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10 Tips for Proper Pageant Etiquette

Oct 4, 2011

In order to win a crown, pageant girls have to show the judges that they are poised, proper, educated young women. To do this you must be educated in proper pageant etiquette. Next time you’re standing on stage in your pageant dress, remember to practice winning etiquette.

  1. Always be polite. Instead of blurting something out, think about what you’re going to say. Is there anything unladylike about it? Would you be offended, hurt or upset if someone said it to you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, what you’re about to say isn’t polite and so refrain from saying it.
  2. Never forget to say please and thank you. Not only is this an important part of pageant etiquette, saying please and thank you is simply a part of minding your manners.
  3. Maintain eye contact whenever you’re speaking to someone and be aware of his or her personal space.
  4. Treat other pageant contestants with respect, the way you would like to be treated.
  5. When seated, cross your ankles not your legs.
  6. Maintain good posture, and keep a smile on your face whenever on stage.
  7. Only sit down when asked or directed to. It’s considered impolite to sit before asked to.
  8. Speak up when spoken to. Talk loudly and punctuate your words so people are able to understand what you’re saying.
  9. When walking, keep your shoulders back and your head up.
  10. If someone shakes your hand, make sure you have a firm handshake.

Practice these pageant etiquettes before pageants, and implement them into your everyday life so you won’t forget about them when it comes time for a pageant. Even when you’re not wearing a wearing a pageant dress, you can still wear your pageant poise. Good luck from everyone here at Pageant Designs!

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