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Stylish and Sleek Pageant Swimwear for Women Tips!

Apr 30, 2012

You know all the answers to every tough question and you’ve practiced your talent to the utmost perfection. Here at we so often go over the first two portions of any pageant competition, the interview and talent portion, but until recently haven’t been able to speak to the swimwear portion.pageant swimwear for women

Today we’re proud to say that we will we be glad to help any young ladies look their best for the swimsuit potion of the competition!

  • We now carry two fabulous lines of pageant swimwear for women from Lady M which means you can now get both your pageant dress and pageant swimsuit from the same convenient location!
  • We can provide you with help and tips to pick out the right swimsuit for your body and personal style, be it the bolder two piece or the fashionable one piece swimsuit.

What is Lady M Swimwear?

Designed by Micheal Valley-St. George, Lady M swimwear has been featured in pageants and pageant magazines across the country. Winning styles mean winning crowns, so why settle for anything less than competition worthy. You wouldn’t settle for an off the rack pageant dress, so why choose an off the rack pageant suit?

What do you look for when you choose your swimsuit, a plunging one piece neckline or a two piece to show off your chiseled abs?

Shine in your Sequin Homecoming Dress

Apr 26, 2012

Designer Vera Wang once said, “Fashion offers no greater challenge than finding what works for a night without looking like you are wearing a costume.” This is something to keep in mind when accessorizing with a sequin ensemble. With our 2013 sequin homecoming dresses just in, we want to help you accessorize with these hot dresses.

homecoming dresses 2012

Sparkle and Shine!

  1. Just like Vera says, you do not want to look like you are wearing a costume. You should portray a flawless glam look. Since sequins can be a tough pattern to accessorize with, here are some tips to help you out:
  2. Less is more – Keep jewelry limited. Go for a pair of amazing earrings or perhaps throw on a few bangle bracelets. Just be careful not to over do it. You want to keep everyone’s attention on that stunning dress rather than your abundant accessory choices.
  3. Metals vs. Gemstones – Since you are already sparkling, stay away from flashy gemstones and try metals instead. A metal will better compliment the dress and will, again, keep the focus on the dress rather than your glitz accessories.
  4. Solid Color Shoes – Go for a solid color shoe, rather than a glitter one. The glitter can clash with the sequins, where with a solid you really can’t go wrong.
  5. Solid Color Clutch- Keep the clutch a solid color and try to pair it with the shoes. Pick a color that will make the dress color pop.
  6. Keep Hair Simple – While we love glitz hairpins in the hair, this is the time to stay clear of them. A simple updo or relaxed waves is the way to go. You want to make it appear that this look was effortless and you were just born this glamorous!

Following these 5 simple steps, you will be able to rock those sequins like a pro! Always keep in mind that less is more. Keep everyone’s eyes on you with your flawless look; because this isn’t your costume or time to cover up, it is your time to shine. Remember to check out our entire collection of sequin homecoming dresses at!

Meet Some of the Miss World 2012 Contestants

Apr 23, 2012

Since its start, the pageant has had a larger global audience than the Olympics! In 1951, Eric Morley organized the very first Miss World pageant, which was introduced as a part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. Recently, the Miss World Organization released a list of some of this year’s pageant contestants. This year, over 120 pageant contestants from different countries across the world are expected to shine one stage in their beautiful pageant gowns.

pageant gowns crownSome of the Miss World 2012 pageant contestants include:

Miss. Angola

Edmilza Nicosia Mota Dos Santos – The 22 year old student is studying psychology. She loves to dance, and has a passion for fashion.

Miss Barbados

Marielle Wilkie – The 22 year old loves spending time outdoors and surfing. She believes that one person at a time can make a difference in the world.

Miss Belgium

Laura Beyne – The 19 year old was training to be a real estate broker when she won the title of Miss Belgium 2012.

Miss Cape Verde

Tirzah Evora – The 19 year old graduated from high school in July 2011. She enjoys reading and dancing, and volunteers within her community.

Miss Ethiopia

Melkham Endale – The 22 year old is currently going to school at a university near her home. She enjoys reading books, and writing poems.

Check back with Pageant Designs for more information about the Miss World 2012 pageant contestants, and don’t forget to tune into the Miss World 2012 beauty pageant, which will be held in July in Ordos, China.

Top 5 Countdown to Hair Styles Complementing One Shoulder Dresses: Part 2

Apr 20, 2012

Half up, half down, all fun!

Half up, half down, all fun!

You’ve been waiting all week for it, now it’s finally time to announce our final three top hairstyles for prom and 2012 one shoulder homecoming dresses

3. The Up Down – Half up, half down. Another way to show off your fun or classy personality. Add some small braids throughout your curls, give the top of your hair some volume, and be sure to not have too much hair down and if so, keep it to the side or off the shoulder that your strap is on.

4. The Bun – Make your bun tight and snug like one of a ballerina or loose with curls and waves throughout to show a more relaxed look.  Perhaps even add a cute headband to match the dress and keep hair in place.

5. The Short Style – If your hair is too short to do any of the above tricks try doing some small curls and add an accent to your hair. A flower, feather, or hairpin to match your shoulder strap will really bring both features out.

We hope this guide can help you to choose the perfect hairstyle to compliment your 2012 one shoulder homecoming dress. Also, share with us your favorite hairstyle in honor of Hairstyle Appreciation Day. We would love to hear your thoughts!

More Than Just Pretty Pageant Gowns

Apr 16, 2012

It's brains, not just beauty.

It's brains, not just beauty.

When you watch a beauty pageant you may think that these women are judged simply on their pretty faces, pageant dresses, and poise, but in fact they’re being judge on much more. Most pageants are more than just pretty dresses and faces. Today, many beauty pageant contestants are helpful by volunteering for causes and in their communities.

Pageant contestants are active humanitarians. In fact, many contestants must “advocate a platform” and explain their favorite cause to the judges. This is taken in high consideration by the judges when it comes time to make a decision on who will win the crown. Pageants are about how the contestant can help her community or organization while remaining kind, generous, and poised.

You may think that a pageant queen’s life revolves around beauty pageants, but in most cases she competes in a pageant about every two months. Between competing in pageants the contestant is devoting many hours a week to her platform. She is an advocate for the cause and educates her community and others about what she believes in.

So, the next time you attend a pageant and you’re gasping at how gorgeous the contestant looks in her pageant dress, pay attention to what cause she is promoting, see if you’re on the same side on issues as she is, and know that she is just more than a pretty face in a beautiful gown. This beauty queen is a humanitarian and is concerned about helping others!

Top 5 Countdown to Hair Styles Complementing One Shoulder Dresses: Part 1

Apr 13, 2012

2012 one shoulder homecoming dressesWhen getting ready for an event we usually think about the dress, shoes, and jewelry, but what about that hair? April 30th is Hairstyle Appreciation Day and in honor we are going to share with you our favorite hairdo styles that compliment a one shoulder dress.

We love our line of 2012 one shoulder homecoming dresses and it’s important to have the right hairstyle to accentuate the elegant strap. We’re counting down out  have listed for you our top 5ays to style your hair while wearing a one shoulder homecoming dress.

1. The Updo – There are so many ways to get creative with an updo style. You can really show off your personality as well. Add some braids in there to show you are here to have a good time! For a classier look, try some loose curls pulled back tight.

2. The Low Side Pony – Let the pony lay on the opposite shoulder of your strap. Add some curls or waves for an easy, fun look. If you’re feeling adventurous toss in a flower or gemstone hairpin.

Love these styles? Check back next week for the final hot styles that match the sweet styles of the one shoulder dresses. In the meantime you can check out our one shoulder dresses for homecoming and prom selection at

Celebrating Earth Day 2012 Through Volunteering

Apr 9, 2012

Not only is April Keep America Beautiful Month, but this spring time month also marks when we celebrate Earth Day. With the eco-friendly holiday right around the corner, many beauty pageant queens and contestants are looking for ways they can give back to Mother Earth. Trade in your pageant dress for some appropriate outdoor work clothes, and join in on some of these Earth friendly volunteer activities.

pageant dress outside

Group Earth Day Ideas:

  • Organize a community garden in your neighborhood or a nearby community.
  • Gather a group of friends and spend an afternoon picking up trash from a local park.
  • Circulate a petition to ban or achieve something eco-friendly that you care about. This can be done around your neighborhood, school, etc.
  • Ask your friends to gather all of their lightly used prom and beauty pageant dresses, and start a dress collection drive.

Single-person Earth Day Ideas:

  • Speak to a school administration about going into the school to teach children about recycling.
  • Plant a garden in your backyard.
  • Stop using harmful cleaning products inside your home.
  • Plant a tree in your backyard.

No matter what you do to commemorate Earth Day, just remember that every little bit matters and is a step in the right direction to improve the environment we live in.

After Prom Party Ideas That Won’t Mess with Your Dress!

Apr 6, 2012

2012 prom dressesAfter the fun of the dance is over, that doesn’t mean that prom has to stop. It’s time to change out of your fabulous flirty prom dress and get ready for all of the after prom fun! There are so many ways to spend your post-prom hours, but we hope you spend them safely and legally, which is why we’ve listed some great after prom games and ideas!

  • Hike out to the hills or a local campground for a camping experience to keep the fun up all night. Once you’re up in the middle of nowhere, you can blast the music and continue dancing all night! If you rent a cabin, you can keep the dresses on
  • Is the school offering an after prom party? Keep the planning, costs, and stress to a minimum by attending the school after prom party. Many of them have great raffle prizes as well, making them totally worth the effort to attend!
  • Bowling party in your 2012 prom dresses? Find an all night bowling arena to keep you busy the rest of the night, while still out with friends.
  • Are the local clubs offering an underage night the same night as the prom? If they aren’t approach them to see if they’d be interested in hosting one.

Don’t be a part popper, keep the night alive! How do you plan to spend your after prom time?