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Famous Pageant Queens and Title Holders

Aug 31, 2011

Today’s beauty pageant contestants have some big shoes to fill, if they’re looking to be crowned queen or win a pageant title. Here are a few widely known women, who’ve won titles in beauty pageants across the U.S.

Can you handle the heel? Pageantry shoes are hard to fill!

Can you handle the heel? Pageantry shoes are hard to fill!

  • Today she is the host of World News Tonight, but in 1963, Diane Sawyer took over the pageant limelight when she won America’s Junior Miss pageant.
  • In 1971, Oprah Winfrey took home the crown for Miss Fire Prevention and Miss Black Tennessee. Oprah also competed in the Miss Black America Pageant but unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the finals in this pageant.
  • Sharon Stone has played in over 50 different movies and television shows, but in 1976, this talented actress was busy winning the title of Miss Crawford County. She was also Saegertown’s Spring Festival Queen.
  • Vanessa Williams was the first African-American woman to win the Miss America Pageant in 1984.
  • In 1984 Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin took him the crown in the Miss Wasilla Beauty Pageant. She also competed in the Miss Alaska pageant, finishing third and named Miss Congeniality.
  • Halle Berry is no stranger to beauty pageants. This Academy Award winning actress’s pageant success stories include Miss Teen All American, Miss Ohio-USA in 1986, she was first runner-up to Miss USA, and fourth runner-up to Miss World in 1986.
  • Known for playing the role of Kelly Kapowski in the hit series Saved by the Bell, Tiffani-Amber Theissen grew up competing in beauty pageants. In 1987, she took home the crown for Miss Junior America.
  • You may remember Miss Teen USA 1990, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, from movies such as Billy Madison and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Who’s your role model pageantry winner?

Celebrate your Quinceanera with Traditions

Aug 29, 2011

Every Latina girl dreams about her Quinceanera, or 15th birthday party, when she will leave her childhood behind and enter womanhood. Quinceanera parties are usually elaborate soirees, which have many traditions. Below are some of the common traditions practiced during a girl’s Quinceanera.
Quinceanera dress

  • The girl celebrating her coming of age chooses friends, brothers, sisters, cousins and others who she is close with to be a part of her Court of Honor and share the spotlight. The party girl wears a Quinceanera dress or gown, and the people of the Court of Honor usually wear gowns or tuxedos.
  • Typically, the girl celebrating turning 15 receives a tiara, cross or medal, bible or prayer book, rosary, and a scepter. These gifts all have special meanings. The tiara marks her as a princess and symbolizes her movement through childhood and the challenges facing her in womanhood. A cross stands for her faith in God, herself and the world, while the bible and rosary remind her of the importance of keeping God in her life. The scepter stands for authority and responsibility for her life.
  • One well-known tradition is the Changing of the Shoes. This is when the girl’s father and a male family member take off her flat shoes, and replace them with heels.
  • During the church ceremony, the girl kneels on a decorative ceremony pillow, which sometimes has her name sewn onto it.
  • After the ceremony, during the reception everyone toasts the birthday girl with decorated champagne glasses

These are only five of the many traditions that take place at a Quinceanera. What are some of your favorite Quinceanera traditions?

Confidently Ask Him to Prom

Aug 22, 2011

Prom is one of the most talked about events of the school year. Girls go all out when looking for the perfect dress, while the boys stress about asking that certain someone to be their date. His shyness may cost you a date for prom! When it comes to finding a prom date, don’t stand on the sidelines while the boy you like drags his feet! Take charge and start looking for a prom date before it’s too late and you end up going to prom alone! Here are some strategies to use when you’re looking to land a date for prom.

The perfect dress is never hard to find - the perfect date however...

The perfect dress is never hard to find - the perfect date however...

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute! Start eyeing up prospective prom dates now. If you wait until a month before prom, there won’t be any decent boys left to ask.
  2. Remain calm. Don’t become nervous over asking the boy you like to prom. The worse he can say is no. Besides, maybe the only reason he hasn’t asked you is because he’s nervous.
  3. Ask him at the right time. When he’s hanging out with a group of his friends isn’t the ideal time to ask a guy to prom. If you do, you’ll be putting him on the spot. A good time to ask is when he is standing at his locker alone, or another time when he isn’t talking to anyone.
  4. If the guy you ask does say no, don’t base your opinion of yourself on what they think. Stay confident in yourself and keep trying. He obviously wasn’t the right prom date for you.
  5. Don’t just ask anyone. The person you ask should be someone who interests you. For example, don’t ask the most popular guy in school because he’s the most popular guy in school. Ask him because you truly like him and you enjoy talking to him during class or locker breaks.

Have confidence in yourself, even if you do end up going to prom without a date! If you appear confident, the people around you will think there is nothing wrong. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a new trend, and next year everyone will go to prom stag!

Transforming your Toddler from a Pageant Princess to a Queen

Aug 19, 2011

Some of the best beauty pageants are toddler pageants. Who wouldn’t want to watch an adorable, smiling child walk across stage in a beautiful pageant dress? This is especially true when she’s holding a trophy or wearing a crown! Here are some words of advice to help your little pageant princess become a pageant queen.

  1. little girls pageant dressMake sure the dress you choose is appropriate for a toddler.
  2. Let your child make some pageant decisions. You don’t have to let her choose her pageant dress, but let her pick the color or a barrette for her hair.
  3. A pageant dress should reflect the contestant’s interests and allow her personality to stand out.
  4. Don’t let accessories distract from the pageant dress! Focus specifically on shoes, socks, and a belt or a chocker if needed.
  5. Pageant hairstyles can vary, but whatever hairstyle you go with, make sure to leave enough room for a tiara.
  6. Make sure your child knows she has to smile when she’s on stage. The more upbeat and happy a contestant is on stage, the better. Judges look at a contestant’s appearance, personality, and smile.
  7. Keep in mind that the judges also take notice to the reactions of audience members.
  8. Keeping a child happy when she’s not on stage can help her to be happy when she is on stage. Always pack a favorite toy for her to play with backstage.
  9. If you smile and have a good attitude, so will your child. Even if she doesn’t win, teach your child the right way to behave by doing so yourself. You’ll be teaching her how to play fair and how to be a good loser.
  10. Before a pageant, have your child practice walking across stage, her talent, and her poise in front of a crowd of family members. This will help her overcome stage fright and remember what she has to do on stage.

While all of this is important when competing in a toddler beauty pageant, the most important part of a pageant is having fun. Good luck from all of us here at!

Meet a Winner, Miss Akron International: Amy-Allen

Aug 18, 2011

amy-allenThere’s nothing we love as much as hearing about successful pageant contestants and Miss Akron International, Amy-Allen in Ohio is one of those pageantry successes that is amazing to read about. Amy has been successfully competing in pageants since 2002. Her time spent in the Miss America Scholarship Program helped support her way through not just college, but also in getting her Master of Business Administration. It’s hard work like that you really have to admire!

Amy has achieved many titles and awards including Southern Ohio 2008, Summit County’s Junior Miss 2002, Miss Black Southern Ohio USA 2008 and 2009 and awards in community service, spirit and Miss Congeniality. So much success obviously doesn’t go to her head, one her blog you’ll see pictures of her and other Miss’s and pageant winners in beautiful pageant dresses hosting events– so congenial!

Like all winning pageant contestants, Amy Allen has a strong platform, supporting Urban Renewal through Habitat for Humanity. Recently she competed in the Miss Midwest Captivating competition, coming up as runner up!

If you’re looking for a strong role model in the pageantry world, look no further than Amy Allen. Check out Amy’s pageantry blog to keep up with her pageant journey or follow her on Twitter at @allen_amy and Like her on Facebook.

From all of us at, we’d like to wish Amy best of luck in the future!

Meet Miss All American City, Meggie Wittman

Aug 17, 2011

Meggie has been competing in pageants since starting in the National American Miss circuit at 13. After 4 years and reaching Nationals twice she took a break and came back to start competing in the Miss Ohio/Miss America circuit. We were so excited that not only did she want to talk to us, but gave us a full interview!

What’s your favorite thing about pageants? Why?
meggie whitman“My favorite thing about pageants is doing appearances. While the competition part of pageants is a lot of fun and it’s what most people think of when the think of pageants, I like doing the job of a titleholder. My platform is the Make-A-Wish Foundation and I do a lot of work with them. Whether I’m at the Walk for Wishes, the Celebrity Wish Gala, the Wishbowl, or meeting with my wish kids as a wish granter, I am constantly impressed by the young children who are so positive even in the face of life-threatening medical conditions. It makes whatever troubles we have in our lives seem insignificant and petty. I love the people I’m able to meet and spend time with through pageants and especially through my platform.”

How did you feel when you won?

“When I won my first pageant, Miss Cuyahoga County 2009-2010, I was absolutely thrilled. I felt very confident in my preparation for the pageant but I was so excited that the judges saw that too and picked me to represent my home of Cuyahoga County on the Miss Ohio stage!”

Why do you feel you were chosen over all of the other pageant participants?

“I think I was chosen over the other contestants because the judges knew that A. I wanted this job so very much and B. That I could do the job. Many girls compete with a fairytale idea of what Miss Ohio does and who Miss Ohio is, but I saw beyond the pretty hair, painted nails, awesome clothes and saw that being a local, state, or national titleholder in the Miss America system is a job. Sure, it’s a really fun exciting job, but it is a job. You have to be ready to speak in public, to market yourself, to have not much free time, and to juggle all this while looking fabulous of course. I made it clear in my interview that I was ready to take on the job and go to Miss Ohio and represent my county and luckily the judges agreed.”

meggie whitman

What’s your favorite type of pageantry dress to wear?

“My favorite pageant dresses to wear are ones that are different. While I love the standard strapless, I love a dress that is just a “wow.” But you also have to make sure that it doesn’t take away from your own beauty. You want to wear the dress, you don’t want the dress to wear you. I love simple and elegant gowns. I love illusion elements, beading, and open backs are always gorgeous.”

What advice would you give a girl on picking out the right dress?

“Basically in picking out a gown it all depends on your body type and what you want to showcase. With a pageant gown you want to think of a few of your favorite aspects about your body or personality and showcase them. If you want to show a spunky side wear an all-over print (leopard is great). If you want to show off your legs go with a slit. If you love your back, show it off! Whatever you love about yourself, make sure the judges love it too by showcasing it to the best of your ability.”

Meggie will be competing next in the National Sweetheart Pageant in Hoopston, Illinois a national pageant where the first runner ups from the state Miss America pageants compete. As this year’s third runner up to Miss Ohio, and with a bit of luck with timing Meggie was invited to be Ohio’s Sweetheart at the National Pageant this year. You can catch up with Meggie at her blog or find out more about her work with Make A Wish and the Children’s Miracle Network at her personal site. We hope you’ll join us in wishing her much luck!

Prom Makeup Perfection

Aug 16, 2011

You may have your prom dress, shoes, jewelry and hairstyle for planned, but you’re not finished! All you need to complete your prom look is makeup. Don’t settle for your normal makeup, try something new. After all, this is prom! Not sure how to begin experimenting with prom makeup looks? We’ve come up with a step-by-step makeup guide to help you out.


Step 1: Foundation
Use foundation if you have acne or an uneven skin tone. The secret to foundation is making it look at natural as possible. To achieve a natural look you need to match the foundation color to your jaw line’s skin tone. Blend foundation into your cheeks, forehead, chin and outward into your jaw line until the foundation vanishes. After you’re finished, set the foundation with loose powder.

Step 2: Blush
Apply a light dusting of blush to the apples of your cheeks using a large soft makeup brush. To find the apples of your cheeks, smile hard. The spots that extend outward are the apples. The correct color of blush for you should match the color of your cheeks after you work out.

Step 3: Eyes and Lips
Most makeup artists recommend highlighting only one of these areas. For example, if you’re wearing heavy eye makeup then wear a light color on your lips. Decide whether your eyes or lips are the better feature, and highlight them. Always choose colors that complement your skin tone. Using liquid eyeliner gives eyes a more intense look, while pencil eyeliner provides a softer look.

Remember, your makeup should compliment, not overpower your look. Now that you know how to do your makeup, don’t wait until the night of prom start experimenting—find the perfect prom look now!

Perfect Prom Jewelry

Aug 8, 2011

Jewelry can make or break your prom dress. There are many things to consider when choosing what to wear, jewelry-wise, for that big dance. For example, one thing to consider is whether the jewelry matches your dress and shoes. Here are some tips, from, to help you choose the perfect prom jewelry for your prom night.

dangling prom earrings

  • The jewelry you choose should be jewelry you would normally wear. For example, if you never wear earrings, don’t wear a pair just for your prom. Unless, of course, you feel comfortable wearing them.
  • If your gown has a lot of details, choose simple jewelry. If your gown is simple, you can be more extravagant with your jewelry choices.
  • If you’re going to be wearing a fancy tiara or something else in your hair, keep your earrings simple or don’t wear any at all.
  • Generally, tall girls tend to look better wearing dangling earrings, and small earrings appeal to shorter girls.
  • Long y-shaped necklaces and short choker type necklaces look great when worn with a v-neck dress. A strand of pearls can also compliment a v-neck dress.
  • Wear short necklaces, or long layered necklaces compliment scooped neck dresses.
  • If your dress is strapless, draw attention to your neck by wearing a bold necklace.
  • Don’t match your jewelry to the color of your dress. Wear colors that compliment each other.

Before purchasing any jewelry for prom, try it on. You may not like how it looks until you’re wearing it! Stop by and visit us at for more prom jewelry ideas.