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Pairing Up For Success: Joshua Aaron Photography

Dec 7, 2010

Joshua and Aaron Moore are South Carolina Wedding Photographers – a husband and wife team dedicated to beautiful wedding photography in Columbia, South Carolina. They’ve been working together since 2006, and absolutely love what they do, which makes their wedding photographs even more exquisite! They have an artistic photography style, where they capture wonderful shots, but in such a way where they get not just the moment, but transform it into a memory via film.

We love their Joshua Aaron Photography blog, where you can get more of a feel of their personalities and what their photo shoots are like. It’s always fun to learn about the background of a shot and see all that goes into it and all the fun they have on the shoot. Be sure to check out their South Carolina Photography Clients to get a sense of what their photos are like, and see if you’d love the style of Joshua Aaron Photography!

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