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As Beautiful As A Rose: Bella Rose Photography

Jun 24, 2010

You know us, we’re always on the lookout for great photographers. There’s such a variety of talented South Carolina wedding photographers, and each has his or her own personality, and we’re here to showcase them to you! We came across Bella Rose Photography, and their Bella Rose Photography Blog. Lisa, the lead photographer at Bella Rose Photography, has extensive experience in art, design, and photography, and is now a full-time photographer. Her and her team shoot 20-25 weddings a year, focusing on boutique style weddings that require only the most beautiful photography.

Want to get a taste of the different couples Bella Rose Photography works with, and all the different photo shoots and beautiful photos they have taken? Just visit their Photography Blog, and we’ll know you’ll just love their photos! We’re so pleased to see the fine work of Bella Rose Photography, and we wish them continued success!

Taking Care Of Your Memories, With Patrick Hall Photography

Jun 22, 2010

Patrick Hall Photography, a Charleston Wedding Photographer, had us at hello – well, as soon as we read the quote they listed on their “About” page: “Take care of all  your memories. For you cannot relive them.” – Bob Dylan. It’s so true – life flies by, and it’s important to preserve all of life’s great memories so you can treasure them years from now. Patrick Hall Photography, of Charleston, South Carolina, has the talent and expertise to ensure your wedding and special events are photographed beautifully.

Patrick Hall Photography

It’s one thing to be able to work a camera, and it’s another to be able to capture the emotion of the day within photographs. We hope you’ll take a look through the different photos on the site and also the Patrick Hall Photography Blog, and we know you’ll just adore them!

Going to the Dance Dateless

Jun 16, 2010 go to the dance datelessIt happens sometimes— you break up with your boyfriend or your date gets the flu.  For whatever reason, you’re stuck going to that big dance alone.  How do you handle it?  Whatever you do, don’t sit at home feeling sorry for yourself.  Go out and have a good time!

  • Get dressed exactly as you were going to before.  Get your hair done.  Make sure your focus remains on the most important thing:  You!
  • Try to get together with a group of friends that might also be going stag.  Ideally, if you can get in with a mixed group of guys and girls, you can take turns during slow dances.
  • What about the picture?  Okay, you have to get something taken!  Get together with a group of friends and do something silly.  You’ll want to remember how much fun you had!
  • Think about it this way:  You’re free to dance with whomever you want.  You don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.  Make the most of that freedom!
  • If you absolutely can’t imagine going without a date, see if any of your friends have brothers or cousins that you would be comfortable going with.  Make sure it’s someone you trust.

Most of all, have fun!

Plus Size Pretty

Jun 10, 2010

plus size fashionEvery girl wants to look beautiful when she walks into that big party.  It doesn’t matter if you’re toothpick thin or fabulously curvy— you should be able to look as pretty as you want to.  The average woman’s dress size is a 14.  Seriously, Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14.  So why do most high-end fashion houses cater to that small percentage of women that are a size two?  Lucky for you, has a full line of plus size prom gowns to make you feel like a princess.

Don’t hide it!  Pride it!

You can’t camouflage your waistline by covering it with layers and layers of fabric.  It’s actually going to have the opposite effect you want.  Find a dress with a cinched in waist or belt.  It will actually help create curves and make you look fabulous.

Boastfully bust-full
Accentuate your bust line with a dress that has an empire waist.  It’ll actually serve double-duty.  Your waist will be defined (like we talked about before), and your “girls” will look tastefully accented.

It’s hip to be hip
If your hips are a problem area for you, then you need to pull the attention elsewhere.  Don’t wear something form fitting on that spot.  A-line dresses are the perfect style for hiding problem hips.

Choosing the Right Tuxedo

Jun 3, 2010

brown tuxWhen you’re going to any kind of formal dance, you want to make sure you look well put together.  As a girl, you’ve got your dress picked out and your hair done up right.  You’ve carefully selected all of your accessories.  But what about your most important accessory?  No, we’re not talking about your shoes or your necklace.  We’re talking about your date!  It’s important for you to be involved in his tuxedo selection.  You want to make sure you two look fabulous together.

  • He shouldn’t even think about a tuxedo until you know what dress you’re going to be wearing. You don’t want him getting a brown tuxedo to later find out that it’ll look awful with your black dress!
  • If your dress is trendy, modern, or funky, you want his tux to compliment that.  You want his wardrobe to work with yours.  Check out’s selection of funky gray tuxedos.
  • If your going for a classic or romantic look, you’ll want him in a more traditional tuxedo style.
  • Whatever you do, stay in the loop.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to stay out of the tuxedo selection process.