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Prom Purse Essentials

Dec 30, 2010

Be relaxed and fancy free when you have the essentials!

Be relaxed and fancy free when you have the essentials!

Your prom night is a big occasion, and you need to plan ahead of time what to take in your purse.  Doing so will make you feel more at ease during the evening.  When you get your prom dress from Dress Prom, you can rest assured that you’ll look fabulous.  And knowing that you have the necessities at hand in your purse will leave you feeling relaxed.  In fact, some of your friends might be borrowing your stuff on prom night because they were not as prepared as you!


A few toiletries are always a good idea.  Pack some breath mints.  And if you wear braces, a pack of sugar free gum is ideal to clean your braces throughout the evening.  A mini-stick or travel size deodorant is also a great idea.  You never know how sweaty you might get on the dance floor!  Panty liners are also great to carry to freshen up from dancing and nerves—and you never know when Mother Nature might pop up!


You can purchase your cosmetics in trial sizes so they won’t take up your entire purse.  Blotters are also a must for any girl on prom night.  Blotters will enable you to quickly absorb any wet spots on your body or face.  You don’t want to have a shiny nose or forehead in your pictures!


Most of the time, your date will pay… but what happens if he’s short on funds?  What if you need a ride home?  Bring some pocket change and a few dollars with you.  Not everyone will accept check cards, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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