines are higher and girls are ready to dance the night away in flirty little styles that are purely playful and a whole lot of fun.

Shorter prom dresses are becoming a huge trend for this year’s prom, especially since many celebs have rocked the look on the red carpet at various award shows throughout the year. Short lengths that are strapless, playful, or are inspired by classic little black dresses are perfect for this year’s occasion.

Also, to be in line with some of the other hot trends look for short dresses the feature ruffles, sweetheart necklines, or a single sleeve. These special touches, coupled with the flirty cut of your short prom dress, will be a guarantee that heads will turn when you walk in on prom night.

Buy A Prom Dress, Receive $25 Off Your Davey Morgan Photography Prom/Senior Photo Shoot!

Mar 15, 2010

We love to network with other Greenville, SC businesses and look for ways to save our customers money. After all, when it comes to finding that beautiful dress, you can’t scrimp on price, but there are ways to help your prom budget stay on track. We had the great fortune of getting to know Davey Morgan Photography, and we worked together to identify a great offer for you!

Simply buy a prom dress, and receive $25 off your Prom or Senior Photo shoot with Davey Morgan Photography!


Just bring in your order receipt (or Dimitra Designs Bridal Emporium receipt if you visited our Greenville retail location). Davey Morgan Photography is an award-winning and international husband and wife photography team, located right here in Greenville. Their photography has been described as joy-filled and absolutely enchanting, and we can see why! They love to ensure people’s personalities shine through in their photography, and with their many ecstatic customers, they certainly achieve it. Check out their Photography Blog to read the stories behind the photo shoots and get to know this great team a bit more.

Tips for a Safer Prom

Mar 12, 2010

Prom night can be a lot of fun – if you make good choices. Now we all know that prom night can be a night where drinking can happen, but if you want to enjoy your prom and stay safe, be sure that you resist the drugs and alcohol and follow some of these tips for a safer prom:

1.) Be prepared to deal with pressures that come along with prom night.  There will be people who will decide to try something dangerous or illegal and may try to encourage you to do the same. Don’t say “yes” to something that you’ll regret or something that will get you in trouble. Be smart. Say “no” and walk away.

2.) Prom night is sure to be memorable if you plan something fun and exciting – without drugs or alcohol. Go for coffee afterwards, grab some food after the big event, or even go bowling! There are plenty of things that you can do after prom that don’t involve anything dangerous. Make a prom plan before the night and stick to it. It’s the best thing you can do!

3.) Be a leader when it comes to resisting peer pressure. If you are at a post-prom party, choose to stay sober and have fun. If others see you having fun without drugs or alcohol, they’ll take notice and follow your lead.

4.) Stay with your friends all night and make sure that you’re all taking care of each other. If you’re at a party, watch your drinks so no one can slip anything into them. Also, make sure you’re all in control so that you can get to and from safely.

5.) Never drink and drive or ride with someone who has been drinking. It’s NEVER worth the risk! Call someone you trust for a ride home, or even call your parents. Don’t worry about them getting mad – they’ll be thankful that you just get home ok!

5 Ways to Ask Your Date to Prom

Mar 5, 2010

Finding a prom date is always one of the hardest parts of the whole prom experience, but once you get up the courage to do it, asking isn’t so bad.

Guys and gals – if you’re looking for a unique, special way to get someone to go with you to prom, consider some of these fun and creative ideas from

  1. Try baking a giant cookie and then asking that person to prom with icing on the top.

  2. Write out your invitation in a foreign language and give that special person a language dictionary to decode your message.

  3. Send him or her pizza, Chinese takeout, or another yummy dish, along with a note that says: “Will you go to prom with me?”

  4. Call his or her favorite radio station when you know that he or she is listening and request that the DJ dedicates a song to him or her – as well as asks about going to prom.

  5. Place an ad in the school newspaper asking that person to prom with you.

Carving Out A Name For Herself: Lisa Carpenter Photography

Mar 3, 2010

We’re on a quest to highlight only the very best South Carolina photographers, and we’ve been networking with some ofLCLogoÄ our favorites recently. Lisa Carpenter Photography has an impressive portfolio, filled with beautiful and fun wedding snapshots that capture the mood of the big day and all the memorable moments that the groom, bride, and guests will never forget. Be sure to also check out her family, children, and baby portraits, and we promise you’ll be glued to your computer screen!

Lisa also has a Photography Blog where she posts about her photography experiences and sessions, and great details about how the photo sessions went and just how those wonderful photos came to be! We hope you’ll check out Lisa’s portfolio and see how inspiring her photography is!