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Surprising Pageant Princesses and Queens

Feb 28, 2013

Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Stone – you’ve seen them on television and on the big screen, but did you know that before their acting careers, these ladies were beauty pageant contestants? You may have known about those three actresses, but here are some surprising pageant princesses you may not know about.

Known for her roles in films like One Million B.C., the 1973 rendition of The Three Musketeers, and Legally Blonde, Raquel Welch has made quite the name for herself. Did you know this acting beauty was also a beauty pageant contestant?Pageant Queen Crown

Pageant Titles: Miss Photogenic, Miss La Jolla, Miss Contour, Miss Fairest of the Fair, and Miss San Diego 1957

Before she played in well-known shows, such as Dallas and The Dukes of Hazard, Lindsay Bloom was strutting across stages in beauty pageant dresses.

Pageant Titles & Achievements: Miss Arizona 1971, Miss USA 1972, and fourth runner up at the Miss International Pageant

Kathie Lee Gifford’s acting career includes roles on many popular television shows and films, such as The First Wives Club, Touched by An Angel and her morning talk show, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Before her rise to stardom, Gifford was a pageantry queen.

Pageant Titles: Maryland’s Junior Miss; and she went on to represent Maryland in America’s Junior Miss Pageant.

Lynda Carter may have played Wonder Woman in The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, but her most elegant role was being a pageant queen.

Pageant Titles & Achievements: Miss World USA 1972 and Carter reached the semi-finals in the 1972 Miss World pageant.

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Beauty Pageant Tips & Tricks

Feb 21, 2013

Throughout the years we’ve come to pick up on some tips and tricks from the wonderful world of beauty pageants. There’s so much more to pageants than just standing on stage and looking pretty! Pageant Tips and Tricks

  1. Be sincerely polite and nice to everyone. It’s not difficult to tell when someone isn’t being sincere. Although you’re competing against most of the girls you’ll be interacting with, it’s still important to be nice to them. Everything you do or say can get back to the judges.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to the competition. If you do, you’ll either go crazy or you’ll become discouraged after picking out all of your faults. What you see as a fault others may see as strength.
  3. You’re not the only nervous contestant. In fact, we guarantee that nearly every contestant is going through the same things you are and they’re all nervous too.
  4. Choose a well-fitting pageant dress. We know you’ve heard it before, but appearance is a major part of a beauty pageant. Make sure you have your dress fitted so it’s sized correctly and looks perfect on you.
  5. Smile. A smile is your most important accessory!

Looking for more pageant tips and tricks? Visit to learn more about the wonderful world of beauty pageants.

A First Impression is a Lasting Impression: Dressing for a Pageant Interview

Feb 14, 2013

One of the most important parts of a beauty pageant is the pageant interview. During your interview you’ll be able to talk one on one with the judges and voice your opinion on important topics and current events. Looking your best is one key to acing your pageant interview. Dressing well increases you confidence and elicits an encouraging response from the judges and audience. A first impression is a lasting one, and our beauty pageant experts at Pageant Designs are here to help you make the best first impression with some helpful tips. Pageant Inteview Suits


  • Make sure your interview pageant suit fits correctly.
  • It’s important to portray yourself as classy and sophisticated. The suit’s skirt should fall directly below the knee, right at the knee or slightly above the knee.


  • Choose an age appropriate outfit. Teens should steer away from elaborate glamorous outfits, while younger pageant contestants should avoid looking too business-like.
  • On the other hand, pageant interview suits that are bright bold colors or have too many embellishments can be a distraction for the judges and audience.


  • Wear minimal jewelry. Elegant gold hoops or shining pearl earrings should add the perfect touch to your interview pageant suit.
  • When shopping for pageant shoes look for classic pumps with a heel measuring at least two inches.

For more pageant tips and the latest beauty pageant fashions and designs visit or call 864-263-4371 to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Pinteresting Pageant Dresses: February

Feb 11, 2013

Searching for the perfect dress for your pageant princess? The pageant world is all about glitz, glamour and looking your best to win the crown. If you’re looking for some inspiration you’ll find some the glitz pageant dresses we found on Pinterest absolutely pinteresting!
Pinterest Pageant DressesShe’ll surely be crowned grand supreme when she’s wearing one this elegant floor length organza Perfect Angels pageant dress! Featuring a beaded bodice and a ruched waist with a decorative brooch in the center, this stunning dress is available in turquoise, lime and pink.

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Stun the judges speechless with this amazing pageant dress from Ritzee Originals. Available in white and turquoise, this shimmering dress is decorated with crystal rhinestones and features an elegant beaded halter neckline.

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She’ll work her way into the judge’s hearts with her adorable smile and this cupcake short ruffled skirt. Available in fuchsia, turquoise and white, and decorated with embroidered beading, what’s not to love about this girls pageant dress?

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Make a statement as you walk across the stage in this fitted peacock pageant dress from Alyce Designs. Mermaids styled gowns are elegant, and the beautiful peacock design will surely make you the talk of the pageant.

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What are some of your favorite pin-worthy pageant dresses? Let us know with a comment!