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Little Girl Beauty Pageant Tips

May 24, 2011

Dress your little one up right

Dress your little one up right

What are judges looking for in little girl beauty pageants? When you choose your little girl pageant dresses from Pageant Designs, you know that your sweat pea is going to look marvelous. But what else should you prepare her for? Don’t worry! We have some tips and information for our dear pageant moms.

Did you know that beauty pageants have been around since the 1920s? But pageants for little girls are a relatively new thing—they didn’t start until the 1960s. And they’ve been shaping little girls ever since.

Judges are looking for personality no matter what type of beauty pageant it is. It’s not always easy to get your little girl’s personality across, though. But you can always dress her in outfits that represent things that she likes. Let her wave and use her favorite toy as a prop. Her personality is sure to shine through.

Judges are also looking to see how your little girl reacts to being on stage in front of a large crowd of people. She should look happy to be there! A crying little girl isn’t quite what the judges are looking for on pageant day. Make sure this is something that she really wants to do, and she’ll look the part of a little pageant queen.

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