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Accessorize Your Cocktail Dress for a Graduation Party

May 26, 2010

earringsSchool’s out for summer, and that means it’s graduation season.  And graduation season can only mean one thing:  parties!  When you go to a graduation party, you want to look your best.  Lots of people have their parties in the evening, so you’ll want to dress up a little bit.  You don’t have to go crazy— prom was last month!  Here are some tips about how to make a cocktail dress look elegant and classy for some of those graduation parties.

  • Find a great pair of earrings.  You can always go with a great pair of drop earrings.  The dress is short, so your earrings can be long!
  • The necklace is really up to you.  If you’re feeling funky, go with something that has a big pendant.  If not, you can just go with something simple.  But earrings and a necklace often go hand in hand, so don’t wear one without the other.
  • If you’re comfortable wearing bracelets, this is the perfect opportunity!  Ideally, it would be great to wear a bracelet that matched your earrings.  A simple tennis bracelet always works.
  • You’ll need a good handbag.  Hopefully you held on to your little clutch purse from prom.  It’s great for times like this.  It’s just big enough for the essentials.  With a cocktail dress, you want to avoid any purse with a strap.  It just ends up looking bulky.
  • You can wear cute ballet flats with your cocktail dress.  If it’s a casual party, you can even get away with a nice pair of flip flops!  It’s all about looking cute and being yourself.

Have fun this graduation season.  Everyone here at congratulates you on a school year well done!

Miss USA 2010: Rima Fakih

May 19, 2010

Whether you’re a seasoned pageant girl or you just like to watch them on TV, I’m sure you can all agree on one thing:  Miss USARima Fakih’s reaction to winning the 2010 Miss USA title was priceless.  Seconds after she was announced as the winner, she was asked how she felt about winning the crown.  Obviously overwhelmed by the whole experience, Fakih said, “Ask me after I’ve had a pizza!”
Now that’s an All-American answer!

Fakih pulled out a victory after nearly stumbling in her evening gown.  Her near-blunder was replayed during the broadcast.  She almost tripped over the length of her train.  She managed to keep her balance and go on to win the pageant.

“I did it here, I better not do it at Miss Universe,” she said.

Rima Fakih really seems like she’s got her act together.  After her stint as Miss USA 2010, where she’ll represent the USA in the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant, she plans to attend law school.  She also hopes that her position will help break some negative stereotypes about Arab-Americans.  She said that she wants to “show the world that there are Arabs who are beautiful, not only in looks but also on the inside.  There are Arabs that are caring, that are good people, and who love the country they live in.”

She’s an inspiration to all of us, and we hope she represents us well in the Miss Universe Pageant.

What’s the Dress Code for “Semi-Formal”?

May 14, 2010

We all know that your prom is a “formal” occasion.  Girls are supposed to wear gowns (or some other suitable fancy dress), and guys are supposed to wear tuxedos.  But what do you where to something that’s designated as “semi-formal”?

Many high schools have semi-formal dances in the beginning of the school year, so it’s not too early to start thinking about this now!

The basic rule of thumb is that semi-formal falls somewhere between “casual” and “formal.”  That means that guys can’t go in khaki pants and polo shirts, but they don’t have to wear tuxedos, either.  A suit with a nice button-down shirt is appropriate for something semi-formal.

But what about girls?

  • Fashions change, but some basic rules stay the same.  Generally, a semi-formal dress can range from a cocktail dress to something along the lines of a tea-length dress.  So you want the hemline somewhere between 1″ above the knee and 3″ above the ankle.
  • Any silky fabric is appropriate.  For something semi-formal, it might be a little overboard to wear something overly-poofy or princess-like.  (Save that for prom!)
  • There’s also some freedom as far as shoes are concerned.  Dress heels are appropriate, but you could also get away with something flat.  Just stay away from flip flops!

Recycle Your Old Prom Dress

May 10, 2010

These days, it seems like everyone is recycling everything.  Why should your prom dress be any different?  Don’t shove it in a box in the attic— go ahead and do something useful with it.

  1. One of the simplest ways to recycle your prom dress is to give it to someone you know that might need it.  Perhaps you have a sister or a cousin that can use it in a year or two.  With some crafty alterations, any dress can have some longevity.  (Think Pretty in Pink!)
  2. If you don’t personally know someone that might be able to use the dress, you can always donate it to a charity.  That always offers up a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  3. The easiest way to alter the dress for you is to just shorten the length.  You can turn a gown into a cute tea-length dress that you can wear out for a night on the town.  You’ll definitely be one of a kind!
  4. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can try turning the dress into some other pieces of clothing.  For example, you can turn the top of the dress into a tank or tube-top.  All you have to do is cut the dress off at the waist and hem the bottom to clean up any rough edges.
  5. The same thing goes for the bottom of the dress.  There’s nothing saying you can’t turn it into a skirt.  If your dress was more of a gown, you can always hem the skirt up a little bit for a more casual look.
  6. If you don’t want to wear it anymore, you can make some decorative throw pillows from the skirt.  That’s one way you can relive your prom night every night!
  7. Waste not, want not:  Any leftover fabric you have from your prom dress craft projects can always be used as cute hair accessories.

So don’t throw that magical evening into the closet.  Do something with the dress that you (or some other lucky girl) can enjoy after your prom night.

Be Destined To Be Remembered – Kismet Photography

May 5, 2010

Kismet Photography is based in Greenville, South Carolina, and prides itself on serving all of Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. Curtis and Emily Snyder are the friendly, talented faces behind Kismet Photography, and share both  a passion for each other, and a passion for photography! We love their wedding and engagement photos – they work to ensure the lighting and scene works to capture the essence of the moment, and their photos absolutely reflect it!

Kismet Photography also has a Photography Blog, where they post about the different couples they work with and how they captured their personality in photos. It’s great to see all the different photos they take of each couple, and how they work to ensure the couple has fun with the photo shoot and their personality comes out. Definitely the mark of a great photography team!

Travis Harbin Photography – Breathtaking Photography, Exceptional People!

May 2, 2010

We’ve been posting quite a bit recently on our favorite Greenville wedding photographers here on the DressProm blog. We’ve been asked from time to time on why we don’t simply choose our favorite, and here’s our reasoning: every great photographer has a unique personality, and their photos showcase that intriguing personality. You also have a unique personality, so we want to help you find the photographer that best reflects your personality and your event’s personality. Thus, we’re here to showcase only the most phenomenal of Greenville photographers, but well, there’s quite a few of them!

Travis Harbin Photography
prides itself on ensuring each and every photo is of the utmost quality. Take a look at their “Galleries” section, and you’ll see this attention to detail in every photo. Their Nature photos are particularly impressive and just so beautiful. It’s certainly not easy to capture the essence of a stationary flower or fluttering butterfly, but they do it, and they do it breathtakingly well. Same goes for their Sports photography – with so much action happening at once in a sporting event, it’s easy to simply pass over those moments that make us truly love the sport, such as excellent teamwork or impressive skill.

We hope you’ll also take a look at the Travis Harbin Photography Blog, where you’ll learn a bit more about the people behind the scenes, as well as different photography specials they have going on. Travis Harbin Photography not only offers impressive photography as evidenced by their Galleries section, but Travis himself is a wonderful person who we hope you’ll get to know!