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Prom Queen Worthy Picks For 2012 Prom Dresses: Prints and Cowgirls Edition

Jan 20, 2012

Sometimes the prom queen is picked by the class, the school, or just picked at random. No matter if you win or lose it is important to feel like a princess. Let that confidence shine through and you will own prom. What better way to have a confidence boost than in one of our new 2012 prom dresses.2012 prom shoes

There are many fun, new styles to try out this prom season, what dress will be your pick?

  • There is the fun and flirty short prom gown style, such as the many cute ones in our Sherri Hill short dresses in stock selection! Pair one of these Sherri Hill gowns with some elaborate heels like in our 2012 prom shoe collection and you will for sure be the talk of the prom. Pair a short and flirty dress with cowgirl boots for a rockin’ country look that everyone will remember.
  • Another show stopping dress is a printed dress. Patterns are just a more fun style, and make you look all the more approachable as you can the night away. So be the social butterfly of the ball and swirl around the dance floor in your gorgeous printed dress. From animal print to floral, there are many prints to choose from. Find the print that best fits your personality! Designer Cassandra Stone has many of these great dresses in her 2012 collection.

None of these styles match your tastes? Check back next week for your best prom picks for elegance and formal styles.

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