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Tactics to Make your Homecoming Campaign Stand Out

Jul 29, 2011

Both of you should dress in winning style!

Both of you should dress in winning style!

Picture you and your date at your high school’s homecoming dance. You’re on stage and you’re both being crowned this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. You can make your dream a reality! All you need is a fantastic homecoming campaign. Here are some ideas we have that will help you be crowned.

  • Know who chooses the homecoming king and queen. In some schools the student body votes, but in others the schools faculty chooses the king and queen. This will help you gear your campaign to the right type of audience or voters.
  • Choose a theme and/or slogan for your campaign. Make sure all of your campaign materials (posters, buttons, etc.) have your slogan or a part of your theme incorporated into them.
  • Social networking is a fantastic way to promote your campaign. For example, make a Facebook page or a Twitter account. You should update these daily!
  • Shoot a quick video of yourself explaining to students why they should vote for you. Post the video to the social networks you started for the campaign.
  • Begin dressing like a queen. Don’t show up at school wearing your usual sweats and a t-shirt. Even dressing up in a pair of dark wash jeans and a dress shirt can improve your style.
  • Start shopping early for your prom dress!
  • Organize an event for a local charity, and try to get the school involved in some way.
  • Most importantly, treat everyone with respect and kindness, and always have a smile on your face!

When you implement these tactics into your campaign you’ll stand out, and make a great lasting impression to your fellow members of the student body and the school’s faculty. Good luck from all of us here at!

Tips for Buying Plus Size Dresses

Jul 29, 2011

Your prom dress should cling in all the right places! ;)

Your prom dress should cling in all the right places! ;)

For plus sized girls, it’s not always easy to find a perfect dress. Sometimes it feels like pretty dresses don’t come any larger than a size two! Here are some tips to help you choose the right plus size dress for you.

  • Dark colors like black and navy can make you appear slimmer. You can add color to a black dress by wearing colorful shoes or carrying a brightly colored bag. You can also buy a dress that has a colorful or shiny belt, or pair a belt with it.
  • Other dresses with simple colors, besides black, may also flatter your shape. It’s a matter of searching for the best color for your shape and size.
  • Don’t buy a dress made from a stretchy nylon-like fabric. This type of dress will more than likely cling in all of the wrong places.
  • Looking good in a dress can be as easy as keeping your shoulders back, and maintaining good posture.
  • Vertical stripes elongate a body, while horizontal stripes make the body appear wider.
  • Keep prints and designs subtle, unless you find a loud print that flatters your shape.
  • Use shapers to smooth out your shape.
  • Most importantly, buy clothes that fit correctly, and look good on you!

Next time you’re shopping for a dress don’t rush and buy the first one that fits. Stop, look in the mirror, and think about these helpful tips.

Meet a Winner, Miss Greater Cleveland: Marisa Buchheit

Jul 28, 2011

marisabuchheitIf there’s one thing we love more than the newest line of pageant dresses, it’s hearing about the successful women who accomplish so much through pageants. Miss Greater Cleveland 2011 Marisa Buchheit is one such lady who really knows how to wear a pageantry dress, a crown and all that comes with that responsibility. She also placed in the top 10 in the 2011 Miss Ohio Pageant!

On her pageantry blog, you can see just what makes is full of all the great positive things that happen on a Like we say, it’s about more than the pageants, Marisa also sings opera, runs marathons, and recently graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music with Academic honors. It’s so important to be well rounded as a pageant contestant. After all, the dress doesn’t make you into a winner – you make the pageant dress amazing!

We’d like to congratulate and wish her luck as she crowns the new Miss Greater Cleveland, moving on to bigger and better things, and hopefully continues to support great style and talent in the coming year!

Pageant Songs for Dancing and Singing

Jul 26, 2011

When choosing a song to dance or sing to during the talent portion of a pageant, the song should create a bond between yourself and the judges. The goal of your talent is to entertain everyone in the audience. A good performance is a memorable one. Keep in mind that if you’re singing a song it should be one you can sing exceptionally well, and most of the songs sung are slower, unless you plan on dancing as you’re singing. Below are a few popular pageant songs to sing or dance to for your talent.

Pageant songs to sing:

pageant skills

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow – from The Wizard of Oz
  • Greatest Love of All – by Whitney Houston
  • Defying Gravity – from Wicked
  • Hero – by Mariah Carey
  • Break Away – by Kelly Clarkson
  • A Thousand Miles – by Vanessa Carlton
  • Un-Break My Heart – by Toni Braxton
  • Because of You – by Kelly Clarkson
  • I Honestly Love You – by Olivia Newton John
  • I Could Fall in Love with You – by Selena

Pageant songs for tap or choreographed dances

  • Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend – by Marilyn Monroe
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – by Cindi Lauper
  • Material Girl – By Madonna
  • Loverboy – by Mariah Carey
  • Dancing Queen – by Abba
  • Can’t Stop the Moonlight – by Leann Rimes
  • Get Into the Groove – by Madonna
  • When I Grow Up – by the Pussycat Dolls
  • The Rhythm of the Night – by Corona
  • I Love Rock and Roll – by Joan Jett

There are many more popular songs to dance or sing to during a pageants talent competition. Try not to stress out over the process of choosing a song. Remember, there is a song for everyone’s singing or dancing style, just relax and be yourself. Good luck from all of us at Pageant!

The Pageant Planet – the Online Pageant Coach

Jul 22, 2011

pageant planet

While every young lady is capable of achieving great things on her own, a pageant coach can really add an edge and help guide her to the path of crowning success. For those times when you can’t find a local coach, The Pageant Planet is your online pageant coach with first hand interviews and resources all available online. Besides all of the really helpful tips on the blog, you can sign up to try their helpful online pageant coaching services as well!

The Pageant Planet blog covers important topics like how to prepare for the pageant on the day off, how to wear a swimsuit, doing your own make up, award winning hairstyles, and of course pageant gown tips. There’s no better place to get comprehensive and thorough help to prepare you for the big pageant. From run downs of the top pageant gowns of the Miss USA Top seven of 2011 to what makes for a great headshot – they cover it all.
If you’re looking for guidance, check out The Pageant Planet for online pageant coach help!

Find All Your Party Supplies at Stumps Prom and Party!

Jul 21, 2011

Stumps Prom and Party

We’re always blogging about prom and homecoming preparation, so it’s no surprise that we came across Stumps Prom and Party, the American prom and party supplies store. They carry everything you need to decorate for your themed prom or homecoming dance, including backgrounds, banners, tableware, favors, you name it! Every theme is so complete too, from red carpet Hollywood dance to an Escape to India themed dance.

Of course what’s great about all these party supplies is that you can still pick and choose parts to create a totally original theme for your next Prom. You can even have custom banners and invitations made up – perfect for any upcoming parties as well! Stumps Prom and Party gives lots of great prom ideas in their blog as well. Well worth checking out!

From balloon arches to ticket invitations! Stumps Prom and Party, has it all for to make yours the greatest prom, birthday, or party.

How Important is Your Ride to Prom?

Jul 18, 2011

How do you plan to arrive at prom?

How do you plan to arrive at prom?

Talk about your “I’d rather die than let that happen to me” situations! When we first heard a group of young ladies were driven to prom in a funeral Cadillac – we were a little frightened!

Turns out the girls had booked a limo, but at Easter, the limo company went out of business – leaving the girls scrambling to find a free limo for the night. Through a series of events, the local funeral home found out and offered these services free of charge!

Here’s a few ways you can hopefully avoid your own limo death ride:

  • Try to book your ride as far in advance as possible. Rides will book up fast in a town with more than one high school and just a few limo services.
  • Go for an untraditional ride! Maybe a funeral car would be the perfect ride to a Halloween themed prom. You could also get a tractor ride for a country theme or rent a horse drawn carriage for the night!

Do you think you’d be able to ride in a funeral car in your prom dress? Or are you just daring enough to arrive to prom in any car?

Summer Picnic Beauty Pageants

Jul 14, 2011

Your dress should always flatter you and make you look your best!

Your dress should always flatter and make you look your best!

It’s summer time, and that means festivals, carnivals and picnics are taking place all over the country. Some of these festivities offer beauty pageants for both younger and older girls. You don’t need to spend a fortune to shine your way to a crown in the local fair. Here are some beauty pageant tips from that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

  • Choose a talent that you know you’re good at. Don’t choose something you’ve never done before because you think it will be neat to learn something new.
  • The more clubs and activities you’re involved in, either in or out of school, the better. The same goes for awards and being actively involved in your church and community.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on your dress. In fact, you should buy something you’ll probably wear again. The dress should allow you to walk easily and should flatter your body. Choose something fun, in a color that suits your personality and tastes. There are many choices at Pageant Designs.
  • Remember to always smile!!

Here are some ways for parents to help toddlers compete and win in a beauty pageant without spending beyond their means.

  • There’s no need to spend a ton of money on a glitzy dress. If competing in a small town festival pageant, check the rules and guidelines, most of the time they want toddlers to wear simple dresses and clothes. Choose from any of the options over at Pageant Designs.
  • Encourage big smiles and bubbly attitudes. A silly attitude on stage is better than standing still and not doing anything. You can always show a child’s personality by having them wave or carry a favorite doll with them.
  • Choose shoes they’ll be comfortable walking in.

Always remember to have fun. No matter if you win or lose, if you love competing you have to get back up and try again. Beauty pageants aren’t only about competition and pageant dresses; they’re a way to express your intelligence, opinions and talents.

Sweet Themes for your Sweet Sixteen

Jul 11, 2011

When a girl turns 16 it’s cause for celebration. It’s no news that a Sweet Sixteen party is probably the most meaningful party of your teenage years. The theme is a huge factor in structuring a Sweet Sixteen party. Everything from the invitations to the Sweet Sixteen dress the birthday girl wears is based off of the party’s theme. Below are some unique Sweet Sixteen party themes.

  • Anything But Clothes Party – This is a great theme is you’re looking to be creative. On the invitation let your guests know they have to create an outfit for your party from anything but clothes. Encourage them to get creative by throwing in some pictures of you dressed up in examples or ideas, like curtains or body paint. Make sure you make it known that the examples you’ve used aren’t allowed!
  • Highlighter & Blacklight Party – Let guests know to wear a plain white long or short sleeved shirt and a pair of dark pants they don’t mind getting ruined. At the door supply guest with a choice of two highlighters in colors like yellow, orange, pink and green. The room should be lit only by blacklights.You can set out items that glow under blacklights like glow sticks, glow necklaces, and white or neon clothes. You can tape garbage bags on the walls and paint them with tide or even color your hair with highlighters. If you supply a DJ, while dancing, guests can use the highlighters to draw on each other.
  • America’s Next Top Model Party – During this fashionable blowout you can have guests dress up and bring along one or two changes of clothes. Everyone can compete in challenges like photo shoots and catwalks. Choose a few adults to act as a judge panel.

These are only three of the many Sweet Sixteen party themes to choose from. Whether you want a laid back bash or a swinging event you’ll be sure to find the theme and Sweet Sixteen dress to suit your style. Just remember, this is a once in a lifetime event so make it memorable!

Confidence is the Key to Pageant Success

Jul 7, 2011

Mysterious sight of the girl

Confidence, a winning smile and the crown can be yours!

One of the most important qualities of pageant winners is confidence. People can sense when you aren’t confident with yourself. It shows in the way you walk, the expressions on your face, your smile, posture, and even the way you wear your clothes. In order to win the crown, you need to hold you head high and pretend it’s already on top of you head. These tips will help you remain confident and bring you closer to pageant success.

  • Always smile.
  • You should look the judges in the eyes, but if you find that difficult you can look at their foreheads.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on a pageant gown. All you need is a gown that sparkles when you’re on the stage, and makes you feel and look good.
  • Choose a dress that fits you correctly. The color should also bring out your personality. When choosing a dress, consider your hairstyle, make-up, skin conditions – tan lines, height, weight, posture, ability to walk on stage, ability to walk up and down steps, the type of shoes you’ll need, and accessories.
  • Do not over accessorize. Keep jewelry at a minimum.
  • Never compare yourself to the other contestants. You are only being judged on you. Picking out qualities they have that you don’t believe you have will only make you less confident. Besides, you may not think you have those qualities, but the judges may think differently.
  • Be up to date with what is going on in the news and other current events.
  • Good posture is very important. Keep your shoulders back and hold your head high.
  • Remember, your hair is your crowning glory and can make or break your appearance.
  • Be honest with the judges.
  • Never give up. Most likely, you’ll lose more times than you’ll win. You need to hold your head high and keep trying. After losing a pageant think of ways you can improve for the next pageant.

Keeps these tips in mind next time you’re walking across the stage, answering a question or choosing a dress and you’ll be well on your way to winning a crown. Good luck from all of us at