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Proper Homecoming Etiquette

Oct 31, 2011

Think you’re ready for your school’s homecoming dance? You’ve chosen your homecoming dress, shoes, accessories and makeup. However, are you up to date on your homecoming etiquette? We didn’t think so. Here are some homecoming dos and don’ts to keep in mind during homecoming.

Your homecoming is probably being held at a fancy hall with proper place settings. Keep your cool with these dining etiquette tips.

Homecoming Etiquette

  • Everything has a proper place in the table setting.
    • The dinner plate goes in the middle with the soup bowl on top.
    • You may have a smaller plate to your left with a knife on it. This is the bread and butter plate and the knife is the butter spreader.
    • Across from the bread and butter plate, there are usually three glasses. The shortest is for white wine, the middle glass is for red wine and the tallest glass is the water goblet. The place settings at homecoming will most likely only have water goblets.
    • To the left of your dinner plate and next to your napkin there are three forks. Beginning from the outside in, is the salad fork, dinner fork and dessert fork.
    • To the right of your dinner plate, beginning from the outside in is the soup spoon, teaspoon and dinner knife.
  • When you begin eating, start with the outside fork and spoon and work your way in.
  • If there is a coffee cup included in the place setting, and you don’t want coffee, turn the cup upside down.
  • Keep your napkin on your lap until you’re finished eating.
  • Before using the ladies room, place your napkin on the back of your chair.
  • After finishing your salad, turn your salad fork upside down on your plate.
  • Keep your purse and other items off the dinner table.
  • Don’t apply makeup at the table.

Most importantly, never forget your manners! You should always say please and thank you. These are only a few important etiquettes that should be kept in mind at homecoming. If you’re interested in learning more about proper homecoming and dinner etiquette, search for an etiquette book at your local library or book store. Have a safe and great homecoming, from all of us at! 

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