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Prom Purse Essentials

Dec 30, 2010

Be relaxed and fancy free when you have the essentials!

Be relaxed and fancy free when you have the essentials!

Your prom night is a big occasion, and you need to plan ahead of time what to take in your purse.  Doing so will make you feel more at ease during the evening.  When you get your prom dress from Dress Prom, you can rest assured that you’ll look fabulous.  And knowing that you have the necessities at hand in your purse will leave you feeling relaxed.  In fact, some of your friends might be borrowing your stuff on prom night because they were not as prepared as you!


A few toiletries are always a good idea.  Pack some breath mints.  And if you wear braces, a pack of sugar free gum is ideal to clean your braces throughout the evening.  A mini-stick or travel size deodorant is also a great idea.  You never know how sweaty you might get on the dance floor!  Panty liners are also great to carry to freshen up from dancing and nerves—and you never know when Mother Nature might pop up!


You can purchase your cosmetics in trial sizes so they won’t take up your entire purse.  Blotters are also a must for any girl on prom night.  Blotters will enable you to quickly absorb any wet spots on your body or face.  You don’t want to have a shiny nose or forehead in your pictures!


Most of the time, your date will pay… but what happens if he’s short on funds?  What if you need a ride home?  Bring some pocket change and a few dollars with you.  Not everyone will accept check cards, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2011 Prom Accessories

Dec 26, 2010

Make a resolution to look fabulous

Make a resolution to look fabulous

Once you’ve chosen your 2011 prom dress (the new year is upon us, so prom season isn’t too far behind!), you need to get some beautiful prom jewelry and accessories to make your outfit complete.  Dress Prom has a few tips and ideas to help you get your prom ensemble together.

Prom Shoes

Choose prom shoes that will compliment your outfits but still be comfortable to wear.  You’ll have a hard time dancing the night away in heels that are too high!  Buy your prom shoes well before the prom.  This way, you’ll have the time to break them in a bit before you wear them to the dance.  You’ll be on your feet all night, and you don’t want blisters the next day!

Prom Purse

You should choose a prom purse that accents your dress.  You should also think about your body type.  If you’re a petite person, you should consider a smaller and more discrete handbag that doesn’t overwhelm your dress.  If you’re taller, you can make a statement by carrying a larger purse.

Hair Accessories

Prom is a great time to try out fun things with your hair.  You can wear pretty jeweled hair combs, crystal barrettes, or funky hair pins.  Wear your long hair in a simple bun and accent it with some accessories.  If you have short hair, you can use a big funky accessory to play it up.

Teen Beauty Pageant Tips

Dec 10, 2010

Look and feel your best

Look and feel your best

Whether you’re a seasoned pageant veteran or a new kid on the block, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind when you’re competing in a pageant.  Here at Dress Prom, we want you to do your best—and that all starts on the inside.

  • First of all, keep smiling!  Not only do you feel better when you smile, you don’t want to get caught with a grumpy look on your face.
  • Be bright and bubbly.  Even if you don’t win the pageant, there’s always Miss Congeniality.  (And that might get you further in life!  Everyone loves a friendly woman.)
  • Keep your attire age appropriate.  Don’t try and act or dress older than you are.  You’re a teen—it’s time to have fun.
  • Don’t stand with your arms hanging down and your hands holding each other in front.  That doesn’t look professional—and the judges will point that out.
  • Remember your posture.  Keep your head up and your shoulders back.  It’s a good idea to pretend you’re hanging from a hook on the back of your neck.  If you’re confident on the inside, it will show on the outside!
  • Make friends with the other contestants.  It’s helpful to make friends and network.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup.  Wear enough that it shows up under the lights, but don’t cake it on.
  • Have extra pageant gowns and pageant dresses.  You never know what might happen.

Have fun!

Christmas Party Ideas from Dress Prom

Dec 8, 2010

Make the most of your holiday party!

Make the most of your holiday party!

Christmas parties are a great opportunity to meet new friends, neighbors, and relatives… and they’re also a great opportunity to get dressed up in one of the gorgeous dresses from Dress Prom!  You can relax and enjoy different foods and drinks—or relax and enjoy the holiday spirit!  If you want to put on a successful Christmas party, you need to make sure that your party is memorable.  Here at Dress Prom, we want to do everything we can to make your holiday party dreams come true.

If you have a theme for your Christmas party, you’re sure to provide your guests with a good time.  It’s also a great way to add a little sense of mystery to your party.

Some Christmas party themes might focus on countries or cultures.  For example, you could have a party with a European theme.  Have a party that focuses on England and Scotland, and you can cook traditional English holiday dishes.

Old movies and Christmas stories can also be a great theme.  Rent some holiday movies to have playing on a big screen during the festivities.

You could even have a Christmas tree trimming party!  Give your party a purpose—you could have a gift giving party for the needy or a fundraiser.  Spread the cheer as far as it can go this holiday season.

Whatever you decide to do for your Christmas party, you know you can do it in style with a dress from Dress Prom!

Pairing Up For Success: Joshua Aaron Photography

Dec 7, 2010

Joshua and Aaron Moore are South Carolina Wedding Photographers – a husband and wife team dedicated to beautiful wedding photography in Columbia, South Carolina. They’ve been working together since 2006, and absolutely love what they do, which makes their wedding photographs even more exquisite! They have an artistic photography style, where they capture wonderful shots, but in such a way where they get not just the moment, but transform it into a memory via film.

We love their Joshua Aaron Photography blog, where you can get more of a feel of their personalities and what their photo shoots are like. It’s always fun to learn about the background of a shot and see all that goes into it and all the fun they have on the shoot. Be sure to check out their South Carolina Photography Clients to get a sense of what their photos are like, and see if you’d love the style of Joshua Aaron Photography!

Rockstar Wedding Photography By Amy Wood Photography

Dec 3, 2010

Say goodbye to the old style of wedding photography – those overly posed photos of the couple and their bridal party that just look so stiff, and say hello to Amy Wood Photography, where there is an emphasis on capturing beautiful, fun, shots. Your wedding should be as passionate and unique as you are, and Amy ensures her photos reflect the colorful mood of your wedding!

Amy notes of her photography style, on her website, “I draw inspiration from movies, music videos, and magazines. I set up your shoots so that you look like you stepped right out of them. Then I work my mojo magic during post production to ensure your images are one-of-a-kind works of art designed specifically for your home.”

Amy also has a Photography Blog where she goes into detail about the different shots and what went into them, so you can further capture her photography style and fun personality. We wish Amy and all at Amy Wood Photography only  continued success into 2011 – she’s a rockstar!