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Plus Size Pretty

Jun 10, 2010

plus size fashionEvery girl wants to look beautiful when she walks into that big party.  It doesn’t matter if you’re toothpick thin or fabulously curvy— you should be able to look as pretty as you want to.  The average woman’s dress size is a 14.  Seriously, Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14.  So why do most high-end fashion houses cater to that small percentage of women that are a size two?  Lucky for you, has a full line of plus size prom gowns to make you feel like a princess.

Don’t hide it!  Pride it!

You can’t camouflage your waistline by covering it with layers and layers of fabric.  It’s actually going to have the opposite effect you want.  Find a dress with a cinched in waist or belt.  It will actually help create curves and make you look fabulous.

Boastfully bust-full
Accentuate your bust line with a dress that has an empire waist.  It’ll actually serve double-duty.  Your waist will be defined (like we talked about before), and your “girls” will look tastefully accented.

It’s hip to be hip
If your hips are a problem area for you, then you need to pull the attention elsewhere.  Don’t wear something form fitting on that spot.  A-line dresses are the perfect style for hiding problem hips.

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