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FitOne Studios: The Edge for Pageantry Competitions in South Carolina

Jun 7, 2011

It’s so much fun to get in touch with other South Carolina businesses who have a hand in helping young women make it big in pageantry contests. That’s why we couldn’t help but tell you about FitOne Studios, where you can work with a Certified Personal Trainer to work on your fitness regimen to help you reach your body goals before your next pageant, or lend you that edge for your dance or wedding.


His motto, “Fitness is Life” is a great one, because fitness doesn’t stop after the pageant winner is crowned or once the wedding cake cut. A fit and healthy life can continue!

FitOne Studios works with people of all ages, from kids to geriatrics, but also has worked with beauty pageant winners in South Carolina and Georgia. One of the FitOne Studios clients, the lovely Miss Estrella Gomez represented South Carolina most recently in the Miss Latina America of the World Pageant. So exciting!

FitOne Studios offers one on one personal training that covers it all, strength, flexibility, agility and nutrition counseling. Just the thing to get you in shape for your next pageant or to help you fit in that dream dress!

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