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Pageant Designs Announces Most Popular Women’s Pageant Dress Designers & Brands

Mar 30, 2012

At Pageant Designs we know that it takes more than a great attitude and a beautiful smile for beauty pageant contestants to win, which is why we offer a wide variety of designer pageant gowns for women. Here are some of our most popular pageant dress designers for women and what you’ll find in each collection.Sherri Hill Pageant Gowns

  1. Mac Duggal: We can’t fit all of our shining Mac Duggal pageant dresses in one section, so we split them up into several outstanding sections of Mac Duggal pageant collections. Visit us today and browse our large selection of Mac Duggal Black White Red, Mac Duggal Cocktail, Mac Duggal Couture, Mac Duggal Pageant, Mac Duggal Ball Gowns, and Mac Duggal Prom Pageant.
  2. Alyce Designs: This pageant dresses collection is filled with stunning and mature pageant dresses. Every pageant beauty will be sure to make a statement when she’s wearing a pageant dress by Alyce Designs.
  3. Jovani: Jovani dresses have been worn by Miss America and Miss USA pageant contestants. This collection includes brightly colored, head turning pageant dresses that are the fancy of every pageant contestant.
  4. Crown Collection: Classic beauty will never go out of style. Let your inner queen shine in a classic v-neck gown or a one shoulder pageant gown from our Crown Collection of pageant dresses.
  5. Sherri Hill Pageant Gowns: Our Sherri Hill pageant collection includes elegant floor length gowns in many different colors. You’ll sparkle and shine on stage in a Sherri Hill pageant gown!

Who is your favorite women’s pageant dress designer at Let us know with a comment. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Good Causes for Your Prom Dresses – Helping Justify Buying your Dream Prom Dresses

Mar 28, 2012

dress prom dressesWhat is it about giving that makes us all feel so good? Whether spending an afternoon with kids making crafts, reading to the elderly, or just baking goods for a bake sale. While your parents may be looking at the price tag of your dream prom dress shaking their heads – sway them with a charitable idea like one of these below.

Organize – or just participate in – a dress collection. Take all of your formal gowns from years past and donate them to charity or a school in need of dresses. There’s currently a drive running at the Livingston Public Library, in Livingston New Jersey if you’d like to send your old dresses there!

Sell your old dress to a consignment shop. Not only will you be getting a little extra to help pay for your new dress, but you’ll also be much closer to paying for your 2012 prom dress much easier.

Make it a group effort – take selling your dress a step further and have a spring fashion sale with your friends. Get all your old, but still cute clothes together to sell as a group. You can use the funds to either help pay for your dresses and a limo – or donate the money to a charity. Or sell them to each other- so you’ll all get a new wardrobe out of the deal.

Being fashionable also means acting charitably. Your favorite designs and dresses may be someone’s new dreams when you donate your dress!

Pageant Designs Most Popular Little Girls Pageant Dress Designers & Brands

Mar 26, 2012

When you shop for your next beauty pageant gown at Pageant Designs, you’ll find a variety of styles, colors and other pageant dress options by some of the best designers of today’s day and age to choose from. Here are some of our most popular pageant dress designers and what you’ll find in their collection of pageantry dresses.pageant dresses

  1. Tiffany Princess Pageant Dresses: This pageant dress collection features dresses with contrasting colors, and dresses with elegant beaded designs that will catch the light as your little princess is walking across the stage.
  2. Sugar Girls Pageant Dresses: Sugar Girls offers pageant girls a variety of unique colors. They’ll shine on stage in a dress that no other contestant has.
  3. Ritzee Girls Pageant Dresses: When you’re shopping this pageant dress collection expect to see beautiful pageant dresses with extravagant beadwork and designs.
  4. Perfect Angels Girls Pageant Dresses: Your little princess will quickly turn into a pageantry queen when she’s wearing one of our Perfect Angels pageant dresses. This collection featured dresses in delicate pastel colors, and vibrant exciting colors.
  5. Little Rosie Girls Pageant Dresses: Watch as your little beauty queen sweeps across the stage in a full, floor length pageant dress from the collection of Little Rosie Girls Pageant Dresses.

Who is your favorite pageant dress designer or little girl’s pageant dresses brand at Let us know with a comment. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Fitness Tips for Fitting into Your Dream Dress

Mar 22, 2012

2012 short homecoming dressesWant a trim tummy for that cutout dress? Maybe you want to work on your thighs and calves to show them off. There’s so many revealing prom dress styles to choose, from the 2012 short homecoming dresses to slinky hi low dresses. We’re revealing a few tips that we’ve overheard in the store, heard from customers and see work wonders.

  • Turn those shopping partners into workout partners. There’s no better motivation to make it to the gym than to meet up with your friends.
  • Rather than walking in your new heels, pull on a pair of snug sneaks and walk up and down the stairs or a hill – Rocky Balboa style – to get the firm toned legs that you want for your hi-lo dress.
  • Join a dance class to get fit, and learn new moves for the prom floor. You’re not just paying for a workout; you’re also getting a new set of skills to show off.
  • If money’s an option, find a gym offering a promotional deal to get your workouts in right before the big dance. Then take what you learn with your workout routine and take it to your home or backyard for a fitness routine.

Weigh your costs and options, would you rather have the dress fitted to cover you, or feel great while working out for your prom dance?

Infamous Child Beauty Pageant Star – JonBenet Ramsey

Mar 19, 2012

Beautiful Little Princess With Tiara Smelling Roses Over WhiteThink of a legendary child beauty pageant contestant. Now who is the first child pageant contestant that comes to mind? No, we’re not talking about the pageant princesses on Toddler’s With Tiaras! We’re talking about the infamous JonBenet Ramsey! During her short time competing in beauty pageants this 6-year-old child pageant star from Boulder, Colorado, claimed many pageant titles.

  • When she was just 4 years old in April 1994, she won the Colorado State All-Star Kids pageant.
  • A few months later, over the Fourth of July weekend, she won Little Miss Charlevoix Michigan.
  • In October, 1995, when she was a mere 5-years-old, the rising pageant star won the title of Miss Colorado Sunburst.
  • JonBenet took home the division title for America’s Royal Miss in July 1996.
  • She took home the title of America’s Royale Miss Colorado Dream Queen in the America’s Royal Miss Beauty Pageant.
  • During the Sunburst National Pageant in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 13, 1996, JonBenet was just 6-years-old. But that didn’t stop her from going home with the pageant’s second place trophy!
  • She was also crowned Colorado’s Little Miss Christmas on December 17, 1996.
  • She won a medal for talent in the December 22, 1996 All-Stars Christmas Beauty Pageant in Colorado.

Pageant Designs would like to honor JonBenet Ramsey, the tiny beauty queen who loved dancing across the stage in the prettiest pageant dresses for little girls, and all of her accomplishments in the world of pageants.

Easter Colorspiration for your Prom Dresses Picks!

Mar 16, 2012

prom dresses 2012

Cuter than a newborn bunny!

One of the best things about picking out your prom dress is the part where you draw inspiration from everything. There are the common places to turn to, like magazines and fashion shows, and then your more original sources, taken from movies and the spring!

We’ve drawn on Easter colors and themes for a few glamour looks to that may inspire your choices at prom this year!

Our Elegant Easter Picks

  • Pink and bubbly like a fresh cotton candy, pick a pink dress that celebrates the rosy pinks of spring. Pair your pinks with soft dangingly earrings.
  • While Easter service isn’t the same as the fun time you have at prom, you do dress up for both. Why not pick a winsome white prom dress, full of joy and possibilities for your prom night?
  • Flowers, floral, & fun! Whether a single flower at your waist, a floral strap, or an entire floral bustle, the floral look is sweeter than a basket of chocolates! Go over the top with floral bracelets as well!
  • A dress dipped into the whole basket of colors is sure to catch eyes. Look for layered tulle skirts and multicolored printed patterns that’s brighter than a rainbow on Easter morning!

How do you plan to dress up for Easter? Will you be wearing one of your short prom dresses to Easter services or parties?

2012 Inspirations for One Shoulder Homecoming Dresses

Mar 12, 2012

one shoulder homecoming dresses

Have you been looking through magazine after magazine, page after page of blogs, and countless other traditional and so-so ideas? Your 2012 homecoming should be a day to enjoy, a day for fun and new possibilities. So what sort of dress style should you be looking at? The one shoulder homecoming dresses selection of course!

  • One shoulder isn’t all about a single strap holding your dress up. Many of these stunning styles lend more fashion than support, with slinky one shoulder dress straps sliding across the chest like in this Allure Evenings  cocktail dress.
  • Spin the shoulder style in a new direction. These dynamically designed one shoulder dresses also come with sweet decorative embellishments, with single flowers or intricate shoulder long floral straps. The one shoulder accented chiffon black label dress offers just a single sexy shoulder strap that’s more for looks than anything else.
  • The one shoulder style can be demure, but there are still many dresses to be found with a thigh high slit as well. Embrace the wild side with a classic one shoulder look with the beaded accent chiffon Alyce Designs dress.

The classical grace and elegance of a one shoulder dress are always a hot choice. Whether it’s the delicate beading, dazzling rhinestones or unique spin on the dress with a short sleeve homecoming dress you’ll definitely make your mark on the homecoming dance floor.

Beauty Pageant Pick-Me-Up Quotes

Mar 9, 2012

A beauty pageant queen’s job is never done. Sometimes the only way to get through the day or a pageant is by looking back on some of the people throughout pageant history and the inspirational and funny things they’ve had to say about beauty pageants. Here are some of our favorite beauty pageant quotes and funny happenings to help you get through your next rough day.fBeauty Pageant Pick-Me-Up Quotes

  • “At that moment, it’s kind of like dying. You’re alone. There’s nobody that can do it for you.” – Miss America 1973, Terry Meeuwsen, on winning
  • “The cardinal rule for hosting the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants is to expect the unexpected.” – Bob Barker, host of Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants
  • During the 1952 Miss. America pageant, Miss. New Jersey heard her name and passed out on stage. It took pageant officials a few minutes to revive her.
  • While competing in the 1963 America’s Junior Miss Pageant, Diane Sawyer walked headfirst into a metal post in front of the judges. She began giggling, and was later crowned 1963 America’s Junior Miss.
  • “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” - Kahlil Gibran
  • “Beauty comes in all sizes, not just size 5.” – Roseanne
  • “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

Next time you’re feeling stressed out from a pageant, get comfortable in your pageant dress and read one of our beauty pageant quotes or funny pageant happenings.