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Look Prom Pretty With These Beauty Tips

Apr 29, 2010

Looking prom pretty can be a cinch, as long as you come prepared. Here are a few tips for making sure that you look your best on prom night:

  • If you’re trying something complicated, like daring false eyelashes, try practicing putting them on a few times before prom.
  • Carry a prom emergency kit in your purse consisting of band aids, spare pantyhose, nail polish, makeup, hairspray, safety pins, breath mints and bobby pins.
  • Experiment with different hair and makeup looks before the big night.
  • If you’re using any self tanning products, start using them a month or two before prom night.
  • Always test new beauty products to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction.
  • If you’re going to dye your hair, try having it done at least a few weeks before prom so that there’s time to fix it if needed.
  • Save time on prom preparations by having your nails done the day before prom or by doing them yourself the night before.
  • If you plan on wearing your hair up, start growing out your locks at least a few months before the big day.
  • Choose shoes that are actually comfortable and wear them a few times around the house before prom night so you can get used to walking in them. Sure they may look cute, but those shoes also have to take you out on the dance floor on prom night. Make sure you can move in them!
  • Avoid getting a haircut right before prom night so that you don’t end up with a style you hate.
  • Practice your hair and makeup style before prom so you can see how it looks.

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