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2011 Prom Accessories

Dec 26, 2010

Make a resolution to look fabulous

Make a resolution to look fabulous

Once you’ve chosen your 2011 prom dress (the new year is upon us, so prom season isn’t too far behind!), you need to get some beautiful prom jewelry and accessories to make your outfit complete.  Dress Prom has a few tips and ideas to help you get your prom ensemble together.

Prom Shoes

Choose prom shoes that will compliment your outfits but still be comfortable to wear.  You’ll have a hard time dancing the night away in heels that are too high!  Buy your prom shoes well before the prom.  This way, you’ll have the time to break them in a bit before you wear them to the dance.  You’ll be on your feet all night, and you don’t want blisters the next day!

Prom Purse

You should choose a prom purse that accents your dress.  You should also think about your body type.  If you’re a petite person, you should consider a smaller and more discrete handbag that doesn’t overwhelm your dress.  If you’re taller, you can make a statement by carrying a larger purse.

Hair Accessories

Prom is a great time to try out fun things with your hair.  You can wear pretty jeweled hair combs, crystal barrettes, or funky hair pins.  Wear your long hair in a simple bun and accent it with some accessories.  If you have short hair, you can use a big funky accessory to play it up.

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