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Necklaces: An Important Accessory

Jul 29, 2010

Once you have your prom or homecoming dress picked out, you need to make sure you accessorize it properly.  It’s important to note that necklaces aren’t as one-size-fits-all as we think they are.  It’s important to get a necklace that necklace shopping dress promlooks good with both your dress and your body type.  Make sure you try necklaces on when you’re shopping.  It’s the only way to know exactly how it looks on you.

Most necklaces will measure one of several standard lengths, but there’s a lot of variation from there.  Just because you and your best friend both have necklaces on a 24” chain doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to worry about being too matchy-matchy.  In fact, if you’re built differently than your friend, the same necklace would look different on both of you, anyway.  If your build is larger or smaller than what’s considered “average,” necklaces will fit you differently.  If you have some necklaces that you really love, let them be the guide for the length of necklaces that you’re buying for your prom or homecoming dress.

A great way to make wearing necklaces easier is to shop for adjustable ones.  Many necklaces have extra links at the end so you can adjust the length.  Oftentimes, these extra links are decorated— so you have a little extra fun in the back, too!

Strike a Pose: Posing for Prom Pictures

Jul 23, 2010

posing for prom pictures dressprom.netYou’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect hairdo, and a great date.  But what’s all that worth if you don’t have the perfect picture to remember the night?  We’ve got a few tips for the different prom poses that photographers like to use.

Facing Each Other

  • You and your date should stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Your front hand should be on your date’s chest, right below his shoulder.  Your other hand could go around his waist or neck— whichever works for you.
  • His hands should be around your waist.
  • Tilt your heads slightly toward one another.

Back to Front

  • Your feet should be between his feet.  And his feet should be about shoulder-width apart.
  • Your back should touch his chest.
  • His hands will be on your waist, and your hands can be on top of his.
  • Tilt your heads slightly inward toward one another.

However your photographer decides to pose you, you should remember to smile naturally.  You don’t want to look back on your prom pictures and see a strained smile!

If props are available, go ahead and use them!  Boas, sunglasses, hats, etc. make great additions to pictures.   But take a few traditional portraits, too.  You’ll want to have those.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Jul 16, 2010

Well, among other things :) Diamonds and pretty jewelry are just such a delight to wear – don’t you just get a boost of confidence when you wear that special necklace or bracelet? Together with our Bridal Wedding Dresses sister site,, we see quite a few pretty engagement rings and breathtaking jewelry come through our doors. Hale’s Jewelers, a Greenville Jewelry Store, is a favorite of many of our customers, and we just love them, too!

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Hale’s Jewelers is one of the finest jewelry stores here in Greenville, and we’re proud to showcase them on our blog today. Take a look around their site, and we know you’ll fall in love!

Be a Good Beauty Citizen: Donate Your Prom Dress

Jul 16, 2010

Donate your prom dress Dress PromIt’s the middle of the summer, so we’re sort if in the off-season for formal/semi-formal dances.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something good with your prom dress.  You’ve already gotten some joy out of it, but are you going to wear it again?  If the answer is “no,” why don’t you consider donating it?  After all, the prom is a rite of passage for many high school girls.  But not everyone can afford a beautiful piece of formal wear.  There are a number of organizations around the country (probably one near you!) that take prom dress donations.  Here are a few things you should remember before you donate your prom dress.

  • Make sure the prom dress that you’re donating is still fairly current.  Ideally, you want the dress to be fewer than five years old.
  • Some donation organizations have guidelines.  Some might only accept tea length or full length gowns.  Check that out before you make your donation.
  • Make sure the dress is in good condition.  Nobody’s going to want your soda-stained prom gown.
  • If you see something wrong with it, take it to the cleaner’s before you donate it.
  • See if the donation organization will take other prom items like jewelry, shoes, purses, or wraps.
  • Donate the dress well before prom season.  Girls will need time to shop!
  • You can get a receipt so you can apply the charitable donation to your taxes.  Win-win.