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Jun 2, 2011

We love to get to know local photographers! With the release of our new pageantry site it’s great to know that there are South Carolina photographers who specialize in modeling, like

bob-pardueGetting a start in the pageantry circuit can be hard. Whether you’re just beginning the process for your first pageant or this is your tenth, it’s never too late to start a strong modeling background – it can definitely help your chances!

Modeling helps with:

  • Learning proper poise and body posture. Working with modeling photographers you’ll learn how to best present yourself in front of a camera and on stage!
  • Raising money. Pageant entry fees cost a lot, many pageantry contestants will work as a model in their spare time. (Besides all the great volunteer work you do as well!)
  • Staying busy in your downtime between pageants. Life isn’t all about living from pageant to pageant. While you’re getting ready for your next big pageant, stay active with modeling!
  • Preparing the perfect headshots. Many pageants require a headshot quality photo along with your application. Why not work with a professional modeling photographer for your perfect headshot. You might find that modeling is just the thing for you!
  • Improving your confidence! Modeling is just another great way to help you develop your confidence and skills!

Of course going to a modeling photographer like will help you get your glamour shots ready for the pageants. If you’re looking for tips and modeling advice, you’ll love the Bob Pardue .com blog. Bob is one of the largest sources you’ll find for getting started in modeling.

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