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Singing in a Pageant Talent Competition

May 31, 2011

Sing your heart out!

Sing your heart out!

Singing is one of the most popular talents in beauty pageants. With a well-chosen song and the right pageant gown, singing can certainly improve your chances of making an impact on the judges. The team at Pageant Designs has a few tips to help you sing during a beauty pageant.

  • Choose a good song. The song you choose to compete in a pageant should help display your personality and showcase your vocal ability in the best light possible. Songs from musicals are popular at pageants because they allow contestants to showcase their acting ability, as well. It’s important to choose a song that’s well within your comfortable vocal range.
  • Consider how you’ll move around the stage while you sing. Look at the lyrics—what do they say to you? Take your cues from the words in the song. Be sure to move with energy!
  • Choose the right pageant gown. Look through the selection at Pageant Designs and find one that perfectly suits the song that you’ve chosen.
  • Rehearse! Practice the song so many times that you don’t have to actively think to remember anything. This will help calm your nerves on pageant day.

Good luck, songbirds!

Tuxedo Trends: What’s In and Out

May 27, 2011

Prom Tuxedo

Prom Tuxedo

Prom season is here and your prom night is drawing closer – do you know what tuxedo you’ll be wearing?  Before you go out for your first fitting or rental, make sure you know what to look for. At, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the the runways for the latest trends in men’s tuxedos for prom and here’s our rundown on what’s going to be in or out this season. Don’t worry guys – those in trends are actually a plus! Most 2011 prom tuxedos are all about comfort and classic styling.

Tuxedo Trends that are In:

  • Tri-color pocket squares
  • Flat-front pants
  • Longer collars
  • Higher thread counts (they’re lighter and easier to dance in)
  • European cuts
  • Fitted jackets
  • Contrasting trim
  • White tuxedos
  • Black tuxedos

Tuxedo Trends that are Out:

  • Wing-tip collars
  • Cummerbunds
  • Pastel tuxedos
  • Pleated pant

Get prom ready – and find all of the best 2011 prom tuxedo trends – at Stop by our tuxedo showroom in Greenville, SC to pick up your rental today!

Little Girl Beauty Pageant Tips

May 24, 2011

Dress your little one up right

Dress your little one up right

What are judges looking for in little girl beauty pageants? When you choose your little girl pageant dresses from Pageant Designs, you know that your sweat pea is going to look marvelous. But what else should you prepare her for? Don’t worry! We have some tips and information for our dear pageant moms.

Did you know that beauty pageants have been around since the 1920s? But pageants for little girls are a relatively new thing—they didn’t start until the 1960s. And they’ve been shaping little girls ever since.

Judges are looking for personality no matter what type of beauty pageant it is. It’s not always easy to get your little girl’s personality across, though. But you can always dress her in outfits that represent things that she likes. Let her wave and use her favorite toy as a prop. Her personality is sure to shine through.

Judges are also looking to see how your little girl reacts to being on stage in front of a large crowd of people. She should look happy to be there! A crying little girl isn’t quite what the judges are looking for on pageant day. Make sure this is something that she really wants to do, and she’ll look the part of a little pageant queen.

Applying Makeup for a Beauty Pageant

May 18, 2011

Apply makeup that suits you

Apply makeup that suits you

With all the makeup advice floating around, how do you know what to do for your big pageant? You can count on Pageant Designs to have the dresses and gowns you need to really make an impression—and you can also count on us for the best makeup tips!

Pageant Makeup Tips from Pageant Designs

  • Apply a foundation that is close to your skin color. If you have flaws like blemishes or dark spots, use a concealer under your makeup. Make sure your makeup can stand up to the bright lights of the pageant stage.
  • Put a light powder foundation on top of that. Using a loose powder with a brush helps it to sit on top of the skin.
  • As far as your eye shadow goes, choose a light base color that matches your skin—not your dress!
  • Apply eye liner from the outside corner and work towards the inner eye on top. You can do half of the lid or the entire lid. Do the same with the bottom lid. If possible, choose a waterproof eye liner.
  • Fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Be sure not to go much darker than your natural color.
  • Finish up with mascara on both your upper and lower lids. Curl your lashes before you apply the first coat. Curl them again afterwards. Like the eye liner, choose something waterproof.
  • Lipstick will complete your look. Don’t go with anything too bright! Choose something that will last longer than just a gloss.

You’ll look fabulous thanks to these tips from Pageant Designs!

Sweet Ways to Ask Your Date to Prom

May 17, 2011

Prom Tuxedo

Prom Tuxedo

Prom season is here and if you haven’t got a date yet, don’t worry. We’ll help you get there! It can be really hard to ask someone to the prom. There’s that fear of getting turned down, the stress of getting the courage up to even ask to begin with, the chance that he or she will say “yes”…wow, it’s no wonder that most teens put this off until the last minute!

Here are some sweet – and true! – stories about how some teens asked their date to prom:

- One boy, with the help of his grandfather, built a wooden sign that he painted the word “Prom?” on. Then, he took a girl for a canoe ride at a local pond. As they approached a part of the lake, the boy’s friends came out in another canoe, holding the prom sign. Then, he popped the prom question. She said, “Yes!”

- Another boy wrote a song that concluded with the question, “Will you go to prom with me?” and he sang it to his date in one of her classes while a friend played along on the guitar. She started to cry at the thoughtful song – and of course, went to prom with the boy.

- One girl came to a boy’s baseball game and stood in the stands with a large sign asking, “_____, will you go to prom with me?” Then, she had the announcer ask the boy over the loudspeaker when he came up to bat. He said, “Sure!”

- Another girl went to the pet store and bought a gold fish. Then, she put the fish in a bowl and attached on a ribbon and tag that said, “You’re the only fish in the sea for me, please be my date to the prom?”. She took the fish to the boy’s house, rang the doorbell, and surprised him with the pet! He was very surprised – and happy to go to the prom with the girl.

These are just a few ways to ask your date to prom, but we want to know what you’re thinking about! Tell us your best ideas for asking someone to prom in the comments. We’d love to see all of your creative approaches to popping the prom question!

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Introducing Pageant Designs!

May 16, 2011

Pageant Designs

Pageant Designs

We’re so happy to be here to bring you the latest pageant information. Here at Dress Prom and Pageant Designs, we strive to provide you with the most beautiful pageant-wear so that you can really strut your stuff. Whether you’re looking for pageant dresses, little girl pageant dresses, pageant jewelry, or pageant shoes, you’ll be able to put the perfect look together with Pageant Designs.

You’ve trusted us with your bridal wedding dresses and prom dresses, and now we’re bringing that same expertise to the pageant world. With Pageant Designs, it’s simple to find the pageant gown you want. You can search our site by color, style, and designer. Don’t settle for anything less again!

Keep checking the Dress Prom blog for fun and exciting updates from Pageant Designs about our store, the pageant world, and some style tips. Because, really, fashion is always changing! What lipstick is hot now? What about your nails? Don’t know what to do for the talent competition? What do you do if you trip on stage?

Stick around for answers to these questions… and so much more from Pageant Designs!

Make Your Prom Flowers Mean Something

May 7, 2011

Selecting prom flowers can be a nerve-wracking decision. Just think about it. Those flowers may be pressed into scrapbook pages or saved for a lifetime – so which blooms should you choose? Maybe you want something classic, like roses. Maybe you want something unique, like orchids. Either way, your prom flowers should have some special meaning because prom night is a once in lifetime experience. If you’ve been thinking about what flowers to have on your corsage or in your bouquet, be sure to check out these common prom flower meanings:


Roses: Roses are generally symbolic of love, but the color has a lot to do with the specific type of love. Pink means friendship, red means passionate love, white means purity, and yellow means unrequited love. Tea roses mean “I’ll remember always.”

Orchids: Delicate or exotic beauty, refinement.

Baby’s Breath: Festivity.

Peonies: Healing and a happy life.

Lilies: Like roses, lilies can have a variety of meanings. Stargazer lilies mean ambition, Day lilies mean enthusiasm, Casablanca lilies mean celebration. Also, yellow lilies mean “I’m walking on air” and white lilies mean “It’s heavenly to be with you.”

Iris: “Your friendship means so much to me.”

Lily of the Valley: “You’ve made my life complete” or sweetness.

Tulip: Yellow tulips mean “There’s sunshine in your smile.” Red tulips symbolize a declaration of love. Variegated tulips mean “You have beautiful eyes.”

Violets: White violets mean “Let’s take a chance” and blue violets mean “I’ll always be true.”

Stephanotis: Happiness.

Zinnia: Lasting affection.

Daisies: Loyal love and innocence.

Chrysanthemum: “You’re a wonderful friend.”

Gardenia: “You’re lovely.”

Sweet pea: “Thank you for the lovely time.”

Ivy: Fidelity and friendship.

Carnations: In general, they mean fascination, but colors have different messages. Red means “My heart aches for you”, white means “You’re sweet and lovely”, striped means “Wish I could be with you”, pink means “I’ll never forget you”, and purple means capriciousness.

Which flowers will you be choosing for your prom – or your prom date?

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Limos Can Be a Safe Choice for Prom Night

May 1, 2011

prom limoStill lost on how you’ll be getting to prom night? Taking a limo could end up being the safest option for you and your date (or you friends), especially if you’re concerned about what traffic will be like on prom night.

Traffic accidents are a common occurrence during spring and summer. Unsurprisingly, prom night can be one of those peak nights. While you and your friends may be concerned about safety, some others attending your prom might not be. On prom night, there can be increased risks of having hit and runs or accidents involving drunk driving, cell phone use, no seat belts, distraction, or inexperience. Prom night is a night to remember – but you should be remembering it for the fun you had, not the accident you got in.

Taking a limo can be the safer option on prom night, so consider hiring a limo or an antique car to take you to prom. That way, you won’t have to worry (as much) about getting into a fender bender or worse. Having a limo driver ensures that you can comfortably get to and from prom without having to stress over parking tickets, getting the seat belt over your prom dress, or other concerns that come along with driving. wishes you a happy and safe prom night!

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