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You’re Not Too Young to Worry About Wrinkles

Aug 5, 2010

Dress Prom get wrinkles out of your dressDon’t worry… we’re not talking about your face!  We’re talking about your prom, homecoming, and pageant dresses.  You might find yourself in a position where you need to wear one of those dresses again, only to find that it’s all wrinkly.  If you have two proms to go to, and you wear the same dress— it might have gotten wrinkled when you packed it up for an after party.  Or perhaps your closet it just so full of pageant dresses that it’s impossible to keep them all neat and wrinkle-free.  So what do you do?  Don’t worry, Dress Prom has a few tips for getting those wrinkles out.

  • Hang the dress up on a plastic hanger and hook it onto something in the bathroom.  The towel bar, the shower curtain rod, the towel bar… whatever you’ve got.  Just make sure the dress isn’t touching the ground.
  • Start the shower up using hot water.  (Make sure the curtain is closed if you’ve decided to hang the dress on the shower rod!)  Shut the bathroom door and run the shower for about five minutes.  Let it get steamy.  (If it’s too steamy for you, just leave the room and wait the five minutes outside.)
  • Shut the shower off, and let the dress hang in the steam-filled room for about a half hour.  The steam should loosen the wrinkles in the dress.
  • Check the dress out.  If you think it’s necessary, repeat the process.

This won’t remove any really deep or set-in wrinkles, but it will certainly give new life to something that’s just a little bit crumpled!

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