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Evening Gown Competition Tips

Nov 12, 2010

You'll feel glamorous in our pageant dresses

You'll feel glamorous in our pageant dresses

When you step out on the pageant stage, you need to feel confident in your pageant gown. But what are the judges looking for?  The evening gown competition is the most glamorous event in the pageant, and it provides entrants with the opportunity to look absolutely beautiful.  Every pageant is different, and judges are always looking for different things.  For instance, bigger beauty pageants like Miss USA and Miss Teen USA look for things like beauty, glamor, fashion, charisma, and poise.  Pageants that offer scholarships tend to emphasize a more classic beauty, elegance, grace, and poise. But there are certain things that are basically universal.

The specific scope for each pageant will vary, but some qualities that judges consider can include:
•    Their first impressions of you
•    The beauty of your face and your figure
•    Your poise, presence, and composure
•    The appropriate image for the specific pageant
•    That your attire is appropriate for your age
•    That your gown compliments you!
•    Posture, carriage, walk, and modeling technique
•    Proper fit of your gown
•    And your overall appearance

When you get your pageant gown from, you can be sure to pick a winner!

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