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Celebrating Earth Day 2012 Through Volunteering

Apr 9, 2012

Not only is April Keep America Beautiful Month, but this spring time month also marks when we celebrate Earth Day. With the eco-friendly holiday right around the corner, many beauty pageant queens and contestants are looking for ways they can give back to Mother Earth. Trade in your pageant dress for some appropriate outdoor work clothes, and join in on some of these Earth friendly volunteer activities.

pageant dress outside

Group Earth Day Ideas:

  • Organize a community garden in your neighborhood or a nearby community.
  • Gather a group of friends and spend an afternoon picking up trash from a local park.
  • Circulate a petition to ban or achieve something eco-friendly that you care about. This can be done around your neighborhood, school, etc.
  • Ask your friends to gather all of their lightly used prom and beauty pageant dresses, and start a dress collection drive.

Single-person Earth Day Ideas:

  • Speak to a school administration about going into the school to teach children about recycling.
  • Plant a garden in your backyard.
  • Stop using harmful cleaning products inside your home.
  • Plant a tree in your backyard.

No matter what you do to commemorate Earth Day, just remember that every little bit matters and is a step in the right direction to improve the environment we live in.

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