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Beauty Pageant Tips & Tricks

Feb 21, 2013

Throughout the years we’ve come to pick up on some tips and tricks from the wonderful world of beauty pageants. There’s so much more to pageants than just standing on stage and looking pretty! Pageant Tips and Tricks

  1. Be sincerely polite and nice to everyone. It’s not difficult to tell when someone isn’t being sincere. Although you’re competing against most of the girls you’ll be interacting with, it’s still important to be nice to them. Everything you do or say can get back to the judges.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to the competition. If you do, you’ll either go crazy or you’ll become discouraged after picking out all of your faults. What you see as a fault others may see as strength.
  3. You’re not the only nervous contestant. In fact, we guarantee that nearly every contestant is going through the same things you are and they’re all nervous too.
  4. Choose a well-fitting pageant dress. We know you’ve heard it before, but appearance is a major part of a beauty pageant. Make sure you have your dress fitted so it’s sized correctly and looks perfect on you.
  5. Smile. A smile is your most important accessory!

Looking for more pageant tips and tricks? Visit to learn more about the wonderful world of beauty pageants.

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