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Great Ideas for Post-Prom Parties

Apr 6, 2010

Instead of going to a house party, think of all of the possibilities on prom night! You and your best friends can have a lot more fun doing something out of the ordinary on this special occasion, and to help you plan a super awesome post-prom party, we’ve got these three great ideas for things you can do that are safe, fun, and a surefire away to make prom one of the best nights of your life!

1.) Bowling

Seriously! Hit up your local lanes for some midnight bowling under blacklights, disco balls, and pumping music. Order up a pizza, some soda, and lots of great snacks to have a post-prom party that’s sure to be a strike with your friends!

2.) An Island Luau

If you or a friend has a home with a pool that you’re willing to volunteer, then talk to your parents about having an island luau complete with fruity non-alcoholic drinks with umbrellas, swimming, tiki torches, and maybe even some of your favorite island beats!

3.) Lock In

You can also try working with your school to arrange for a lock in after the prom has ended so students can be kept safe and still have tons of fun! See if you can get your school to host movies, games, bands, activities, and other fun stuff all night long (with plenty of food of course!) for everyone after prom in a lock in setting that ensures everyone can have a safe but memorable prom night.

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