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Party favors for prom, quinceaneras and sweet sixteen:

Nov 4, 2011

While we love our proms, quinceaneras, and birthday parties we only handle the dressing up side of things, which is why it’s great to find, who not only gets our passion for parties, but has a great party planning perspective that they share on their blog. They were great enough to share with us their party favors expertise, which you can read below. What are your favorite party favors?

All of us love to give and receive gifts. The idea of giving out party favors to the guests at a party or birthday bash is quite new and innovative. Giving out party favors for prom, quinceaneras and sweet sixteen has become a common practice. Today, a number of customized party favors as well as party favor ideas can be found in many online party supplies stores. From cute prom party favors and packs of yummy sweet sixteen chocolate favors to personalized quinceaneras party favors and glazing sweet sixteen candy bar wrappers, the online party supplies market has a plethora of choices to offer.

What kind of party favors to choose?custom candybar wrapper
When it comes to choosing the right kind of party favors for prom, quinceaneras and sweet sixteen birthday parties, many of us go baffled. Occasions such as sweet sixteen birthdays and proms are one-of-a-kind celebrations which leave long-lasting impressions in our minds. To make these occasions rather more memorable, you need to plan unique party favors for your guests. Choice of party favors certainly depends on your party’s theme and the expected guests. Party favors can also be inspired by the season and they can be themed too.

Do-it-yourself party favors for prom, quinceaneras and sweet sixteen
The modern trend of personalized party favors is a blessing. All kinds of customized party favors for prom, quinceaneras and sweet sixteen are available in party supplies stores at reasonable prices. However, do-it-yourself party favor ideas are a great hit among party lovers. DIY favors, which are made by hand, can be personalized and themed. Popular DIY party favor ideas for prom and birthdays include homemade goodies such as jams, cakes or marmalades, tiny potted plants and lovely flowers, candies, chocolate treats, lollipops, sweet-smelling candles, greeting cards, cookies, pens, photo frames, mugs, 16 themed gifts and so on. These gifts can be personalized with a name tag or quote and wrapped in colorful wrappers and ribbons. Needless to say, such custom made party favors are much cuter and affordable than shopped favors.

How much to pay for adorable party favors?
The trend of giving out party favors to the guests is quite modern but elegant party favors are often mistaken for useless, expensive gifts. Breaking the bank to buy costly throwaway party favors for prom, quinceaneras and sweet sixteen is undesirable. Ideal party favors do not imply extravagant treats, but impressive little gifts which are often handmade. Such simple party favors may not be rich by their price, but certainly are, by their value.

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