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More Than Just Pretty Pageant Gowns

Apr 16, 2012

It's brains, not just beauty.

It's brains, not just beauty.

When you watch a beauty pageant you may think that these women are judged simply on their pretty faces, pageant dresses, and poise, but in fact they’re being judge on much more. Most pageants are more than just pretty dresses and faces. Today, many beauty pageant contestants are helpful by volunteering for causes and in their communities.

Pageant contestants are active humanitarians. In fact, many contestants must “advocate a platform” and explain their favorite cause to the judges. This is taken in high consideration by the judges when it comes time to make a decision on who will win the crown. Pageants are about how the contestant can help her community or organization while remaining kind, generous, and poised.

You may think that a pageant queen’s life revolves around beauty pageants, but in most cases she competes in a pageant about every two months. Between competing in pageants the contestant is devoting many hours a week to her platform. She is an advocate for the cause and educates her community and others about what she believes in.

So, the next time you attend a pageant and you’re gasping at how gorgeous the contestant looks in her pageant dress, pay attention to what cause she is promoting, see if you’re on the same side on issues as she is, and know that she is just more than a pretty face in a beautiful gown. This beauty queen is a humanitarian and is concerned about helping others!

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