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Plan the Big Prom Arrival!

Apr 28, 2011

Plan your prom arrival in style!

Plan your prom arrival in style!

Limo or car? Arriving together or meeting at the prom? Your arrival to the prom can be just as exciting as any red carpet walk – you are giving everyone a first look at your prom dress – so plan to make a grand entrance.

So what are your big options for your big night?

  • Meet up with friends beforehand for photos, then head to prom together for a big arrival as a group. If you get a good sized group together, you can all chip in for a limo!
  • Make a day out of preparing with your best friends, complete with hair, nails and dinner with the dates! This way you can have two big arrivals, one to your dates and another at the prom.
  • Meet just your date at the house for photos. Then arrive in real celebrity style, with your date on your arm to the prom.

How do you plan on arriving to prom?

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Capture Real Moments With Marcella Treybig Photography

Apr 25, 2011

We love to highlight photographers that we just adore, as there are always moments in life that we want to preserve – from high school senior photos to proms and homecomings, and weddings and babies as we go throughout our lives. We were lucky enough to come across Marcella Treybig Photography recently, a Southern California wedding photographer that has done a shoot here in our lovely own South Carolina, and can indeed do shoots worldwide.

We noticed such a “realness” to Marcella Treybig’s shots – she captures the moment beautifully without having to add much to the photo, which is the mark of a truly talented photographer. She also shoots the details of the day – such as the beautiful flowers and delicious cake, that make up the background of your big day. Check out the Marcella Treybig Photography blog to get a taste of what goes on behind the scenes and get to know Marcella more! We wish Marcella only continued success, and we hope she visits SC again soon!

No Stallion? Put On That Prom Dress And Go Stag!

Apr 25, 2011

prom dress

Years ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was attending homecoming dance and prom events, tickets were sold in pairs of two, one set to a couple. Today, I look back and think about how impractical that was.

It’s the 21st century and gone are the days of waiting for the guy to ask you, and being broken-hearted and home alone if no one extended the invite.  That was the way it was, and everyone just went along with it, but no more!

Who says you need a date to go to the prom or to any formal gathering? Why should you miss the fun? Round up your girlfriends and plan a “stag” singles table! Prom should be a celebration, and no one ever said you need either a date, a boyfriend, or a man to have a great time, right?

There’s nothing wrong with going to the prom with a date, but if you don’t have one, and want to go, do it!  Be a strong and independent young woman, and don’t let outdated traditions stand in your way.

It’s all about looking, feeling and being your best, so shop for that special prom dress, find all of your perfect accessories, and knock ‘em dead!

Get Ready For the Glamour Graduation Shots

Apr 15, 2011

white graduation dressSure, you’ll be stuck under a drab graduation robe when you walk up to get your diploma, but how about picking out something fabulous to wear underneath? Be ready for all the photos and fun for after graduation with a hot new graduation dress.

Here are a few tips in picking out the perfect graduation dress:

  • Plan ahead. Most schools only let you pick up your robes within a week of graduation, ask the school or even the company handling the robes what size and color you’ll be wearing. This way you know whether you can go with a full length graduation dress or stick with a short and sweet dress.
  • Look chic in white. Very often graduation robes are white, which means see through issues. Make things easy by going with an all white graduation dress.
  • Pick out something you’ll be comfortable sitting for a long time in. Graduation is a long ceremony, so be ready for the long haul!

Finally, remember to get lots of photos! This is your big day, so celebrate and have fun!

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Prom Tips for…Tips!

Apr 3, 2011

feeding my piggy

Prom is an expensive venture, so when you’re planning out your prom budget, be sure to factor in tips. If you’re utilizing some common prom night services, it’s a common courtesy to tip, especially if you enjoyed good customer service! But how much should you tip? what’s appropriate? Not to worry. can help you decode prom tipping so that you’re always in the proper range!

First of all, tipping should start with your driver. If you’ve hired a car or a limo to shuttle you and your date (or your friends) around on prom night, it’s customary to tip 20%. Some limo and car companies include gratuity in their price, but it’s still a good idea to keep a few dollars handy just in case.

Next, be sure to tip your server if you go out to eat before or after the prom. It’s customary to tip 20% here as well, especially if there service was good. Check your bill to see if there’s a suggested gratuity rate for you to follow. If not, 20% is a good rule to go by.

Finally, make it a habit to keep some extra dollars on hand in case you need to tip a server, a driver, or anyone else you may purchase services from. You just never know when an unexpected expense will come up!

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