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Choosing the Right Tuxedo

Jun 3, 2010

brown tuxWhen you’re going to any kind of formal dance, you want to make sure you look well put together.  As a girl, you’ve got your dress picked out and your hair done up right.  You’ve carefully selected all of your accessories.  But what about your most important accessory?  No, we’re not talking about your shoes or your necklace.  We’re talking about your date!  It’s important for you to be involved in his tuxedo selection.  You want to make sure you two look fabulous together.

  • He shouldn’t even think about a tuxedo until you know what dress you’re going to be wearing. You don’t want him getting a brown tuxedo to later find out that it’ll look awful with your black dress!
  • If your dress is trendy, modern, or funky, you want his tux to compliment that.  You want his wardrobe to work with yours.  Check out’s selection of funky gray tuxedos.
  • If your going for a classic or romantic look, you’ll want him in a more traditional tuxedo style.
  • Whatever you do, stay in the loop.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to stay out of the tuxedo selection process.

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